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Numbers in Lucid Design: A Sourcebook by Brand: Laurence King Publishing

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Focusing on how graphic designers tackle the ordering of number-heavy information, this book shows how the best design minds around grapple with timetables, annual reports, and other data-rich documents. It also surveys highly creative and playful typographic experiments with the more abstract notion of numeric information. Numbers in Graphic Design is the sourcebook for any designer who wants to be able to work with numbers creatively and with confidence.

48th Birthday Pet Mats for Viands and Water by Ambesonne, Retro Victorian Styled Typography with Swirl Numbers Design Print, Rectangle Non-Slip Rubber Mat for Dogs and Cats, Red Scarlet Chalky by Ambesonne

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Measurements: 12" by 18" inches and 5mm thick.


Transform Face into a Text Portrait in adobe Photoshop

convert Photography in to Typography text effect Photoshop. ,Create an text / typographical Image in adobe Photoshop, typographic or text Photo in adobe.

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Scheming With Type

*Litt: Craig, James/ Bevington, William/ Korol Scala, Irene *Series Title: DESIGNING WITH TYPE *Subtitle: The Primary Guide Typography *Publication Date: 2006/03/30 *Number of Pages: 175 *Binding Type: Paperback *Language: English *Brilliancy: 0.50 *Width: 8.25 *Height: 10.75


jan tschichold monarch typographer his life work and legacy by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

New Few have Nautical port a deeper impression on the world of typography than Jan Tschichold (1902-1974), one of the most outstanding and influential designers of the twentieth century. Not only was he a master in his participants, but he also lectured on the subject, wrote a number of highly influential books, and designed many classic typefaces, including the most desirable-selling Sabon. This substantial volume places Tschichold's vision firmly in the rich cultural and historical context of his era. In his introduction, Cees W. de Jong offers an overview of Tschichold's existence and times, while the other contributors discuss the designer's major influences and innovations, including his seminal poster design, groundbreaking work with Penguin Books, and later reappropriation of model typography. Superbly illustrated with archive photographs and examples of Tschichold's work, the book confirms de Jong's assertion that 'Tschichold's tradition lives on in the digital age, proving that he is among the greatest typographic designers ever, his influence still being visible in the world of typography to this day. ' The essays are by Jorre Both, Stefanie Burger, Martijn F. Le Coultre, Richard Doubleday, and Alston W. Purvis. The most done study ever of this major figure in modern graphic arts.


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    Numbers stand out in typically text-dominated resumes. Using digits to mention years of experience or percentages while highlighting your performance figures are not only easier to read, they also take up less space on a resume's valuable real estate.

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    We used typefaces and colors and fonts to bring out the different eras. Everything is from our The team will be making the designs downloadable after each game, even entering your seat and section number to reflect your day at the yard. "Take


RT @sangio_davese: My last three numbers for #36daysoftype #type #typography #lettering #design #graphicdesign #sf #letteringchallenge #typ… 03/28/17, @rampangledesign
My last three numbers for #36daysoftype #type #typography #lettering #design #graphicdesign #sf #letteringchallenge… https://t.co/Jsli5kdohK 03/28/17, @sangio_davese
RT @DigitalSynopsis: Clever Illustrations Of Historical Events Using Digits From The Year They Occurred In: https://t.co/o2KYHZY1T6 #desig… 03/28/17, @fractallicious


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Numbers. The world is filled with recognizable and unique numbers that have never been available as fonts — until now. Every year, Pentagram chooses twelve beloved ...

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Design By Numbers: Typography A Web Designer’s Primer to Typography. One thing I hear a lot of people—web developers more than anyone—say is how they ...

The Characteristics of a Typeface (for widescreen displays)
The Characteristics of a Typeface (for widescreen displays)
Wallpaper 1920x1200 created with the typefaces listed below: Text Face Alejandro lo Celsos (Pampa Type) unique serif typeface family»Arlt«. »Arlt is a family of contemporary typefaces for a wide variety of applications. It includes text, display, and decorative fonts. Its style gives the text a sort of spicy atmosphere that makes it ideal for composing literature. Arlt has been created for the demanding, inspired designers. Being the result of 3 years of intensive work, the types aim to balance a strong personality against comfortable readability. The fonts have been carefully crafted in every detail, to offer you the highest visual quality standards in typography. Arlt is inspired by the novels and plays of Argentinean writer Roberto Arlt, active in the 20s and 30s. He pioneered the introduction of Lunfardo (Buenos Aires slang) into literature, and he was the first to write about the crook and the madman. His novels and plays refreshed the spirit of Hispanic literature of...
Photo by arnoKath on Flickr
Numbers in a City: New Haven / 1997 / SML
Numbers in a City: New Haven / 1997 / SML
Individual photographs in Flickr set: www.flickr.com/photos/seeminglee/sets/72057594128077560/ Description Typographic landscape of a city described through visually counting from 1 to 100. This was my first photography project. It started out as a project for a typography class while I was in college. Like most graphic design assignments at Yale, it was very open ended. We were asked to show the experience of a city through the language of typography. I have always been interested in numbers, and I as such I decided to run around New Haven and photograph numbers which represent the city, from 1 to 100. The series is to be projected on the wall as a slideshow. The numbers are recognizably New Haven, and most who have been in New Haven can recognize the sense of time and space as they go through the series. Some commented that it reminded them of Sesame Street. I thought of extended this to different neighborhoods in New York, but I never had the time to work on more of them...
Photo by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML on Flickr
FTRT — Promo Poster
FTRT — Promo Poster
The FTRT typeface is the result of a 3-month research and design. It is constituted by capital latin and greek letters, numbers and symbols, in three different weights and a total of 251 different glyphs. It is characterised as a modular typeface, in which all the glyphs have exactly the same height and weight, in order for the typesetting to be easier in a grid environment or for lettering - the letters being either in a landscape or a portrait setting. The inspiration during research were the posters and the wider work of Dutch designer Willem Hendrik (Wim) Crowell, known also as gridnik, who propagated his love for typographic grids, typography and visual order in general. Check the project here: www.behance.net/gallery/FTRT-typeface/4260405
Photo by George Strouzas on Flickr