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TheatreWorks is renowned for its daring, and sometimes controversial, productions. Since its inception the company has explored important social issues such as sexuality, censorship and oppression. The company also pioneered different types of productions; it introduced the black box theatre to Singapore and staged epic outdoor festivals in Fort Canning Park.

This book, celebrating TheatreWorks 25th anniversary, charts the company’s evolution from a small theatre cooperative working from a terrace house to the well-respected innovator in the Singapore theatre community.

TheatreWorks 25 is a stunning visual history of the company, featuring photography from many of TheatreWorks’ groundbreaking performances and quotes and anecdotes from members of the company, past and present.

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  • 13 Auditorium Works That Responded to 9/11

    09/11/17 ,via

    Plays and songs inspired by the tragedies of the arsonist attacks, their aftermath, and the rebuilding of America. Error setting up player: Invalid license key. When tragedy strikes, we turn to art to assist us reflect, explore, understand, progress

  • Upon: Love, science meet cute in TheatreWorks 'Constellations'

    08/31/17 ,via The Mercury News

    Gently directed by Robert Kelley in its regional original at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, this is a poignant and compelling two-character study in the science of love. Here the concept of the multiverse is a balm that takes some of the swindle out of the

  • TheatreWorks Florida opens inaugural 3-show enliven in historic former school

    09/07/17 ,via The Ledger

    In the outset of its inaugural three-show season,TheatreWorks Florida is bringing “The Marvelous Wonderettes” to the refurbished TheatreWorks Florida Theatre, located in the historic Davenport Community Campus erection, 8 W. Palmetto St. The building


RT @SoarFeat: Coming Attractions: This Winter I will be playing 17 characters in this; 09/21/17, @dickens34
'TheatreWorks Silicon Valley 2017-2018 Pep up' (TheatreWorks Silicon Valley) - Shows rehearse and run in Silicon V… 09/20/17, @gettalentUK
Coming Attractions: This Winter I will be playing 17 characters in this; 09/20/17, @SoarFeat



Performing arts institution at the University of Colorado. They stage challenging classic theatre productions.

Greet to Theatreworks USA!

Theatreworks USA is America's largest music- hall for young and family audiences. Available for class trips, in-school, and evening/weekend performances.

Theatreworks - Receive to TheatreWorks

Theatreworks is a non-profit tax exempt confederation committed to providing and managing low cost office, rehearsal, and performance space for emerging artists and ...

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inner holm 2
inner holm 2
Essence Work 2011 around Grass Tomb
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heart gift of masks
heart gift of masks
Heart Work 2011 around Grass Tomb
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