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"Can I get hurt doing yoga?" "How do I avoid injuries?" - Yoga Vlog Q and A

Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward - In this video I talk about injuries during yoga practice. How can we get hurt doing yoga and how can we avoid it. I share my.

Yoga: does it promote or prevent injury? - The Sydney Morning Herald

Six years ago, I finished my 500 hour yoga teacher training and was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. I did not feel particularly equipped to be. Had I not grown up immersed in sport or had a decade-long yoga practice, I wouldn't have considered teaching. I wondered more about the many more who taught off the back of the shorter 200 hour teacher training course. How equipped were any of us to deal with students, in various states of injury, who looked to their teacher as an expert and attended yoga as therapy. And what about those who were well and sustained injuries during a yoga class. Formally, the statistics on yoga-related injury are relatively low, particularly compared with sports like cycling or running. my personal trainer along with physiotherapists I have spoken with say the most common injuries they see are yoga-related, while entire books have been dedicated to the potential risks of yoga and the prevalence of injury. On the other hand, many of us - myself included - have experienced the great mental and physical perks of yoga, leaving a class or our own practice feeling less stressed, more supple and a little more connected. Studies have shown the therapeutic benefit of the ancient practice - from improved cognitive function to mental and physical health - and about 20 per cent of practitioners participate in yoga for a specific health or medical reason. One new study found many people are self-prescribing yoga to improve back pain, unsurprising perhaps given about 90 per cent of us suffer from it at some point. Lead author Susan Wieland, from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said : "Our findings suggest that yoga exercise may lead to reducing the symptoms of lower back pain by a small amount, but the results have come from studies with a... "At the moment we only have low to moderate quality evidence for the effects of yoga before six months as a type of exercise for helping people with chronic back pain. The findings, suggested The Telegraph , "add further weight to calls for GPs to prescribe yoga for people with long-term discomfort as a matter of course". Be careful whose care you put your body in. In his 50 years practicing, 35 of which he has been a teacher, Simon Borg-Olivier says he has observed that injury "in most modern yoga is higher than in other exercise". "It is crazy for people, a few months or years of personal practice plus a 200 hour teacher training to be expected to fix people with problems and they should not try to do it in my belief," says Borg-Olivier physiotherapist and co-founder of... "I believe 'good yoga' can cure anything but most people simply do not have the knowledge to make it physically effective especially to cure physical problems," he adds. Yoga teacher with yoga therapy training at Sydney's BodyMindLife Brooke Elliston, agrees. "Most yoga teachers do not have specialised therapeutic or remedial yoga training, so one of the best tools that yoga teachers will offer is to continue to encourage the student to stay attuned to their own needs, and to cultivate modifications... "That said, an experienced teacher should be able to accommodate and help a student to modify the practice based on a student's medical diagnosis, with the caveat that this help can be very limited in a classroom full of people. It can also be very limited because of the style of yoga taught - ancient styles taught to people with modern lifestyles, who aren't necessarily aware of their bodies and limitations. "Most people have an underlying lower back problem due to the predominantly sedentary chair lifestyle that means that even simple yoga postures of India can actually cause problems in the 'normal' (but not natural) body," Borg-Olivier explains. "If a doctor has recommended or prescribed yoga for an injury, the best option is for the student to seek out specialist therapeutic or remedial yoga sessions, where attention can be personalised and hands on guidance and support provided, at... Source:

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  • Yoga: does it promote or prevent injury?

    "If a doctor has recommended or prescribed yoga for an injury, the best option is for the student to seek out specialist therapeutic or remedial yoga sessions, where attention can be personalised and hands on guidance and support provided, at least

  • A little anxiety can be good, but too much worrying can hurt your health

    01/22/17 ,via Washington Post

    If you experience anxiety regularly but it doesn't substantially limit your ability to function normally, consider such measures as meditation, tai chi, yoga, slow and deep breathing, and prayer. They can help people manage stress and anxiety, research

  • This Type of Yoga Can Help Achy Joints

    01/17/17 ,via

    Celebrity yoga instructor and Health contributing editor, Kristin McGee, has found chair yoga to be helpful for many of her clients—not just those who have arthritis, but people with injuries or a disabilities, pregnant women, and clients carrying


Ive been tryin Yoga lately...there is no reason why stretching should hurt this much 01/29/17, @SpicyMcnugget
My legs & back hurt, should do some yoga tomorrow 01/27/17, @LifeSoLavish
RT @RobinPawlowski: @mrBobbyBones Yoga should never hurt - during or after! 01/26/17, @Bernadetteui3C


  • Should Be Illegal Oven BBQ Ribs

    barbecue sauce, celery seed, chili powder, brown sugar, black pepper, garlic powder, honey, old bay seasoning, onions, onion powder, paprika, ribs, sugar


  • Power Yoga

    Simon and Schuster. 2010. ISBN: 9781451602210,1451602219. 288 pages.

    THE OFFICIAL YOGA PROGRAM OF THE NEW YORK ROAD RUNNERS CLUB Power Yoga is a unique combination of dynamic breathing and strong, flowing movement, which creates a high-heat, high-energy workout. Unlike any other yoga program, Power Yoga is a choreographed sequence of postures that flow into one another, building strength, unwinding tight joints, and loosening muscles. Beautiful photographs and clear instructions guide you through this effective and popular routine. Based on the classical and original yoga system called astanga, Power Yoga is a complete mind and body workout that develops concentration and reduces stress. With its focus on mindful breathing and body heat, Power Yoga goes beyond the relaxation benefits of traditional yoga to offer a route to health and fitness that...

