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Learn about the Eiffel Tower, beloved and iconic symbol of Paris, France, and one of the most recognizable structures in the world!

When the plans for the Eiffel Tower were first announced, many people hated the design of the future landmark, calling it  ungainly and out of step with the beautiful stone buildings of the city. But once it went up for the World's Fair in 1889, the people of Paris quickly fell in love with the tower. Today it seems impossible to imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower, which greets millions of visitors each year who climb up its wrought-iron stairs, ride its glass elevators, and enjoy the wonderful views of the city spread out below it.

This book, part of the New York Times best-selling series, is enhanced by eighty illustrations.

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one hundred and one exquisite small towns in france by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

New A observation of the most enchanting hamlets in France, now available in a popular format. Gorgeously illustrated as well as informative, One Hundred & One Beautiful Slight Towns in France is a tour through the pleasures of the French countryside, a place where the pace slows, locals engage strangers in conversation, and every burgh presents a unique set of curiosities waiting to be discovered. Whether you are an armchair traveler or a Francophile planning another trip, this volume is the steer to the hidden treasures of France that proves once and for all that the heart of this popular travel destination lies in the countryside far from the grandeur and pomp of Paris. Become absent-minded the serpentine alleyways of the rockbound coastal fishing villages in Brittany and Normandy; explore medieval masterpieces in Alsace and behest flammekueche, this region s thin-crusted pizza; spend a day in the Ile-de-France, the green surround of Paris, and visit the magnificent Chateau de Versailles, or the stately at Fontainebleau, a treasure trove of mannerist delights. One Hundred & One Beautiful Small Towns in France is a map to the heart and soul of the French countryside, undivided with a full appendix of restaurants, hotels, and shops to aid even the most seasoned travelers and Francophiles. '


Excursion the Revolution by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Featuring contributions from: Emma O'Reilly, the soigneur for the U.S. Postal Usefulness Team and one of the people responsible for bringing Lance Armstrong down as part of David Walsh's investigation;Betsy Andreu, mate of ex-professional cyclist Frankie Andreu and another Lance Armstrong nemesis;Michelle Cound, manager and partner of Tour de France winner Chris Froome;Juliet Macur, creator of Cycle of Lies: the Fall of Lance Armstrong; andJen See, who interviews Marianne Vos, arguably the greatest cyclist in the world Tory now. When Marie Marvingt decided to ride the 1908 Tour de France she was told "absolument, non!" Instead, she rode each stage fifteen minutes after the recognized racers had departed and finished all 4,488 kms of the parcours-a feat that only 36 of the 110 men who entered the race could equal. Her motto? "I unfaltering to do everything better, always and forever." It's in the spirit of Breakneck Marie that this book has been written. These fresh and vibrant voices examine the diversion from a new perspective to provide insights that rarely make it into the mainstream: what is it like to be a top women rider or to work in their support team? Where is the women's wear heading and when will more women be represented at the highest level of sport's governance?


7th day in Paris - Rodin Museum, Palais de Tokyo — Paris, France

On our last day in Paris we spent our last day on the Velibs. It was a crisp morning (14 degrees) and a nice ride through as the Canal was open. The bikes were a bit hard to find this morning, the Velib technicians were tinkering with them but we managed to find a couple to get us to the Musee Rodin on the other side of the Seine. The area near the Musee Rodin is 'snob' enough for them not to need to use Velibs to get around so all of the racks were full and we could only park one. Matt circled and found another near a Lycee. The Assemblee Nationale is around the corner of Musee Rodin and you see a lot of suits and officials on the streets as well as the army and police with their ever present machine guns. Musee Rodin is a lovely romantic delight compared to all this officialdom. The house itself is light and airy and the statues burst with movement even if (as is explored in the 'Camille Claudel' film with isabelle Adjani and Gerard Depardieu) so many of the women are positioned so awkwardly. It was interesting to see 'the gang' of Monet and Van Gogh also have their paintings there as they were all friends and swapped sculptures and paintings. Rodin also collected Greek antiquities such as fragments of hands and feet that he had scattered around his studio to inspire him and are mounted on the wall. Later when auditing his collection, people said his collection had no value but all he didn't collect them for that, he collected them for the feeling they gave him. A stroll through the streets to Cafe Mucha for lunch and a very good steak tartare and frites for Matt, people watching all the business lunches that stretch from midday to three o'clock and we crossed the Seine to the Grand and Petit Palais for... There was a huge queue so we kept going to the Tokyo Palais modern art museum which is right opposite the Tour d'Eiffel on the other side of the river. It had a much grungier feel than the other huge, immaculate Parisian museums. has an interesting mix of the very modern, fauvism, some Picassos, Matisse all in a very light and airy space with huge windows looking over the Seine and it's only till midnight which might explain its worn look. We made our way home via the Champs Elysees, stopping at Monoprix on a quest for tinned frogs' legs but they didn't have them. We took our usual route home for the last time, me tailing Matt- Rue Foubourg Saint Honore, Boulevard Sebastopol, Rue Magenta, sharp left at Rue des Vinaigres and finally crossing the Canal home. Home for a bath and a read of DBC Pierre and then a lovely evening (in a red dress) at a few bars, dinner at La Patache near le Republique where Matt finally got to taste his frogs' legs (like tiny little bony chicken legs) and a digestif before... Source: TravelPod.com TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at TravelPod.com

