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Womens Skateboarding is Not a Crime T-shirt Agency Pink by Play Hard T-shirts

  • This jervic tee shirt is perfect for all you stoked skateboarders...
  • Featuring broken bold red graphics. This tshirt makes a rad...
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem


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Mens Skateboarding is not a crime T-Shirt Skate Tee Skateboard XL Heather Wan by Skateboard Skateboarding T-Shirts Tees Shirts

  • Slim fit: Consider ordering a size up if you prefer a looser fit.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
  • Skate T-Shirt for all Skateboard fanatics with Classic...


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Skate T-Shirt for all Skateboard fanatics with Classic "Skateboarding is not a crime" Print. Perfect birthday gift for all Skate Fanatics. Slim fit: Consider ordering a size up if you prefer a looser fit.


Powersliding Is Not A Crime

So the event was off the chain. T-shirts, food, celebrities, Levi's giftcards, and some of the sickest powersliding I've ever seen.

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Skateboarding Is Not A Crime Pink Juniors Soft-pedal T-Shirt by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Are you a boarder. Poverty people to know its no crime to have fun. This pink, 100 % cotton soft juniors t-shirt features Skateboarding is not a crime. The elderly would disagree but its the truth


Skateboarding Is Not A Crime Stainless Adult T-Shirt by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Are you a boarder. Want people to be informed its no crime to have fun. This white, 100 % cotton short sleeve t-shirt features Skateboarding is not a crime. The elderly would disagree but its the truth


A Conversation With Vince Staples About Watch Dogs 2, Sneakers, Stuff

Juan: So Watch Dogs 2, huh. Vince: Yeah, this one takes place in San Francisco. Our dude is a hacker and (the police) have a system set up to detect crime so based on your movements and your online activity, so this group can detect if you’re a criminal. So Marcus is falsely arrested because of this and you team up to take down the system, which is designed to suppress people so now they’re trying to fix it to actually help people… It’s relatable to what’s going on now, and there’s email hacks,... Juan: How did you get involved with the game. Vince: I played the first one, obviously. I have a sickness for video games, man (laughs). So they used a song in the game and I was it in the trailer and that was cool. So they hit me up and here we are talking about the game, putting on this Sailboat shirt and took pictures in front of landmarks. Juan: What. Vince: Yeah man, you gotta get that angle right. Juan: Has your gaming habit been a lifelong thing. Vince: Yeah, my mom used to try to keep me out of trouble and stay at the house. As a parent, you know, they love your kids, especially moms, they want you to have everything that you possibly can so she used to make sure have all the games. She didn’t care (that I was younger), but she would watch me play just to make sure I was at home. Juan: What do you think about virtual reality becoming more mainstream. Vince: I don’t think it will pick up. Not enough games… oh, are those the James Harden shoes. Vince: Yo, that’s so fire. I love James Harden, he’s from Long Beach. You know how that is…. Juan: Yeah, I actually do coming from the 909, I say I’m from L. A. (laughs). Vince: But yeah, I think VR needs to be some Neo (from The Matrix), let’s sink in type of s**t. And there’s the way the thing has to be set up at home. I think it’ll be great for driving games and flight simulators but there’s only so many of those. Juan: So I’m gonna have to ask sneaker questions now…. Vince: I love sneakers, man…. Juan: You did Sneaker Shopping out in Complexcon and seemed different from a lot of the other videos because you mentioned that you don’t like to show off like you used because of kids watching you. Vince: Yeah, I gave all my (hot) shoes away. I think the only ones I don’t have are the Thunder 4s. I used to have all of that, but I can’t do that to kids anymore, it feels weird. They look up to you. You don’t want to look unreachable and while you want to be something that kids can strive for, I don’t want to be that dude that is so past something that you could possibly be. I look at Jay Z, I don’t look at him like I can be him, I’m just... I don’t want look like someone you can’t reach. You look at Steve Jobs and you never thought of him as a billionaire. you thought of him as that cool dude and he’s smart and maybe someday I can get there. Juan: So it’s more about being relatable to you. Vince: It is about that. So I really like cars, my mom worked for Toyota her entire life and now she works at Honda. And I love those racing cars. My mom says that Lexus makes a hundred LFAs a year before and they sell out two years in advance of them making it. It’s not a super car, it’s not a luxury car, it’s just one of the fastest cars on the earth. And they put all their time into the substance of the build and I would rather put my effort into the substance. Juan: Do you feel “sneaker culture” is in a good place. Vince: I think it’s in a good place, but I want to make sure I say this right. Since you do work at Kicks On Fire, I want to make sure you and the readers go watch the Nick Young video where he explains why God gave him the nickname Swaggy P. Very important, very important player. But I think it’s to me, it’s less about the price point and exclusivity, now it’s more open. Source: KicksOnFire.com

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    “I heard some shots. I looked back. I turned around to get away,” 17-year-old Adonis Mera said Monday in front of the jury box at alleged shooter Cory Dunton's trial in Manhattan Supreme Court. Mera, then 14, was a skilled skater and a weekend regular

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    10/11/16 ,via direct.asda.com

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with your George branded clothing or homeware item purchased, simply return it within 100 days with your proof of purchase for an exchange or refund. UK mainland stores only. Excludes franchises. *The guarantee ...

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Juan Manuel Ibarra, 17: Murdered July 30th 2013: Los Angeles
Juan Manuel Ibarra, 17: Murdered July 30th 2013: Los Angeles
It was still daylight as Juan Manuel Ibarra walked along a Compton sidewalk with three friends, clutching his neon green skateboard on the way to Jack in the Box. Moments later, the 17-year-old lay on the asphalt in a growing pool of blood, the skateboard beside him, his best friend screaming for him to wake up. Investigators believe that shortly after 6 p.m., the group was approached by two people from opposite directions, said Lt. Dave Coleman of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. One of the two pulled out a handgun, pointed at Ibarra and fired four to six shots, Coleman said. Authorities are looking for more witnesses in the July 30 shooting, which occurred on the territory of a Latino gang called Compton Varrio 3 or CV3, sheriff’s Det. Q Rodriguez said. Rodriguez said he believes the gunman and the other person involved are teenagers who ran to a waiting car near North Chester and East Rosecrans avenues. “We believe that he [Ibarra] was specifically targeted,”...
Photo by Martin Niese on Flickr
Skateboarding Is Not A Crime - All T-Shirts
Skateboarding Is Not A Crime - All T-Shirts
Skateboarding is NOT a crime T-shirt | Zazzle
Skateboarding is NOT a crime T-shirt | Zazzle
Skateboarding Is Not A Crime - White T-Shirt
Skateboarding Is Not A Crime - White T-Shirt