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Durable and sharp blades that don't dull easily, the Kniv line is your ticket to cooking with ease. 

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A $100 billion opportunity: Online grocery sales set surge, grabbing 20 percent of market by 2025 - CNBC

Online grocery shopping could grow five-fold over the next decade, with American consumers spending upwards of $100 billion on food-at-home items by 2025, according to a report released Monday. Supermarket giants Wal-Mart Stores and Kroger already draw sales from their online efforts and compete with Amazon and other e-commerce challengers, but the report from Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen points out that the online channel is... Around a quarter of American households currently buy some groceries online, up from 19 percent in 2014, and more than 70 percent will engage with online food shopping within 10 years, according to "The Digitally Engaged Food Shopper" report. It also found that of those who will buy digitally, 60 percent expect to spend about a quarter of their food dollars online in 10 years. The report also found millennial shoppers surveyed were more willing to buy groceries online in the future than other consumer groups. It also pointed out that roughly 3 in 5 grocery shoppers today are looking for sales or coupons on their mobile devices before entering the store and that just over half will use mobile apps to shop at the store. "Grocery shopping will reach digital maturity and saturation faster than other industries that went online before, such as publishing or banking," said the report. "Younger, newer and more engaged digital shoppers adopt digital technologies more quickly, and will hasten the expansion of digital grocery shopping further. Indeed, the number of U. S. households getting groceries digitally has risen significantly in recent years, fueled by increasingly tech-savvy millennial consumers and retailers offering the convenience of both delivery and so-called... Another digital opportunity for the grocery industry is Amazon Go — a grab-and-go store where smartphones are used to shop without any human cashiers. A key takeaway of the FMI-Nielsen report is that online grocery spending could grow during the 2016-2025 forecast period from 4. 3 percent of the total U. S. food and beverage sales to as much as a 20 percent share, or reaching more than $100... The most optimistic outlook has online grocery sales growing at a compound annual rate of nearly 20 percent during the 2016-2025 forecast period. Even under the most "conservative" scenario, the compound annual growth rate during the forecast period is seen rising at a 9 percent pace and the share of online grocery spend doubling from its current level. Last year's online sales were the equivalent of 764 grocery stores, based on store volume. The report doesn't see the rise of grocery e-commerce as leading to the demise of the brick-and-mortar supermarkets but rather as one that will "reconfigure" the role of the grocery store for the digital food shopper. "Only the retailers that first develop an understanding of their digitally engaged shoppers, build a strategy around that understanding and cost-effectively integrate digital food retail into their banner and channel promise will be market... Specifically, the authors of the study see a future where more grocery stores will expand areas such as the service delis, bakery and meat departments as well as add trendy cuisine sections such as sushi bars and food courts — all to attract new... "We think that food retailers are so well positioned in this environment because they can leverage both their existing physical brick-and-mortar assets coupled with these digital capabilities," said Mark Baum, chief collaboration officer at FMI, a... Then again, the report points out that grocery retailers are already experimenting with different business models and approaches to online. "Retailers have a natural survival instinct and a natural growth instinct," said Thom Blischok, global retail strategic advisor to Nielsen. Source:

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  • A $100 billion opportunity: Online grocery sales set surge, grabbing 20 percent of market by 2025

    01/30/17 ,via CNBC

    "Grocery shopping will reach digital maturity and saturation faster than other industries that went online before, such as publishing or banking," said the report. "Younger, newer and more engaged digital shoppers adopt digital technologies more

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    The 26 L.A. restaurants that a recent UCLA study found had incorrectly identified almost half of their sushi could be the victims of fish fraud rather than the perpetrators, according to one of the report's authors. Paul Barber, professor of

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    Almost half of the fish ordered at Los Angeles sushi restaurants and bought at high-end grocery stores is mislabeled, with some of the offerings coming from endangered species, according to a study by researchers at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University


  • Avocado Sushi Recipe

    sesame seed, rice vinegar, salt, rice, water, soy sauce, ginger, sugar, wasabi


  • Fast Food/slow Food

    Rowman Altamira. 2006. ISBN: 075910915X,9780759109155. 268 pages.

