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Pro Gun North Dakota House Passes Multiple Bills

Pro Gun North Dakota House Passes Multiple Bills. HB 1467 would prohibit the state or any government agency, during a declared state of emergency, from.

Standing Together

here is a lot of misleading information going out about what is going on here. This information will hurt us more than help us. The media is saying things such as we are hostile, making pipe bombs, shooting laser beams in the sky at the feds while [they're] flying by. They are saying that the police have cut off our food... It is propaganda that is being put out there to raise tension and hostility. They want tension and hostility here so that they have a reason to try and stop us. The more people feed into this propaganda the more power they are giving to those against us, the harder they are making it for us. Not to mention that this... There are over 80 Nations here as well as many other cultures, and more are coming. We have tons of water, food, and supplies, literally. There is one road block five miles north of us. The police are not allowing people to come in from the north except for residents. There is no problem going north though. We just take a different route to get back to camp if coming from Bismark. There are no cops here and no hostility of any kind. A verizon tower is being put up so we have better cell reception and satellite internet is coming so we can get the proper info out. This is a very peaceful gathering. This has become a very beautiful thing. There are many Nations here that were at one time enemies. Now these nations unite to stand together in solidarity to protect the water, the land, and our future generations. We are in celebration for the unification that is happening here. We come together in prayer to protect these lands and our future generations. Unification through prayer is our most powerful weapon, it's all we need to win this battle. So this is what is going on here, prayer and celebration. For those who come here please be conscious of your actions and intentions for being here. We do not need a violent battle, this is a peaceful battle. What we do here goes into this water here and spreads the energy we project throughout the lands and into the earth. The people who live here will still be here after we leave. Please understand that this is not just about this pipeline. This is happening all over the world and is destroying our water and the only land that our children will inherit. If the water dies, we all die. This is about our children and our future generations. This is about them having a solid foundation to grow from and a healthy future, or any future for that matter. We are all of water. We are all connected through water. Water is life and is the most powerful and humble element we have. The water is putting a call out for help and is currently bringing us together. That is how powerful it is. So please celebrate and pray with us where ever you are and help us protect all of our children's future as they are depending on us. We are here to protect our children, your children, all children. May we all stand together in solidarity through prayer. Please spread this message as far as you can. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin This past weekend I had the honor of meeting Buffy Sainte-Marie and seeing her perform with her band twice in concert – in Minneapolis on Friday, August 26 and in Bayfield, WI on Saturday, August 27. Her set included "No No... "Keshagesh" is a Cree word that means "greedy guts. " "It’s what you call a little puppy who eats his own and then wants everybody else’s,” says Buffy. In "No No Keshagesh" the term is used as a metaphor for corporate greed, and the song is all about opposing such greed and its destructive impact on the environment. Mister Greed, I think your time has come / We're gonna sing it and pray it and live it and say it / Singing: No, No Keshagesh you can’t do that no more. Buffy dedicated her performance of "No No Keshagesh" to all who are gathered at Standing Rock to oppose the Dakota Access pipeline. I never saw so many business suits. Never knew a dollar sign could look so cute. Never knew a junkie with a money. Source: The Wild Reed

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  • Man Fires Gun at Fleeing Intruder: Was the Force Justified?

    08/25/16 ,via KVRR

    tried to break into his apartment. But did the man have a legal right to fire his weapon in the name of self-defense? In North Dakota, Thornton says you can respond to deadly force if someone breaks into your home. In Minnesota, if you can

  • Active shooter kits provide 'good insurance' for North Dakota departments in light of recent police shootings

    08/26/16 ,via Grand Forks Herald

    Moszer died the next day, and Schumacher died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Law enforcement agencies have been responding to active shooters for decades, and the concept that active shooter kits is a new trend North Dakota agencies are

  • Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against Dakota Access Pipeline

    08/30/16 ,via CounterPunch

    The 30-inch diameter, 1,172-mile pipeline is proposed by Dakota Access, LLC, to connect the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota across South Dakota and Iowa to other pipelines in Illinois for the transport of approximately 470,000 to 570,000 barrels of


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  • Human Rights Watch Reports U.S. Government Tortured Children

    09/01/16 ,via

    Guantanamo Bay is a great distance away from Washington’s wars against Muslims in Afghanistan, North Africa and the ... and by the American people. What self-respecting parent would send a son or daughter to study law at a university that hosts a ...

  • National Lawyers Guild: We Stand in Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against Dakota Access Pipeline

    08/29/16 ,via YubaNet

    The 30-inch diameter, 1,172-mile pipeline is proposed by Dakota Access, LLC, to connect the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota across South Dakota ... have a long history of violations of environmental laws including pending lawsuits by the states of ...

  • From the ball court to the law court

    08/23/16 ,via

    “As a sophomore I played every (football) game, offense and defense,” Mario said ... Mario was graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Law in 1972. “I never had plans to go to law school,” Mario said. “I wanted to get a ...


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Self-Defense Law Compilation – Law of Self Defense