Are Yoga Poses Based On Hindu Gods

Hey Christians, Did You Be informed EVERY Yoga Pose Is Actually WORSHIPPING A Different Hindu god?

Hey Christians, Did You Skilled in EVERY Yoga Pose Is Actually WORSHIPPING A Different Hindu god. *My Belief Statement* 1) I believe In The Triune God Head,.

India's denigration - PKKH

Democracy hasn’t eradicated the mother country’s caste system. It has entrenched and modernized it My father was a Hindu, a Brahmo. I never met him until I was an adult. I grew up with my mother in a Syrian Christian kinfolk in Ayemenem, a small village in communist-ruled Kerala in southwest India. And yet all around me were the fissures and cracks of caste. Ayemenem had its own disassemble “Paraiyan” church where “Paraiyan” priests preached to an “Untouchable” congregation. Caste was implied in people’s names, in the way people referred to each other, in the industry they did, in the clothes they wore, in the marriages that were arranged, in the language they spoke. Even so, I never encountered the notion of caste in a single school textbook. It was reading Annihilation of Standing , a 1936 lecture by the Indian writer and thinker BR Ambedkar, that alerted me to a gaping hole in our pedagogical universe. Reading him also made it open up why that hole exists and why it will continue to exist until Indian society undergoes radical, revolutionary change. If you have heard of Malala Yousafzai, who was joint champ of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, but not of Surekha Bhotmange, then do read Ambedkar. Malala was only 15, but had already committed several crimes. She was a dame, she lived in the Swat Valley in Pakistan, she was a BBC blogger, she was in a New York Times video and she went to school. Malala wanted to be a doctor. her forefather wanted her to be a politician. She (and her father) didn’t take heed when the Taliban declared that schools were not meant for girls and threatened to liquidate her if she did not stop speaking out against them. On 9th October 2012, a gunman took her off her school bus and put a bullet through her head. Malala was flown to England, where, after receiving the best plausible medical care, she survived. The United States President and Secretary of State sent messages of support and solidarity. Malala was on the counterpane of Time. Within days of the attempted assassination, Gordon Brown, now the United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, launched an “I am Malala” apply for that called on the government of Pakistan to deliver education to every girl child. The US drone strikes in Pakistan continue with their feminist commission to “take out” misogynist, Islamist terrorists. Surekha Bhotmange was 40 years old and had committed several crimes too. She was a woman—an “Untouchable” Dalit lady—who lived in India, and she wasn’t dirt poor. She was more educated than her husband, so she functioned as the head of her family. Like him, her family had renounced Hinduism and converted to Buddhism. Surekha’s children were cultivated. Her daughter, Priyanka, was 17 and finishing high school. Surekha and her husband had bought a little plot of land in the village of Khairlanji in the structure of Maharashtra. It was surrounded by farms belonging to castes that considered themselves superior to the Mahar caste that Surekha belonged to. Because she was Dalit and had no propitious to aspire to a good life, the village panchayat (assembly) did not permit her to... The villagers would not allow her family to irrigate their fields with not wash lavishly from the canal, or draw water from the public well. They tried to build a public road through her land, and when she protested, they drove their bullock carts as a consequence her fields. Still Surekha did not back down. She complained to the police, who paid no attention to her. Over the months, the tension in the village built to fever shoot. As a warning, the villagers attacked a relative of hers and left him for dead. This time the police made some arrests, but the accused were released on bail little short of immediately. At about six in the evening on the day they were released, 29th September 2006, around 40 incensed villagers, men and women, arrived in tractors and surrounded the Bhotmanges’ assembly. Her husband Bhaiyalal, who was out in the fields, heard the noise and ran home. He hid behind a bush and watched the mob attack his family. He ran to Dusala, the nearest city, and through a relative managed to call the police. (You need contacts to get the police to even pick up the phone. The mob dragged Surekha, Priyanka and the two boys, one of them a certain extent blind, out of the house. The boys were ordered to rape their mother and sister. Surekha and Priyanka were gang raped and beaten to decease. The four bodies were dumped in a nearby canal, where they were found the next day. Source:

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Are Yoga Poses Based on Hindu Gods - LoveToKnow

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