  • Yoga for Kids to Teens

    Sunstone Press. 2008. ISBN: 9780865346864,0865346860. 172 pages.

    Are you looking for a way to have fun with young people while giving them a life-long tool for self-expression, physical and mental health, relaxation techniques, and improved focus? "Yoga for Kids to Teens" is another fun and easy-to-use handbook for you, as a parent, teacher, or young person, to enjoy. The authors of "Create a Yoga Practice for Kids" (Sunstone Press, 2006) introduce Nicole Hamory's SOLA Stikk Yoga, a lively approach to yoga for all ages. Find creative games, interactive themes, mind-melting relaxation, five-minute classroom yoga breaks and more. Yael Calhoun, M.A., M.S., is the Executive Director of GreenTREE Yoga. She is an author and educator, living at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Utah with her family. She is a co-author of "Create a Yoga Practice for Kids."...

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  • Alternative treatments for chronic pain

    02/01/17 ,via Journal Times

    Yoga, tai chi, meditation and guided imagery fall ... Instead, they help control pain symptoms. To be most effective, they should be integrated into an overall treatment plan that includes conventional approaches to pain management, such as physical ...

  • School Kids Also Have Lower Back Pain

    02/01/17 ,via iTech Post

    McDonald, M.D., MPH has said that physicians should have a good understanding of the structure ... School kids could also have lower back pain. Some yoga routines can also help in relieving menstrual cramps.

  • 7 Signs That Adrenal Fatigue is Behind Your Anxiety, Sleep Problems And Joint Pain

    01/31/17 ,via

    Your doctor won’t diagnose this condition, but we will reveal its symptoms and things you should ... and pain, as well as stress in the back, jaw, and neck. Try to change the sleeping habits, and practice stretching exercises and yoga.


How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body - The New York Times

Editors’ note: We’re resurfacing this 2012 magazine article for Smarter Living so you can feel a little less guilty about skipping that yoga class. On ... - The Ultimate Pain Management Guide

Home Page for - The Ultimate Pain Management Guide

Stretching and Flexibility: How to Stretch, When ... - WebMD

Should you stretch before or after a workout, and how should you stretch? WebMD talks to experts about stretching.

The kindness of strangers
The kindness of strangers
I had an appointment to meet someone on Central Park West and 66th Street (essentially across the street from the famous "Tavern on the Green" restaurant), and -- as usual -- arrived half an hour early. So I sat on a park bench, and watched a wide spectrum of humanity walk, stroll, and ride past me. Tourists, students, babysitters, friends, lovers, bicycle-powered messengers, retired people, and joggers moved past me, usually paying no attention to me at all... I had my camera on my lap, pointed more-or-less straight ahead, with the zoom set to an 18mm wide-angle setting. With a couple of exceptions (including this photo), I didn't bother aiming, focusing, or even raising the camera to my eye; if the picture looked like it might be interesting, I just pressed the shutter button at the appropriate moment. I took three or four pictures of this man as he navigated slowly across 66th Street on Central Park West (just behind where this picture was taken), stopping every few...
Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr
hippo love -- a story of two paintings : painting, scott richard, san francisco (2010)
hippo love -- a story of two paintings : painting, scott richard, san francisco (2010)
PRESS PLAY i made two of these paintings for the same person. in the end, i gained another one of my "sorry for pulling the rug out from under you" stories which i so enjoy sharing. these stories are fraught with the naivety of my own self, which just goes to show that toleration and kindness are truly gifts to the world. and, like any good gift, it is easily traded for something else. like drugs. anyway, back to the story. i lived on mount davidson when i first moved up to the city for the third time (1989, 1991, and 2010). and moving to the city is always a big deal for me. i dread social interaction, but i also love it. i'm fascinated by people, but i'm also a hyper processor of information and that makes it hard for others to be around me -- i'm a bit like a machine that won't stop working. only certain types of personality types can put up with this kind of behavior. and i know this, so i keep mostly to myself. but street photography was becoming a great...
Photo by torbakhopper on Flickr
23. this is my knife. it is very sharp and very eager to hurt you.
23. this is my knife. it is very sharp and very eager to hurt you.
Woke up earlier than usual today, which I was happy about. I've been having trouble getting to sleep. Not happy about the general thick feeling in my head, my eyes are red and dry and lumpy feeling. I'm pretending nothing is wrong, my usual tactic to beat off illness, and I'm feeling a bit better. It's much colder outside, consequently colder in the house, I was pretty bundled up during my morning yoga, comically bundled. It didn't warm me up much, and I felt much creakier than I have. Unfortunate that this illness I'm pretending doesn't exist should align with this yoga in my creakiest areas (tomorrow is going to focus on hamstrings, where I injured myself a few months ago.) Yesterday I got a package from my friends Bo & Su and it had this (appropriate to the theme this week) orange nail polish and adorable rangefinder camera in it. Even though I have 20 rolls of film I need to get developed I popped a roll right in and started shooting. I need to get a battery for the...
Photo by rachelakelso on Flickr
Yoga Poses that can Hurt You - yoga time
Yoga Poses that can Hurt You - yoga time
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Yoga on Pinterest | Yoga Mats, Yoga Sequences and Partner Yoga
Yoga on Pinterest | Yoga Mats, Yoga Sequences and Partner Yoga
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