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Today on Skuff we're back for another affair of Fly me To The Moon with the guys from Stab Magazine Are surfers really skater groupies. Surfers have been.

A surfing coup d' brews - Sportstarlive

A local affiliate is singing their rendition of the Pink Floyd classic 'Wish you were here', as the crowd, divided into music lovers and food enthusiasts, go about doing their things, insensible to the gravity of the event that brought them to... "I am hoping to find a sponsor to ensure I get the support, technically and financially, to improve my surfing," says India's youngest resident surfing champion Aneesha Nayak, who like most others in the tournament, is hoping to secure sponsorship... The back edition of the Indian Open of Surfing has attracted a host of sponsors, with Karnataka government contributing almost Rs 60 lakh, but most lifestyle brands and sporting goods manufacturers are still shying away from sponsoring athletes... "The surfers, exclusive of the elite few, haven't found individual sponsors yet," said Ram Mohan Paranjpe, Vice President of the Sporting Federation of India. "But surfing presents an chance that most other sports don't. The surfers like to make a statement both in and out of the water. something brands like to associate with. All they need is some revelation," adds Ram, who is also a Go-Pro sponsored surfing photographer. More than a sport. For a sport that is relatively new-popular oral accounts suggest Jack Hebner a. k. a the Surfing Swami introduced it in the Indian coasts in beginning 2000s-surfing and its off-shoot Stand Up Paddle (SUP) event, have seen a meteoric rise in popularity... But a surfing festival is beyond sports for a lot of people mixed up with. The fest is a gathering of people who come to celebrate freedom in all forms. The Indian Open venue is a vibrant space, swarmed by mural artists, skateboarders, idle-liners and 'Indi' musicians, and these components have become as much a part of the fest's attraction as the surfers are. Though Ram believes they are just an attraction to increase the foot-come of the event, his mentor, the Surfing Swami, sees more. "If you look at the origin of these games, they have roots in surfing. Back in my day, we did not have skateboarding or snowboarding but I used to ski. And I can forecast you the techniques used were very similar," says Swami. Surfing is perhaps one of the few sports where the competition against is oneself and how well you can subterfuge your body to the nature's demands. You want to be alone, focused on riding the right wave. It is very much an individual sport. So in the evenings we have a bit of fun, harken to to music and bond over," says Janis, a surfer from Golden Beach Australia, currently helping his surfing friends set up a set in Tamil Nadu. And slackliner Samar Farooqui, who travelled from Mumbai to take part in the festival, agrees with the surfers. "Essentially, all these sports are about balancing your council and mind. When you are on the board it is about adjusting your body to ride the wave. Similarly, on the line, we balance our body weight," points out Farooqui, who also believes 'non mainstream' sports such as surfing or skateboarding, dire to co-exist in a country like India to attract the audience. While surfing is still far away from reaching the popularity levels of cricket or football, the entertainment has, in its small tenure, aided in shattering stereotypes and breaching class hierarchies. "When I started, nobody in my family or neighbourhood wanted me to surf," says multiple-in unison a all the same national SUP champion Tanvi Jagadish. I had to hide my surfing for a long time from my parents but today I've inspired many to pick up the deride," adds the 17-year-old, with a beaming smile. Janis, in his time in India setting up a surf school, has seen many celebrities and start-to-do 'city folks' hit the beach to learn surfing from the fisherfolks who have already mastered the art. It's just you and the wave," he said, while acknowledging that the relationship was symbiotic, with the neighbourhood lads now understanding the importance of education after meeting the celebrities. While the socio-economic status of the nation might prevent millions from bewitching up what is. Source: www.sportstarlive.com

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