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BIG SET: 40 Reward Russian Piping Tips, 2 Silicone Bags, 1 Coupler - for Easy Cake, Cupcake Decorating & Extra added attraction - GIFT BOX - Russian Piping Tips Set - BONUS guide eBook by BIG TIME Home&Restaurant

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  • REUSABLE & EASY for decorating and cleaning. Pastry bags of...
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 ★ 40 Russian piping tips with NEW design. HQ SEAMLESS Stainless steel 304 (Extra corrosion protection).
 ★ 1 Coupler (reusable plastic material). Easy and quickly switching.
 ★ 2 Bags (17", reusable Silicone food-grade material) - add convenience and save time on Purchase of disposable packages

CREATE YOUR Amazing and Beautiful decorations for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastry and more using your Cake tools!
Create your tulip-tips, round-tips, 3-5-6-7-8-star tips, close- and open-star tips, leaf-tips, petal-tips and many unique others.
You do not need special knowledge - it's easy to do! All that is required for the decorations is already included in your Kit.

BIG TIME Home & Restaurant provides 100% QUALITY control and product safety for US, Europe e-market.
Cake nozzles material - seamless Stainless steel (304) with corrosion protection.
Bags material - Silicone reusable for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastry and more.
All material are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

More than 10,000 customers have bought #1BEST-SELLER Cake supplies and we are closely following every comment and suggestion.
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Whizz Knee Pads By RVDY: Ergonomically Designed Knee Protection With Comfortable Gel Cushion & Soft EVA Foam Padding –Adjustable Knee Screw Made With 600D Breathable Polyester Fabric by RAVE Dynamics

  • YOUR SKIN WON'T GET SWEATY:You can wear the professional knee pads...
  • KEEP YOUR KNEES SAFE: Do you work in construction or as a tiler,...
  • THE SOFTEST PROTECTIVE CUSHION:Our professional knee pads are made...


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Your Knees Need Protection!

Do you practice some kind of sport?
Do you work in construction?
Are you a tiler or a gardener?
Do you kneel a lot while you're cleaning your house?

If you kneel a lot while you're working, or playing your favorite sports, then in the future, you're going to suffer from knee problems.

For this reason, you always need to wear the RVDY professional knee pads every time you have to kneel on hard surfaces.

The knee guards will keep your knees safe from scrapes, scratches, and shocks, so you will never have to suffer from joint pains!

Here At RVDY We Use The Best Materials!

More specifically, for the construction of our knee pads we have used heavy duty EVA foampadding and a gel cushion.

We have also used a breathable and ripstop 600D polyester fabric, so you can be sure that you will never have to replace these knee guards!

Achieve The Perfect Fit!

The durable straps if the professional knee pads are adjustable, so you can make them as tight as you want!

So wear the knee pads on your knees and adjust the straps until they feel secure and comfortable. Now, even if you run, the knee pads will stay in place.

Feel The Difference Or Your Money Back!

Get the adjustable knee pads and try them out. If you kneel and you don't feel the difference, then we will refund you.

RVDY offers you a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, so don't hold back any longer!This is a 100% hassle-free purchase!

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How to Arc Bond | Welding

YUMMM Fried Apple Pie Tacos - Learn how to discover them here: https://www. v=U0qXjLt8qjI Watch more How to Weld videos:.

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    05/19/17 ,via The Capital Journal

    Robinson, 57, showed up in toil boots and jeans and shirt right from a job at his welding business, saying he had to get back to his shop later Thursday night to fill a customer's structure. “So I didn't get all Hollywooded-up,” he said wryly. “I think

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    05/19/17 ,via Times LIVE

    Witwatersrand. Lun has developed a method to wonderful-heat metal‚ in a way similar to a spark plug or welding machine‚ so that it turns into plasma which can be used to fuel and power rockets. “We are effective to start running out of metal in the

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    You can give me all the muck you want about this being a computerized society, but I've never yet seen a computer get down under the sink and fix a leaky pipe or weld a piece of sporadic out of order machinery in a farmer's field. One of President Trump's big


  • I Did It-seafood Gumbo MO

    chilies, bay leaf, lobster meat, green pepper, leek, shrimp, seasoning, celery, chipotle pepper, clams, cumin, oregano, vinegar, red pepper flakes, crab meat, lobster meat, white vermouth, water, chilies, white fish, poblano chile, red onions, butter, tbsp of, flour, yellow onions

  • Start-Your-Motor Salad

    carrot, celery, cherry tomato, cider vinegar, green pepper, onions, parmesan cheese, salad greens, salt, sugar, yellow pepper, vegetable oil


  • FCS Welding L2

    Pearson South Africa. ISBN: 1770252266,9781770252264.
  • Metal Fabricator's Handbook

    Penguin. 1990. ISBN: 0895868709,9780895868701. 176 pages.

