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Squash : Is this Ramy's best single game of squash ever?

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Rainbow Umpires - Crowsourcing Improved AFL Umpires

This AFL season to date some kind friends and neighbours have allowed my wife and I the use of season tickets for two of our local AFL sides. There have been 8 games so far and in 6 of them runs of 2 or 3 exceedingly poor umpiring decisions during the first 2 quarters have ruined the games for spectators. But the bad decisions of the umpires handed the momentum unfairly to the opposing side killing the chance of a much closer game, and leaving the spectators short-changed. Forty years ago I was an international squash referee and know what a difficult job it is as an official to follow the rules and maintain balance between the competing sides. But the AFL manages a huge sport that apart from the players needs the spectators to feel the rules are applied fairly in every game. No doubt the AFL puts a great deal of effort into training umpires and arranging their professional development. Players have their tribunal to determine disciplinary action where needed, and the operation of the tribunal is transparent and public. With umpires able to have such potential devastating effect on the outcome of a game, where is their tribunal and how does that operate. It is a nonsense to suggest umpires are above criticism and any disciplinary action be hidden behind closed doors. There needs to be a mechanism whereby AFL spectators can provide feedback on umpire performance. I am suggesting the spectator crowds be allowed to vote on the performance of umpires in real-time during the game. We need an easy way to identify the different umpires and I suggest they wear brightly coloured shirts in primary rainbow colours. It is easy to put an app like Rainbow Umpires on the mobile phones of spectators and allow them within 10 seconds of any decision to vote their support using simple up and down buttons. This data can easily be gathered in the cloud and a rating for each umpire displayed in real time. It is my experience that AFL fans on the whole are particularly fair-minded and accept adverse umpire decisions against their own side. Only on rare occasions do they become enraged at really bad decisions since poor decisions tend to balance out over the course of the game. However with close up TV coverage and also displayed to all via huge displays at the ground it is no longer the case that umpires have a better view of the play. With the large amount of crowd reaction data available to them the AFL can publish league tables of umpires performance. Those with substandard performance can be 'reported' to a transparent umpiring 'tribunal' with disciplinary action involving retraining and further professional development. High performances could put umpires in line for an end-of-season 'Brownlow' medal equivalent. Note that the voting system potentially allows all umpires to achieve high scores. Come on AFL it is time to use available technology to introduce a truly professional umpiring group honed by exposure to crowd feedback and a transparent tribunal. Source: Cloud Scholar

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Rules of the Game | Squash Canada

Squash is a racquet sport played by two players (or four players in doubles) in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. This fast-paced game has been ...

Squash Rules

Squash Rules . The basic rules of squash are fairly simple. First the winner of the toss gets to choose which side they want to serve from and alternates sides until ...

US SQUASH | Rules of Squash

This ABBREVIATED VERSION of the World Singles Squash Rules is to help players to understand the basics. All players should read the complete Rules.

ZOMG! I've been Tagged!
ZOMG! I've been Tagged!
I've been resisting, but then DotKay finally convinced me to do it. (Plus, she's visiting me next weekend and I don't want her to punch me) I've been tagged so many times, with all various combinations (self-portraits, 16 things, 25 things, flickr, facebook etc..) and I'm going to combine it all into one. I pick "16 things" over "25 things". (sorry 25 things.. Maybe next time) Here goes 16 random facts about me: 1. I prefer used and old books over new ones. Probably because I used to spend my summer vacations at my grandparents, reading the books my mom and uncles grew up reading. I used to look forward to spending the summer in the company of the old yellow and sometimes tattered pages, reading through the classics. 2. I was a very naughty kid. I was so mischievous that my mom stopped coming to the Parents-teachers meetings since she knew what the teachers were going to say anyway - that was I was very disruptive during class, always creating commotion,...
Photo by .Bala on Flickr
A photo to leave in my school records - age seven
A photo to leave in my school records - age seven
The school would have been better to file this colour shot in their records of me at the age of seven. Rather than a photograph of me looking happy and showing my teeth in a smile at that school. www.flickr.com/photos/22326055@N06/6204644233/ --------------- Boarding school part 2 With Christmas being close all it seemed were looking forward to adding a few more things to their own collections. I was told that parents are allowed to send us certain toys and things, but the school also provides a few Christmas presents to each off us, the better behaved you are the chances of getting to choose early from the selection. We all get fair shares though. A bell was rung, this it seemed was the first bell for tea, it gave us all a chance to tidy away anything we had out and to visit the bogs before sitting down, the next bell would mean that we were meant to be lining up by the dining room, be late for that and you might find you have to sit next to the adults or the older boys. Our...
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Squash Rules & Regulations of play, Raquet types, Scoring systems
Squash Rules & Regulations of play, Raquet types, Scoring systems
The Rules of Politics Have Changed - Politics on HuffingtonPost.com
The Rules of Politics Have Changed - Politics on HuffingtonPost.com
Image by so-l.ru
Butternut Squash and Chickpea Soup on Eating Rules
Butternut Squash and Chickpea Soup on Eating Rules
Image by toriavey.com