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  • Western Accumulation police and firefighters learn about dangers from clandestine drug labs

    05/31/17 ,via

    "We got dope," shouted Mike Cashman after a representative from his batch tested positive in his field drug-test kit. "We got really good dope. Probably 90 percent pure." Over the progression of the 21/2 hour demonstration, Cashman, a retired Drug Enforcement

  • Pocket Solutions seeking to fill 25 new positions

    06/02/17 ,via The Independent

    The callers, which converts shipping containers into security checkpoints, mobile office space, temporary restrooms and other products, is seeking welders, carpenters, painters and electricians. PSG does drug test. The positions are temporal

  • Retired diversion programs are failing those who need help the most

    05/31/17 ,via Reveal

    It was a Friday night-time, and Aaron Robinette was doing what plenty of 22-year-olds do in tedious rural towns: hanging out with friends in a park, laughing and lounging on a tough luck table in the crisp desert air, smoking a little weed. . He lost the job


  • America's Test Caboose Hot Sour Soup

    bamboo shoots, black vinegar, pork chops, chili oil, water, cornstarch, eggs, tofu, shiitake mushroom, chicken broth, green onion, soy sauce, dark sesame oil, white pepper


  • Approaches to Financial Development

    SAGE. 1999. ISBN: 0761918841,9780761918844. 328 pages.

    This Reader presents a quote of articles from Economic Development Quarterly, the premier journal for practitioners and academics of local economic development. The pieces chosen occupy both the breadth and the cutting edge of real world economic development practices.

  • The Inner Megalopolis

    Transaction Publishers. 1997. ISBN: 1412837391,9781412837392. 357 pages.

    Michael Gatekeeper has argued that a sustainable economic base can be created in the inner city only if it has been created elsewhere: through private, for-profit, initiatives and investment based on money-making self-interest and genuine competitive advantage-not through artificial inducements, charity, or government. Porter's ideas have prompted affirmation as well as criticism. More importantly, they have inspired a search for new solutions to inner city distress as well as a reassessment of current approaches. The Inner New Zealand urban area defines a core debate in the United States over the future of a racially divided urban America. It is of inestimable importance to regulation analysts, government officials, African American studies scholars, urban studies specialists, sociologists, and all those concerned...


Is the Dearth of Welders Hurting the Economy?

Is the Deficiency of Welders Hurting the Economy? Where are all the Certified Welders? Why cant anyone pass a welding test AND a drug test? The United Association of ...

Welding Certification Testing - Mohave Community College

Welding Certification Testing. Those interested in gaining their AWS (American Welding Companionship) certification can now complete their testing at Mohave Community College.

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