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Water Polo Whiz by Hines Chuck

  • Water Polo Whiz


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The leading character, Sandy Scott, a strong swimmer, leaves his home in the mountains of Western North Carolina and enters college in California to learn the sport of water polo. Six years later, he returns home and revives a defunct water polo program at his local YMCA, working with young eleven- and twelve-year-olds. The book follows his trials and tribulations as he takes his team of boys and girls to tournaments in Pennsylvania and Colorado. There is a family element in the story as well as a secondary love interest. Although fictional, the novel is based on some of the author's actual experiences.


U14 KW vs Toronto 2013 Winter Definitive

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  • KWK wint West-Vlaamse waterpoloderby in Brugge

    10/06/17 ,via Krant van Westvlaanderen

    . Redactie KW. 06/10/17 om 06:00 - Bijgewerkt op 05/10/17 om 11:58. In de Superleague waterpolo versloeg KWK vorige zaterdag BZK met 7-10. Een opsteker voor Kortrijk na het toch wel zuur puntenverlies 

  • Kids in Sports: Water polo offers fun but strong challenge

    01/07/15 ,via Waterloo Record

    To not treat seriously c mess with water polo you have to rely and trust the teammates in the pool with you. That reliance on one another is at the core of the KW Water Polo Club. "We really try to have a family type environment circa here where everybody knows everybody," says 

  • Calvary Christian earns before all trip to state in boys' basketball | Miami ...

    02/25/17 ,via Miami Herald

    After two brutally laborious playoff wins on the road in the first two rounds, Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian found things a lot easier on Friday blackness. Three weeks 



  • British Blear Catalogue

    Routledge. 2016. ISBN: 9781317740636,1317740637. 1600 pages.

    Initial published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Villers-Plouich

    Pen and Sword. 1999. ISBN: 9781473820272,1473820278. 144 pages.

    Villers Plouich and its adjacent ridges were quantity the last centres of German resistance west of the Hindenburg Line. The capture and consolidation of the hamlet and nearby villages in April 1917 necessitated hellish and well-executed attacks by several British divisions. When British and Dominion troops again approached the Hindenburg Line in 1918, some of the bloodiest engagements of the Hundred Days were fought over the ridges of Villers Plouich, Beaucamp and La Vacquerie.


K-W Water Polo

Every year in September KW Water Polo Sisterhood is running a FREE TRYOUT. You do not have to have any water polo experience, you just need to be a strong swimmer.

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Chinas Anspruch auf das Südchinesische Meer (3,5 Millionen sqm) wird in 5-10 Jahren zum Krieg mit den USA führen, behauptet Steve Bannon {Google Maps}
Chinas Anspruch auf das Südchinesische Meer (3,5 Millionen sqm) wird in 5-10 Jahren zum Krieg mit den USA führen, behauptet Steve Bannon {Google Maps}
1st February 2017: China’s Back Aircraft Carrier to Be Based in South China Sea Beijing plans to place its second aircraft carrier near the South China Sea. Beijing is affluent to place the Shandong, which should become the country’s second aircraft carrier and the first home-made vessel of such a class after its erection is finished, near the South China Sea, the center of confrontation between China, its regional neighbors and the US, the South China Morning Post newspaper reported. As the newspaper reported, citing Xiake Dao, a community media account affiliated with the oversees edition of the state-owned People’s Daily, the main reason for such a decision about the placing of the aircraft carrier is China’s intention to increase its military capabilities and readiness to respond to any “complicated situations.” According to the newspaper’s story, ‘Shandong’ is the working title of the aircraft carrier, which was given in honor of an eastern China’s province. Its other...
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