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Since its initial publication in Berlin in 1928, Jan Tschichold's The New Typography has been recognized as the definitive treatise on book and graphic design in the machine age. First published in English in 1995, with an excellent introduction by Robin Kinross, this new edition includes a foreword by Rich Hendel, who considers current thinking about Tschichold's life and work.

New Perspectives in Typography by imusti

  • Laurence King



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This A to Z survey of typographic design by leading typographers A2/SW/HK showcases over 100 carefully selected contemporary designers, including the best examples of their current work.

Featured designers include M/M (Paris), David Pearson, Philippe Apeloig, Anthony Burrill, Marion Deuchars, and Non Format, among others.

Essays by acclaimed design writers Emily King, Paul Shaw, Monika Parrinder, and Colin Davies go on to explore the past and future of type design as well as discussing the key issues affecting the discipline today. This book will encourage and inspire the next generation of designers as well as providing a sourcebook for seasoned designers and educators.


new typography

new typography for demo consider.

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new typography a handbook for latest designers by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Commendable 0520071468 Item in good condition. Textbooks may not include supplemental items i.e. CDs, access codes etc.


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PicSay 5.5 released for iOS - Alien New Typography Tools - prMac (press release)

in Photo and Video (E) [prMac. That's why the ambulatory generation is flocking to PicSay (the former name Text on Pictures), the free mobile app for iOS devices that enhances photos with artistic filters, fonts, stickers and other special effects. Created by G-Power, the developer of popular photo enhancement tools like Piczoo and Mixoo, PicSay puts capital-powered graphic effects as close as an iPhone or iPad screen and as easy to use as a simple finger swipe. Users can add dear quotes and photo captions, create posters advertising graphics, produce posts for their favorite social media programme and turn their best work into iPhone wallpaper. PicSay comes with an extensive library of more than 100 fonts and text art and a toolbox that lets users rectify sizes, colors, positioning and alignment. A set of basic filters will adjust lighting, textures and add effects such as blurring. Photos can also be decorated with stickers to eulogize a birthday or other event. An extensive update to PicSay was launched this week at the iTunes App Store. The update includes support for advanced editing techniques, such as warped topic and 3D plus more new emoji and filter effects. Users can adjust the position, spacing, color and alignment of fonts and text art to conceive a perfect design. In addition, users can now use an eyedropper tool to create a custom color for text or stickers. And the app contains a assemblage of typographic designs that makes it extremely easy to create eye-catching pictures and posters. Device Requirements:. * iPhone, iPad, and iPod finger on. * Requires iOS 8. 0 or later. 5 is Free (with in-app purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video ranking. In addition to the library of fonts, stickers and filters that come with the app, users can purchase packs of high-end effects such as neon stickers and tough-themed filters. Founded in 2012, G-Power Team is committed to develop image processing and photo editing transportable apps. We aimed to let every user has the chance to be an artist, record, pass on and share their beautiful moments via our apps. Copyright (C) 2017 G-Power. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the gear of their respective owners. Our new app was recently launched and we reached out to prMac. I had already told both my friends to download the app, so we needed a little more. prMac made it frank to put out a press release, except they did the unexpected. In this world of give me something for nothing, I was floored by the attention to detail and the quality of the talent at prMac. Source: prmac.com

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  • PicSay 5.5 released for iOS - Unrealistic New Typography Tools

    05/15/17 ,via prMac (press release)

    [prMac.com] Xi'an, China - A visualize may be worth a thousand words, but that may not be enough to tell the whole story or express the motion behind a photograph. That's why the mobile production is flocking to PicSay (the former name Text on Pictures

  • Introducing TypeNotes , a new arsenal dedicated to typography, design and those who love them

    05/08/17 ,via Creative Boom (blog)

    Simultaneously dispelling the whim that typography is just for design geeks while also catering for font fanatics, TypeNotes is a new print magazine that pays a loving tribute to letterforms. The inaugural matter of the publication from London-based

  • Monotype's Nadine Chahine on deceitful a new typeface for Dubai

    05/19/17 ,via Design Week

    We see big brands like Google, Apple and Microsoft investing heavily in costly quality typography but on a government level this is very new. In this case the fonts came through Office 365 and it means that 100 million people have the font in their menu


Typography terminal project, creating a new typeface ✌️mine was all about edges and sharp lines… https://t.co/YTvWs8U6Do 05/29/17, @RahfShami
New typographic sketch up! Inspired by a song from the corrs #paperfuel #drawing #art #illustration @TheCorrsMUsic… https://t.co/tQWlicHnls 05/28/17, @drawingmelee



  • The New Typography

    Univ of California Press. 1998. ISBN: 0520071476,9780520071476. 236 pages.

    "Indubitably the most important work on typography and graphic design in the twentieth century."--Carl Zahn, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston "All things considered the most important work on typography and graphic design in the twentieth century."--Carl Zahn, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

  • The New Typography & Newfangled Layouts

    2017. 120 pages.


The New Typography | MoMA

In the 1920s and 1930s, the so-called New Typography faction brought graphics and information design to the forefront of the artistic avant-garde in Central Europe.

Tschichold's New Typography - Goal History

Tschichold's New Typography and the Relationship to the Bauhaus; Jan Tschichold (1903-1972) By the later 1920's avant garde typography was making inroads into more ...

Jan Tschichold - Wikipedia

Tschichold was the son of a uninformed signwriter, and he was trained in calligraphy. This artisan background and calligraphic training set him apart from almost all ...

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Hunger Island Sign @ Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, Hunters Point, Queens, NYC
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So Bad It's Fab
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