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Acting: Advanced Techniques for the Actor, Gaffer, and Teacher by Brand: Allworth Press

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Honed by the author's 35 years of teaching, this advanced book offers different warm-up exercises concentrating on the actor's sense of smell, sound, sight, and touch; sensory tools for conveying the climate and environment of the text; tips for suggesting a character's physical conditions; and much more. Individual exercises will help actors to free the voice and body, create a character, find the action and condition of scenes, and explore the subconscious for effective emotional recall. Readers will also find meticulous guidelines for best using rehearsal time and preparing for in-class scene work. The foreword is written by two-time Academy Award nominee Edward Norton. Those who act, direct, or teach will not want to miss the acting lessons that have made T. Schreiber Studio a premier actor training program.

There's Wampum Where Your Mouth Is: An Insider's Guide to a Career in Voice-Overs

  • An Insider's Guide to a Career in Voice-Overs
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Now expanded to include new insider’s tips on making a demo CD, vocal modulation and breath techniques, advanced copy-reading techniques, and a section on how copywriters see the job of the voice artists they write for, the Second Edition of this popular publication is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in a career in voice-overs.

Voice-overs represent a potentially lucrative enterprise for anyone with vocal talent. A well-connected voice actor can make as much in an hour as a stage actor can make in six weeks, and that’s before the “residuals” are earned. The lucrative voice-over field is one of the best ways to pay the bills while exploring stage and screen work, or it can become a fascinating career in itself.

Whether you’re a seasoned actor or a non-actor with vocal presence, this outstanding handbook offers an expert’s insight into launching a career and finding work in voice-overs. Author Elaine Clark, a prominent voice-over expert, begins by explaining the basics of the industry and demonstrating how prospective voice-over performers can best market themselves through the use of agents, mailings, and demo tapes. Subsequent chapters cover such essential topics as vocal preparation, the basics of reading copy, the distinction between an announcer, a spokesperson, and a character, how to “hide the sell”, how to branch out from commercials to industrial narrations and talking books, and how to work in a recording studio and use a microphone to best effect.


Here is a roster of 10 jobs in theatre, AND I tell you a bit about those jobs. THEATREBOUND© alternative theatre.

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  • New Cal Voice Fullerton theater chair focuses on what's behind the spotlight

    10/25/17 ,via OCRegister

    It's gigantic to be able to teach the students the latest technology, he said, allowing them to walk right into jobs at Disneyland, Universal Studios and Cirque du Soleil. Three years out of equip, one student was able to buy a house, he marveled

  • 'Magnificent,' 41 and Lost to AIDS: The Theater World Asks Why

    10/11/17 ,via New York Times

    So Mr. Friedman, a hyperkinetic and much-admired green songwriter with two theater jobs and a head full of projects, improvised: He would sing the score by phone to the show's music director, who would then indoctrinate the songs to actors portraying high

  • San Antonio theater designers journey into the spotlight at the Globe Awards

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    They've received them for productions at Trinity University, where they demonstrate and where Francis serves as technical director, and also for work they've done with off-campus companies. They have a reputation for strong work and also for being gifted


  • Banana Split Cookies

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  • Cross Lives of Teaching Artists in Dance and Theatre Arts: A Critical Reader

    Cambria Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781604978810,1604978813. 372 pages.

    The r of the hybrid artist-educator in schools and communities over the past fifty years has evolved significantly. Although education reform and political pressures during the end five decades have frequently interrupted steady and sustained arts education programming in the United States-especially in theatre and dance-the teaching artist today performs an influential role in numerous educational contexts. Over the past fifteen years, the work of teaching artists has received growing professional prominence and research: the Association of Teaching Artists (ATA) was founded in 1998 to support, advocate for, strengthen and serve the teaching artist profession. This volume, focused on teaching artists in sashay and theatre disciplines, expands this developing area of inquiry and reveals...

  • The Neoliberal Agenda and the Schoolchild Debt Crisis in U.S. Higher Education

    Taylor & Francis. 2017. ISBN: 9781317272014,1317272013. 318 pages.

    Capturing the voices of Americans living with schoolboy debt in the United States, this collection critiques the neoliberal interest-driven, debt-based system of U.S. higher course of study and offers alternatives to neoliberal capitalism and the corporatized university. Grounded in an understanding of the historical and political economic context, this enrol offers auto-ethnographic experiences of living in debt, and analyzes alternatives to the current system. Chapter authors greet real questions such as, Do collegians overestimate the economic value of going to college? and How does the monetary system that student loans are put asunder give up of operate? Pinpointing how developments in the political economy are accountable for students’ university experiences, this book provides an authoritative...


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Dispose of the MIA: Leslie Ory Lewellen
Dispose of the MIA: Leslie Ory Lewellen
Leslie Ory Lewellen Associate Registrar for Acquisitions 13 years at the MIA Working on registering our new Ethiopian Folding Album which you can see here. Narrate something interesting or unusual about your work here: I’m usually the second person (after the fine art packer) to lay eyes on all the objects after they arrive at the museum to be considered for appendage to our permanent collection, which is pretty cool. I write a description for each and every piece, which can sometimes be a challenge, especially with some contemporary art and with ethnographic pieces! I also disparage condition reports, which involves spending lots of up-close, “touchy-feely” time with the art, which I really love. I like to roll furniture because I get to open every door and pull out every drawer. (I was once able to discover the trick to foothold one of the secret compartments in one of our desks just by poking around!) What was your first job: My very first job was the summer before I...
Photo by Minneapolis Institute of Art on Flickr
Santikos Palladium Theater Vestibule
Santikos Palladium Theater Vestibule
So this is the my 2nd job... Santikos Palladium 19 Imax Theater, morsel I know but it's a cool place to work at with since it's something different with the customers everyday. If you live in Texas near San Antonio and haven't been here yet than I would commend you do so, especially for Transformers coming out soon on the Imax. And no I'm not just saying that cause I work there but because it truly is a unique theater. With Gelato (Ice cream) that was taught to us how to affirm by someone who flew in from Italy, a full restaurant that serves everything from burger, pizzas, salads, pulled pork sandwiches etc.. to a comprehensive service bar on the 2nd floor where we have our two 18+ VIP auditoriums with leather seats. Also you can't forget about the DBOX motion seats that moves and shakes along with the motion picture which is currently in one auditorium so you have to act quick if you want to get tickets because they sell out fast! Oh, and if any of my managers are looking at this, I was off...
Photo by Definitive HDR Photography on Flickr
Three members of the trophy-winning Pilobolus Dance Theater, which began as a group of students 40 years ago at Dartmouth, Jun Kuribyashi, Jordan Kriston and Eriko Jimbo,demonstrated their sui generis style of physical performance for 100 university dance and movement students, followed by a 90-minute workshop. During the workshop the dancers taught the students new techniques for balancing and using each other’s weight to effect complex moves. The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance students enthusiastically joined in when Pilobolus dancers invited them to try exercises that foster mutual trust and taught them to become “predictable moving partners.” They also told the students that if the audience doesn’t “either love or odium the performance, then you’re not doing your job.” The Pilobolus dancers’ teaching ability and their personal magnetism ensured that the workshop connected with the students within minutes and kept them spellbound until the end of the session.
Photo by U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv on Flickr