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uxcell Stretch Craft Cutter Nipper Yarn U Shaped Sewing Scissor Tool 3 Pcs Orange by uxcell

  • Designed with sharp cutter and unique handle.
  • Resistant to rust and lightweight.
  • Used widely for cutting cross stitch thrum, yarn, thread, fishing...


Product Description

Designed with sharp cutter and unique handle.
Used widely for cutting cross stitch thrum, yarn, thread, fishing line or others.
Resistant to rust and lightweight.

MAXGOODS Metal Chick Hair Pin Barrette U Shaped Clip Single Prong ,100PCS by MAXGOODS

  • Be great gifts for you and your friends.
  • Very beautiful hair tool, let you more fashionable!!
  • Material: Alloy


Product Description

100% Brand New and high quality
Size:Length:App 6CM
Material: Alloy
Very beautiful hair tool, let you more fashionable!!
Conversion:1 inch=25.4mm or 1mm=0.0393inch
Package:100PCS x Hairclips


Tutorial: V/ U Part Wig ft. Aliexpress Hair (PART 2)

READ DESCRIPTION for DETAILS. Watch in 1080p HD. Inquiry Contact: cousin. chrissy@gmail. com Hey Beauties.

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5 Mistakes You're Making Cleaning Your Ears - Health.com

Earwax is, well, pretty gross, so it's no wonder most of us reach for cotton swabs on a regular basis. But here's the rub: There's a good chance you're putting your ears and your hearing at risk with every wax removal attempt. The eardrum and the little bones of the middle ear—called ossicles—are easy to damage (ouch), and may even require surgery to fix (double ouch), explains Boris Chernobilsky, MD, assistant clinical professor of otolaryngology at the Icahn School of... "In the worst case scenario, damage to the ossicles can result in a leak of fluid from the inner ear," he says. RELATED : Your Ultimate Guide to Healthy Ears. Also, the skin of the ear canal is ultra-thin, and easily injured by just about anything you put in there. "If skin is broken, it can get infected and lead to a painful external ear infection—swimmer's ear, in lay terms," Dr. Chernobilsky adds. If you want to keep your ears in perfect shape, he recommends ditching the following habits ASAP. Most people actually never need to clean their ears. "Ears are self-cleaning," Dr. Chernobilsky explains. "It is the only part of the body in which the skin grows in a direction, and brings the wax and skin debris out from the canal to the outer ear. ) Some people have more earwax than others, but in general, the ears make the amount of wax they need. The yellow-orange substance—technically known as cerumen—protects the skin in the ear canal by lubricating it and preventing it from filling up with water. "It's a natural skin lotion," Dr. Chernobilsky says. "Cerumen also has properties which kill certain types of bacteria and prevent the growth of fungus. " So instead of digging for treasure in your ear canals, wait for the wax to loosen on its own and reach the outer ear. Inserting cotton swabs. Cotton swabs are bathroom staples, but they're not meant for use in the ears. It even says so on most packaging. The rigid, pointy shape can damage the skin, eardrum, and ossicles. Swabs can also push the wax in deeper and cause impaction, Dr. Chernobilsky says. One more unpleasant possibility: the cotton head can pop off in your ear canal. RELATED: 20 Mistakes You're Making With Your Teeth. "People will stick just about anything they can think of into their ears when they feel discomfort—their long finger nails, bobby pins, sewing needles, keys, to name a few. " Anything sharp or shaped similarly to a cotton swab will pose the same risks of cutting the skin and damaging the inner and outer ear. This practice involves placing a hollow, cone-shaped candle into the ear. The heat of the flame supposedly creates a vacuum effect, drawing wax to the candle. While some folks have anecdotal tales of success with candling, research has shown it's bunk , and Dr. Chernobilsky considers it extremely dangerous: "I have seen eardrum perforations and burns from people's hair catching on fire. "While this method is generally safe if done right, you are doing it blindly, and you can get a swimmer's ear if the ear isn't dried properly when you are done," Dr. Chernobilsky says. In short: Your ears are not the place to build your own irrigation system. Is there a safe way to remove wax. Your best bet when it comes to earwax: Let it be. But certain people may accumulate wax faster, Dr. Chernobilsky explains. "These are the people that use hearing aids with in-the-ear molds, doctors that use stethoscopes, musicians that use ear plugs, or people that use ear buds to listen to music, to name a few. " If your wax buildup really bothers you, visit your primary care provider or an otolaryngologist every few months to have your ears cleaned out. Between those doctor visits, you can try an over-the-counter wax softener, as long as you know that your ears are otherwise healthy and you don't have any cuts in or around the eardrum. Softening products typically involve drops or an oily solution that loosen wax and help it slide to the outer ear. "The [softeners] that are oil-based are just fine," says Dr. Chernobilsky. But if you use a product with peroxide and have a cut, it will burn. Another trick you can try between doctor visits: Tilt your head to the side and put a few drops of mineral oil in. Source: www.health.com

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    flour, chicken, cayenne, vegetable oil, black pepper, rice, milk, paprika, salt, cornmeal


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    "F+W Media, Inc.". 2016. ISBN: 9781632501806,1632501805. 176 pages.

    Learn foundation paper-piecing one block at a time! Come join author and educator Elizabeth Dackson of DontCallMeBetsy.com in her quilt studio! Here she'll share all you need to know to grow your foundation paper-piecing skills in this must-have, comprehensive guide that takes you through this classic technique from start to finish. Through more than 20 unique paper-pieced blocks that are used in 18 unique quilted projects, you'll gain confidence and skill. Start with the basics that show you step-by-step how to foundation paper-piece your first blocks with projects that allow you to put your new skills to work. When you're ready for a paper-piecing challenge, get more adventurous with blocks that encourage you to take risks with foundation paper-piecing--with impressive results!...

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Brook trout sculpture
Brook trout sculpture
Here's one of the brook trout getting the undercoat colours. The body is silver lame stuffed with recycled polyester batting, and the fins are cardboard. The fins are both glued and sewn on, and then everything was painted at once later. The jig for standing the fish up while painting was fun to make, too. it consists of a 6 egg carton that is weighed down with rocks and through which pokes a u-shaped length of wire cut from a metal hanger. The tips of the wire have two long pins taped to them. This jig was indispensable for painting the fish, and, as a bonus, made me feel like some sort of Victorian curios museum curator. Here's the final sculpture:
Photo by Happy Sleepy on Flickr