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Written by eminent psychologist Bernard J. Baars, this book brings us to the frontlines of the consciousness debate, offering the general reader a fascinating overview of how top scientists currently understand the processes underlying conscious experience. The study of conscious experience has seen remarkable strides in the last ten years, reflecting important technological breakthroughs and the enormous efforts of researchers in disciplines as varied as neuroscience, cognitive science, and philosophy. Scientists are just now beginning to find common ground in their understanding of consciousness, which may pave the way for a unified explanation of how and why we experience and understand the world around us. This book offers an invaluable introduction to the field, brilliantly weaving together the various theories that have emerged as scientists continue their quest to uncover the profound mysteries of the mind--and of human nature itself.

J.LUMI TRK9000 Theater Barn Door Rails Light Head, with 4-leaf Barn Doors, Black Frost Paint Finish, Bulb NOT Included, 2-Wire Distinct Circuit only, compatible J.LUMI track rail RAL1002 by J.LUMI

  • MODERN INDUSTRIAL: Theater style track light for rustic industrial...
  • TRACK RAILS: Compatible with J.LUMI H-type 2-wire single circuit...
  • BULB NOT INCLUDED: Uses standard E26 medium base, rated 120V 60W,...


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This theater style track light head is interior designer's best companion to deliver vintage interior decor. Works with 2-wire Halo H-type track system, this track light fixture can be installed within minutes without use of tools. It is a versatile track light heads suitable for home, office, or even stores and restaurants.

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Samsung HT-J4100 5.1 Residence Theater System - 1000 W RMS - Blu-ray Disc P by Bulk Office Supply

Encounter all your favorite smart content like web browsing, TV apps, games and more on a complete 5.1 channel theater system. With HD Upconversion, DVD video is auto enhanced to regurgitate you near HD quality. You'll see your favorite titles with greater details and clarity that you've never seen before. The HDMI connection transmits digital video and audio over a unmarried cable, delivering a first-rate entertainment experience. DTS surround processes stereo content to deliver an optimized ambience sound experience with enhanced bass response, clear dialog and consistent volume levels. Dolby True HD delivers near studio-worth HD audio with your home entertainment system.


Samsung BD-J5700 1 Disc(s) Blu-ray Disc Sportswoman - 1080p - Black by Bulk Office Supply

Dirty-ray player has what it takes to bring your home theater to the next level. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you sync and stream all your favorite TV shows, games, apps and more. Together with, access and share your TV and multimedia content from your PC and mobile devices for a truly connected home media experience. Smart technology turns any TV into the last home entertainment hub with full access to all your favorite web and TV content. Quick-start mode saves you time with a start-up every so often of 0.5 seconds. DTS surround processes stereo content to deliver an optimized surround sound experience with enhanced bass effect, clear dialog, and consistent volume levels. Dolby True HD delivers near studio-quality HD audio with your home play system.


Review: 'A New Brain' at Theatre Horizon - DCMetroTheaterArts - DC Metro Theater Arts (press release) (blog)

I definitely would not “rather be sailing…”, I would rather be at Theatre Horizon’s production of A New Brain . The hilarious and touching show follows Gordon Schwinn, a songwriter for a children’s television show who receives a tragic diagnosis... With music and lyrics by William Finn and James Lapine, and a book also by Finn, A New Brain is considered to be an autobiographical musical comedy that is based on Finn’s life. The show started as a concert of songs written by Finn after leaving the hospital that premiered at The Public Theater in New York City, followed by fully staged workshops in 1996 and 1997. The full musical was first officially produced... Off-Center in NYC in July, 2015 that had major rewrites and was directed by Lapine. Leading the pack is Steve Pacek who plays Gordon, the writer’s blocked musician who just wants to leave a legacy attached to his name. His voice soars through his beautiful solo numbers like “Sailing” (Reprise) and invokes both laughter and tears. Pacek is paired with Peter Carrier who played Rodger, whose smooth moves and silky vocals were swoon-worthy. Two incredible leading ladies head this production: Rachel Camp as Rhoda, and Susan Riley Stevens who plays Mimi. Camp belts her heart out and particularly stood out with her impeccable comedic timing during the “Coma Sequence. Stevens’ frantic motherly ticks made her character come to life and break my heart. A New Brain has a “ killer” ensemble. Their voices blend beautifully and create gorgeous harmonies and their energy carried the show through its endless barrage of short quippy moments. Christian Eason, who played the Minister, had a velvety voice that I just wanted to listen to over and over, and Doug Hara made me absolutely cackle swishing around the stage on his delightful scooter. Matthew Decker’s direction was full of heart and so effective. The space was used well and I was able to easily follow the face paced storyline. This was complemented by Jenn Rose’s quirky, yet subdued, choreography that went seamlessly with the style of music. The pit was effortlessly led by Music Director Amanda Morton and her talented musicians who played the fun score so well. The set design, by Brian Dudkiewicz, featured large sectioned semi-transparent white walls that really added to the cold hospital setting of the piece and were able to be creatively used for silhouette scenes. Oona Curley’s lighting design also add to this clinical ambience through strategically placed harsh fluorescent strip lights. Specialty costumes designed by Jill Keys, including Mr. Bungee’s frog head were delightful and well made, and Chris Haig’s prop designs did their job of helping to establish our medical world, and created fun unexpected moments like the sail and... ” Finally, Nick Kourtides’ sound design created excellent balance between actors’ mics and the pit. If you’re looking for “Heart, time, and music,” look no further than Theatre Horizon’s heartfelt and touching A New Brain. About Madeline Marshall Madeline Marshall is a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia studying Theater Education. She loves going out into all her beloved theater communities and seeing shows and showing her support for the arts. She finds theater to be extremely important to the education of younger generations and hopes to one day be able to inspire her own students the way her mentors have inspired her throughout the years. Source:

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    10/13/16 ,via Broadway World

    One of the most talked about new plays in American theater makes its DC premiere this Fall. Theater J will present Lucas Hnath's critically acclaimed The Christians, November 16 - December 11. Since its development and workshop at The Kennedy Center, 

  • Review: 'A New Brain' at Theatre Horizon - DCMetroTheaterArts

    I definitely would not “rather be sailing…”, I would rather be at Theatre Horizon's production of A New Brain! The hilarious and touching show follows Gordon 

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    10/20/16 ,via New York Times

    Donald J. Trump began this quadrennial exercise in campaign humility and self-deprecation on Thursday by comparing himself to the son of God — just another “carpenter working for his father” in his youth. By the end, facing cascading and uncomfortable 


I have a friend that takes PB&J sandwiches to the movie theater. 10/22/16, @breydondh
“Picture your next party or get-together here! We handle the set up and clean just get to E N J O Y! ”… 10/22/16, @UrbanCottageZoo


  • Dinner Theater Meatloaf

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  • Pb & J Muffins

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  • Jeane J Kirkpatricks Paella Recipe

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  • Review: ‘The Plough and the Stars,’ War and Folly in a Dublin Tenement

    10/21/16 ,via New York Times

    MONTCLAIR, N.J. — Pale and shaky, the girl races down the aisle of the theater, up the steps and onto the stage, where she stands in front of a microphone like a nervous soloist drafted into a school show. Clutching a sheet of lyrics, she begins to sing ...

  • TMCC Theater Presents Dracula, Bram Stoker’s Gothic Thriller

    10/22/16 ,via

    He adds that the Nell J. Redfield Foundation Performing Arts Center is an exceptional venue for the play because it is a three-quarter, or thrust-type, theater floorplan instead of the usual forward-facing proscenium layouts. “Sandra Brunell Neace is a ...

  • Baton Rouge Film, TV, Theater & Music Industry Mee

    10/21/16 ,via

    Tammy J. Baton Rouge Film, TV, Theater & Music Industry Mee https ...


Theater J - Washington, D.C. Jewish Community Center

The Edlavitch DCJCC embraces inclusion in all its programs and activities. We welcome and encourage the participation of all people, regardless of their background ...

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A major contributor to this section appears to have a close connection with its subject. ... Theater J; Type: Theatre group: Purpose: Jewish Culture Theater: Location

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Hey there Teammates, This is Theater J Tech Director Tom Howley, speaking to you on location from the Theater J Scene Shop in Beltsville, MD. While only popping up ...

1er premio Salon Anual Libre FCBA 2012 Aceptada, III Salón Anual Salón FC Concepción - FAF - Creativa
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Ahab III
Ahab III
- FCC Ribbon 2013 - Color - Mención del jurado Salón Libre Fotoclub Buenos Aires, 2013 Medalla Creativa, 5to Circuito integración FAF, noviembre 2013 Finalista I Trofeo Toni Martinez (patr. Federación Catalana Fotografía), 2013 SWPA Sony 2014
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tormentas tras tribulaciones
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Theater J - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Theater J - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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