    Wilk and his colleagues draw upon their own international field experience to examine how food systems are changing around the globe. The authors offer a cultural perspective that is missing in other economic and developmental studies, and provide rich ethnographic data on markets, industrial production, and food economies. This new book will appeal to professionals in economic and environmental anthropology: economic development, agricultural economics, consumer behavior, nutritional sciences, environmental sustainability, and globalization studies.

  • Globalization

    Univ of California Press. 2017. ISBN: 0520241258,9780520241251. 275 pages.

    The author illuminates the process of "Latinization" currently underway in the U.S., tracing the largest migration in the history of the Americas--the movement north of large numbers of people from Latin America. Simultaneous. (Social Science)

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    In front of the planes is a row of supercars, from Ferrari to Rolls Royce, in matte black and bright orange, lined up like a sushi appetizer ... commute to and from New York in his role as CIO for global consumer, merchant, and channels technology with ...

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    Unless you run a global corporation that will file for bankruptcy if you ... It wasn’t the clean air or the neighbourhood sushi joint or my favourite 24- hour diner. It was friends. Coming back to Kolkata, I realized that everyone’s friend circles ...

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    Lilianne Ploumen, the minister for foreign trade and development cooperation, said Saturday she was making the initial contribution and launched the fund — "She Decides - Global Fundraising ... such as sushi. KOKH reported that Kristi Loyall, a survivor ...


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How Sushi Went Global. A 500-pound tuna is caught off the coast of New England or Spain, flown thousands of miles to Tokyo, sold for tens of thousands of ...

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To the cooked sushi rice add the sugar and mirin, combine then leave to cool. In a bowl combine the tuna, sweet chilli sauce and onion. Place the nori sheet rough ...

Swarm Intelligence
Swarm Intelligence
The TED party at the Monterey Bay Aquarium is my favorite because they scatter mattresses around in front of the major exhibits. It’s much easier to observe the creatures for a long time when you don’t have to stand, and thereby notice the patterns that repeat over longer time scales. One of my favorites is the slow dance cycle of the sea turtle across large distances in the shark tank. Laying on the mattress, the anchovies overhead shimmered through resplendent patterns of emergent forms, with each fish lacking a global perspective, and following simple rules (e.g., , follow the fish nearby while using pressure signals to avoid neighbor collisions; roll back to the center if you find yourself on the dangerous periphery, faster if you see something dangerous ahead, like the shimmering blob of another school of anchovies that had split off and gone around the ring in the other direction…). For some time, I have been wondering how the fish experience this…
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr
UOS Japan illustration by kozyndan
UOS Japan illustration by kozyndan
JAPANAMANIA This November we brought “UP OUR SLEEVE: the dublab covers project” to Tokyo and Kyoto. What a surreal excursion. Japan is far out. Tokyo is a megalopolis buzzing at the seams with inertia. No space is unoccupied for long. Human traffic flash floods every intersection. Great masses swirl in their busy courses weaving like bees bathed in neon. The constant bellows and barks of Parisians or New Yorkers are absent. The people of Tokyo move quietly. It is their buildings that do the talking. Giant video screens crown towers. Their flashes and screeches rapidly boast of the latest techno-gizmo as spazz-out techno breaks scatter across the block. It’s easy to experience vertigo from the ground here. Tokyo is compact and chaotic. Stores and restaurants are hidden deep within glass and steel exteriors. Want those boots? Take the elevator to the 16th floor, turn left, right, and try them on. This is an altogether different land. If you don’t speak Japanese,...
Photo by dublabrat on Flickr
Flo the Cat: how Sushi went Global
Flo the Cat: how Sushi went Global
Flo the Cat is shopping for things you can find on Today, she bought home a small bluefin tuna, but then read about it here Why this cat is important to us Legoing by Ian Cook
Photo by on Flickr
How sushi went global: 6 | "... from an exotic, almost unpal ...
How sushi went global: 6 | "... from an exotic, almost unpal ...
How sushi went global: 1 | "Taken by rod and reel, a tuna ma ...
How sushi went global: 1 | "Taken by rod and reel, a tuna ma ...
How sushi went global: 3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
How sushi went global: 3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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