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  • After buying the Olympics, Eurosport wants the TV rights to Formula One

    10/12/16 ,via Business Insider

    The pay-TV broadcaster is currently big in cycling and shares the rights to the Tour de France with ITV. Hutton said taking the rights on an exclusive basis is an ambition. Asked if Eurosport would like to be the exclusive home of the the competition

  • Lance Armstrong: Tour de France is too big not to have a winner

    10/09/16 ,via Irish Independent

    The fallen sporting icon confirmed he still has his seven yellow jerseys on display in his home and that the Tour de France is "too great and too grand to not have a winner". The period of his reign from 1999 to 2005 currently has no winner in the roll

  • Tour de France 2017: what we know so far

    10/06/16 ,via Cycling Weekly

    It's under a month until the Tour de France 2017 route is revealed and there are rumours aplenty as to where will feature on the 104th edition of the historic race. We know that it will start in Dusseldorf and end in Paris, but what will be in store


RT @followthebounce: This is the cubicle at the Tour de France where you provide urine samples. Note mirrors and transparent 'wall' https:/… 10/09/16, @G80Ia
@valarauk @redion1992 there is a Saturday night every year where Wimbledon, F1, AFL and Tour de France are all on at the same time. 10/08/16, @djmattyg007
@WhatMattAdores Yes, Dinan is one of places where Tour de France roll through. Have a great time, always! 10/08/16, @leoballiache



  • Tour de France

    Random House. 2011. ISBN: 9781780572086,1780572085. 608 pages.

    In this updated edition of the highly acclaimed Tour de France, Graeme Fife sets the 2015 race in the context of the event's remarkable history, which stretches back to July 1903. Named one of the top 5 sports books of the year by both the Times and the Independent, this meticulously researched guide has a pacy narrative which paints an irresistible portrait of this extraordinary competition and a colourful picture of the men who have given the Tour its enduring universal appeal. Tour de France : The History, The Legend, The Riders is laced with tales of great solo performances, amazing fortitude, terrible misfortune and magnificent triumphs, and will include the stories behind the headlines of the 2015 race.

  • The Story of the Tour de France

    Dog Ear Publishing. 2008. ISBN: 9781598586084,1598586084. 392 pages.

    What they are saying about The Story of the Tour de France: After forty years of study on the subject, I can with some confidence say Bill and Carol McGann's The Story of the Tour de France is the finest such work ever produced in the English language, and perhaps in any. Most of my preferred references are in French, one runs to over 800 pages, yet the McGanns' opus revealed information new to me in almost every paragraph. Their research has been not only impeccable, but insightful. -Owen Mulholland, author of Uphill Battle and Cycling's Golden Age The Story of the Tour de France: How a Newspaper Promotion Became the Greatest Sporting Event in the World by Bill and Carol McGann is a must read. -Road Bike Action Magazine For any historian of the sport the McGanns'Tour de France history...

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  • The Coffee Ride #119, with Reece Homfray

    10/12/16 ,via Adelaide Now

    AvantiIsoWhey pic.twitter.com/lVjK1nbxn4 — Ben O'Connor (@ben_oconnor95) June 20, 2016 He caught the eye of international teams at the Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc in France in June where he finished third on GC after a big climbing stage. O’Connor ...

