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Let your inner fashion designer shine with this ultimate fashion design kit! The Design by You Fashion Studio Kit comes with 50+ pieces to create your own unique fashion forward pieces. With this ultimate set, you can show off your unique sense of style and turn your dreams into dresses, skirts or whatever fun fashion you can think of! This kit includes a lace-covered dress mannequin, sewing essentials, sketch book, fabrics, swatch booklet, trims, ribbons and embellishments. See your child embrace their creative side with a craft kit that is not only fun, but teaches new craft techniques and skills. Learn basic sketching and sewing techniques that you can use on many other projects. This kit includes step-by-step instructions and is great for ages 9 to 99.

Gaza stubborn turns out Jewish skullcaps in quest for orders - Daily Mail

In the kindness of the Gaza Strip's Shati refugee camp, machines buzz as Mohammed Abu Shanab's employees sew small, round pieces of textile: Jewish skullcaps for export to Israel. It may seem an unlikely product to be made in the Palestinian enclave run by Islamist movement Hamas and hit by three wars with Israel since 2008, but with unemployment and indigence rampant, some in Gaza will take any business they can get. "The Israelis appreciate our products for their quality and our proximity to their market," Abu Shanab said. Israel controls all crossings into and out of the Gaza Undress, apart from one bordering Egypt. One terminal on the Israeli border -- Kerem Shalom -- is designated for goods. With about a dozen sewing machines, Abu Shanab's skimpy textile factory, located near the home of Hamas's former leader in Gaza Ismail Haniya, produces other products such as shirts and trousers as poetically. In 2006, when Israel imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip, he says he shut down. The three wars that followed completely or certain point took out some 50 companies in the Gaza Strip, according to industry representatives. Abu Shanab's factory only reopened last year, he said. Gaza's textile sector as a caboodle largely remains a far cry from the early 1990s, when it employed some 35,000 people in more than 900 companies. Abu Shanab, also a member of the Union of Palestinian Textile Industries, said that at that interval four million pieces were sent to Israel each month. Since the blockade, the figures have fallen to 4,000 Gazans employed in the sector and some 150 companies, whose products are mainly aimed at the neighbouring market, union figures show. Some 25 of the companies export to Israel and the occupied West Bank, the other Palestinian territory separated from Gaza by Israeli vicinity. Israel says the blockade is needed to prevent Hamas from importing weapons or materials that could be used to make them. - Enterprise not politics -. According to the World Bank, the blockade has caused Gaza's exports to evaporate and badly hurt the economy of the haunts of some two million people. Hassan Shehadeh, who employs some 50 Palestinians in textile work, says he has managed to regain 20 percent of his question since last year. In his factory in the upscale neighbourhood of Sheikh Radwan, in the north of Gaza City, he produces jeans centre of the deafening din of machines and the generators that power them -- an indispensible tool in the Gaza Strip, where electricity... Each month, Shehadeh says he exports between 5,000 and 10,000 pairs of trousers to Israel. "I could put out a lot more, but the issue of the crossings worries Israeli businessmen and hinders our work," he said. The market is difficult within Gaza, where unemployment stands at encompassing 45 percent and more than two-thirds of the population depend on humanitarian aid. "The local market is weak, while trade with Israel is very acceptable," he said. For Abdel Nasser Awad, director general in the Gaza economy ministry, exporting to Israel is "a purely commercial business". "All that we are interested in is boosting our economy and fighting unemployment," he said. "Politics and business are not the same thing," he said. "You can be an enemy in public affairs, but not in business. Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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  • Gaza plc turns out Jewish skullcaps in quest for orders

    03/10/17 ,via Daily Mail

    In the core of the Gaza Strip's Shati refugee camp, machines buzz as Mohammed Abu Shanab's employees sew chagrined, round pieces of cloth: Jewish skullcaps for export to Israel. It may seem an unlikely product to be made in the Palestinian enclave run by 

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    I brought Margaux into vocation a few times in the beginning, but she woke up every time I turned on my sewing machine. Some customers have been coming to us from the start and feel like family, so it was lovely for them to congregate my babies. But there are

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    YOU are galvanized to share with our readers our 12 days of Christmas competition. Follow the link HERE or below to discover all of the fabulous prizes we have up for grabs and to enrol now. Each day (starting December 1st) we will be giving away one



  • How to Use a Sewing Machine

    Pavilion Books. 2015. ISBN: 9781910231678,1910231673. 300 pages.

    Sewing is the precise hobby - it is relaxing, creative and extremely useful! But sewing machines can seem complicated. This book has everything you need to know to choose, use and look after your sewing machine with self-assurance. The first chapters will help you choose a machine, explaining which features to look out for. Once you've got your machine home, the step-by-step instructions will lend a hand you get to grips with everything. Learn how to set up your machine and its basic functions including: winding a bobbin, threading up and adjusting tension and stitch appraise. With plenty of information on basic dressmaking techniques, you will soon be tackling seams and hems, zips and buttonholes, gathers and pleats, binding and trimming. Sympathetic creative? Try out some decorative techniques - with...

  • Mimi's Bears

    Lulu.com. 2006. ISBN: 9781411679849,1411679849. 24 pages.

    Abigail tells of her conversations with Mimi's bears. Her clever descriptions also reveal her relationship with her sister and grandparents. A picture of each bear acompanies the story. A favorite of the neighboring 3 year old, this earmark is aimed at children ages 2 through 8.


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