    Title-holder of the prestigious Moto Award for "Best Technical How-to Book" in 1984, the METAL FABRICATOR'S HANDBOOK applies master metal craftsman Ron Fournier's inimitable metal fabricating skills--developed during years of building Indy cars, drag racers, stockers, custom show cars, and sports GT zip cars. Covers MIG, TIG, arc- and gas-welding, fuel and oil tanks, exhaust headers, and much more.


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Welding is a story or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing fusion, which is distinct from lower temperature ...

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Rest against Welding™ is 32 PDH’s toward AWS-CWI Renewal. Are you needing more PDH’s to renew your AWS-CWI?? Our Lean Welding™ course qualifies for 32 PDH’s toward ...

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"W e are Welding Ontario" Well-received to The Welding Career Colleges of Ontario. An association dedicated to producing quality welders who not only meet industry ...

Whitwills Kenworth, Avonmouth 1980s
Whitwills Kenworth, Avonmouth 1980s
Lovell Hodder Whitwill Ltd. Humber Way, Burcott Street, Avonmouth. In 1985, Hodder Whitwill merged with C. Shaw Lovell. Hodder's was a firm founded in the 1850s by Hartly Hodder, a shipping P and broker who started in Sharpness, and then moved to Bristol. The group was later taken over by Denholm Shipping Services. Part 2 of 3 May 1984 Peter Minnis visits Whitwills, a society attracted to Paccar engineering before the Foden connection Wasn't transport manager Nobby Clark a bit worried at first about bewitching on the Detroit Diesel, relatively unknown in Britain ? 'Not really. We'd formed a close association with Dando's when they were Volvo agents and we were fortunate to leave things to them when they started distributing Kenworths. The vehicles are leased from them, and they do all the service and maintenance. We're very particular about getting the trucks in to them at the cancel service intervals, and I'm satisfied that they know how to look after the Detroit engines.' Early...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
Soviet Oppressive Tank KV-1. 1942. Советский тяжелый танк КВ-1.
Soviet Oppressive Tank KV-1. 1942. Советский тяжелый танк КВ-1.
The Kliment Voroshilov (KV) tanks were a series of Soviet crucial tanks, named after the Soviet defense commissar and politician Kliment Voroshilov. The KV series were known for their extremely heavy armour screen during the early war, especially during the first year of the invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II. Almost completely immune to the 3.7 cm KwK 36 and howitzer-like, epigrammatic barreled 7.5 cm KwK 37 guns mounted respectively on the early Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks, until better guns were developed habitually the only way to defeat a KV was a point-blank shot to the rear. Prior to the invasion, about 500 of the over 22,000 tanks in Soviet service at the unceasingly a once were of the KV-1 type. When the KV-1 appeared, it outclassed the French Char B1, the only heavy tank used in the world at that time. Yet in the end it turned out that there was little meaning in producing the expensive KV tanks, as the T-34 medium tank performed better (or at least equally) in all practical respects....
Photo by Peer.Gynt on Flickr
Pinup Stefanina Secure Guys Del Mar Nationals - Sunday13
Pinup Stefanina Secure Guys Del Mar Nationals - Sunday13
Christopher Allison Photography 619-368-2202 Pinup Paragon Stefanina ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED & AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE OR LICENCING - Please check out my website or contact me. www.christopherallisonphotography.com “THE Hateful WIDOW” Builders: Wally Olson (1952), Bill Scott (1954) and Richard Riddell (2005) The garage catch of the century! How long have you been hot rodding cars--since the 1950’s? Many of us got started in the 50’s and 60’s. (For you real old birds out there that remember hot rodding “T” roadsters with Roto-Faze ignitions, Ruxtell 2-precipitousness rear axles, Riley 2-port heads and Laurel lowering kits, well what can we say you’re a generation before us and we take our hats off to you ‘primordial’ hot rodders.) BUT for all of us “The Black Widow” is a serious piece of 1950’s hot rodding annals and a benchmark for the industry! In an article in Hot Rod Deluxe, July 2008 entitled, “Tangled Web” the busty-story of Richard Riddell’s quest to restore the original...