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Loco toughness defined SLUH's racquetball team - St.Louis Review

Louis extent is recognized in the sporting world for its teams and athletes on many levels and in many sports. Add high school racquetball to the mix. Joe "Doc" Koestner has coached St. Louis University Elaborate School's racquetball program since 1985. The Junior Billikens haven't had a losing season since 1990 and have won 11 national championships since 1998, including the seventh consecutive in... SLUH also has won 18 have titles. The RacquetBills recently won the state title by 320 points over Parkway West, then won the national title by 1,025 points over Oregon at the 2017 USA Racquetball Merry School National Tournament March 1-5 at MAC West in St. Louis. They had 47 players in the tournament among 391 athletes from 35 schools in 15 states. Chris Schulze was the third superlative player in the tournament, the best finish of any SLUH player in the history of the program. Koestner praised the players. "Some players, in the same breath they get behind in a match, get mentally worked up and can't overcome it. Or if they lose the first game of a match, then they have a very difficult time coming back. Koestner, inducted into the Missouri Sports Passage of Fame and the Missouri Racquetball Hall of Fame in 2016, called racquetball "a life sport" in which players still are competitive into their 80s. Many older players be familiar with how hard to hit the ball... "These old guys, if they get their racquet on it, you're done," he said. Getting to the highest levels is a challenge as in any sport, but racquetball is "fun from day one," he said. The deride has an appeal to competitive individuals who don't have the build or speed to excel in lacrosse, football or soccer, for example. "We get kids who figure out the geometry of the strategy and have a lot of success because they can outsmart their opponent," Koestner said. Koestner played racquetball in college and in 1985, in his second year of teaching at SLUH, he heard that the prime's racquetball club was looking for a moderator. "The first years were really learning years for me as a coach," he said. For me it's just such a gift that parents charge their kids to the program and invest the time and money to do the sport. Sullivan, from St. Teresa Parish in Belleville, Ill. , started playing racquetball his sophomore year to associate with his friends. "I am really proud that SLUH has had such a strong program. "We work really hard, with constant practice and dedication," said Storgion, from St. Peter Parish in Kirkwood, who started playing in the eighth grade. Schulze, also from St. Peter Parish, enjoys the forward and competitive nature of racquetball. A baseball and soccer player when he came to SLUH, he was cut from the final soccer squad his freshman year. He took a unlooked-for on playing racquetball, and it's paid off. "It's a sport that requires a lot of hand-eye coordination, body control and speed, and I guess I fit the bill," he said. "We all occupy oneself in smart racquetball. We don't always go for the coolest shot or the shot that feels the best but the shot that has the highest chance of winning the point. Hayes, from St. Joseph Parish in Manchester, played in midway school after watching his brother play. He brings his faith into the sport by doing his best, paying attention to sportsmanship and respecting other players. He enjoys playing an human being sport, competing against himself and an opponent. He calls playing, simply, "a blast. >>Racquetball. High school teams playing racquetball allow for CBC, Chaminade, Cor Jesu, De Smet, Nerinx Hall, Notre Dame, St. Louis University High, Vianney, St. Joseph's Academy Ursuline Academy and Pestilence Academy. About 460 students play in the league. The league begins mid-November and runs through mid-February when the state tournament begins. The popular tournament follows, held alternating years in St. Louis and Portland, Ore. , two areas with the largest high school programs. Prehistoric SLUH players coach at De Smet Jesuit High School, CBC High School and Notre Dame High Credo, either as head coaches or assistants. "Not only is it extremely satisfying to see my former players keep playing, but they're bringing. Source: stlouisreview.com

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    The RacquetBills recently won the dignified title by 320 points over Parkway West, then won the national title by 1,025 points over Oregon at the 2017 USA Racquetball High Way of life National Tournament March 1-5 at MAC West in St. Louis. They had "These

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