  • UCI Road World Championships: Aussie Dennis a favourite for Men’s ITT

    10/12/16 ,via The Roar

    Dutchmen Dumoulin comes into this event off the back of a good season, having taken the opening day prologue at the Giro d’Italia, and the flat Stage 13 time trial at the Tour de France. He was also third on Stage 7a of the Tour of Britain, only slightly ...

  • Shampoo Manufacturer Alpecin Confirmed as Title Sponsor for New Swiss Cycling Team Katusha-Alpecin

    10/11/16 ,via Yahoo Finance

    Public interest was also measurably stimulated, and was reflected by the renewal of coverage of the Tour de France by ARD, among other things. Dörrenberg mentions that two years ago many people were very critical of their involvement, but now it is ...


Tour de France 2016 - Paris Tours 2016

Official site of the famed race from the Tour de France. Includes route, riders, teams, and coverage of past Tours.

Tour de France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tour de France; Race details; Date: July: Region: France and nearby countries: Local name(s) Le Tour de France (French) Nickname(s) La Grande Boucle: Discipline

Tour de France 2016

Tour de france 2016. Running from Saturday July 2 nd to Sunday July 24 th 2016, the 103 th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance ...

Another Summer Day in Paris
Another Summer Day in Paris
As usual, Paris is off-the-rails perfect. The weather has been remarkable, the sunsets amazing, and the chocolate flows like mana from heaven. I made it over to the Eiffel Tower for a big night of shooting, and arrived there just as the sun was setting. I have a few little special spots I like to visit around the tower that are not full of tourists and the like. This shot looks much more delicate, perhaps, than I did while achieving it. Unfortunately, this was one of those tricky ones where the tripod legs were splayed out like a flattened armadillo. I looked beyond redonkulous while taking it... Trey's Tip: If the only interesting feature nearby is on the ground, well then you better get on the ground too. Get down and get dirty! People don't like you for your clean pants anyway.
Photo by Stuck in Customs on Flickr
2015 - Utrecht - Strahuisbrug (Bridge)
2015 - Utrecht - Strahuisbrug (Bridge)
This is Strahuisbrug (bridge) over part of the canal in Aldstadt. The tower is the Cathedral, the red street art behind the walkers is an ad for the 2015 Tour de France that started in Utrecht. Domtoren: Utrecht is home to the highest church tower in the country, the Domtower. Therefore, the city is also called the Dom city. The area around the Domtower and Domsquare is the old heart of the city, where Romans established themselves almost 2,000 years ago. The city itself is younger though, around 1300 years old. The Domtower itself is about 600 years old. The Dom tower standing in the middle of the old town is seperated from the church with the same name. A tornado destroyed part of the church, and since then the tower stands alone. The tower can be visited by a guided tour, which allows one to climb most of the 112.32-metre high tower going up 465 steps for a city view. Tour de France: In 2015, the Tour de France started in Utrecht on Saturday 4 July 2015, with a short...
Photo by Ted's photos - For Me & You on Flickr
188/365v2 Le Tour (of Suffolk)
188/365v2 Le Tour (of Suffolk)
So the Tour De France travelled through Essex today, passing through Finchingfield, just a few miles down the road from where we live. I was going to go along with my camera, but saw some of the coverage of the race itself (as it went through Yorkshire) which very clearly passed by in the blink of an eye and decided I really didn't want to spend a day fighting through crowds of people for just a few seconds of opportunity seeing the actual racers...so we went on our own tour into Suffolk. We started off in Dunwich Forest, which surprisingly boasts Dartmoor Ponies as one of its residents, along with Red Deer. We didn't see either, but saw thousands of butterflies and plenty of dragonflies wizzing around. We had fish and chips at Southwold...hence today's shot of Southwold taken from the pier - a lovely seaside town...but extremely busy. We finished the day out at Leiston Abbey, a mainly 14c ruined Abbey which we had seen in passing on a number of times but had just driven past -...
Photo by Mark Seton on Flickr
... profiles tour de france copyright letour fr # tourdefrance tweets
... profiles tour de france copyright letour fr # tourdefrance tweets
6ᵉ étape du Tour de France. La ville de Cézanne sera le point de ...
6ᵉ étape du Tour de France. La ville de Cézanne sera le point de ...
2012 Tour de France - 2012 Tour de France - ESPN
2012 Tour de France - 2012 Tour de France - ESPN
Image by espn.go.com