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You know, I’m already enjoying this whole not having 8:00am classes thing. I mean, I have my lab Friday Morning, but this is nice. I slept in for a little bit today. And, I didn’t even need my alarm clock. I figured since Mathew didn’t have class until 10:10, and my first class is at 9:05, I wouldn’t bother waking him to go to breakfast with me. But apparently he was up and out before me. No biggie. I checked through my course information and stuff, but there wasn’t really much interesting. For my online Jazz class, I need the online activation thingy, which is $30. 00. That’s not bad, I’ll buy that later on. The first quiz/graded checkpoint assessment thingy is due Sunday the fourth. So I got a bit of time. Anyway, I headed out to my class pretty early. Nicole texted me saying she was hanging out in the HUB for a while, so I stopped and chatted for a bit. And, I worked on company stuff. She’s kinda in the same position as me, where we don’t have much work to do yet, so we are a little lost. That won’t last for long, but a handful of my engineer friends are kinda in a daze, unsure of what to do because there is no assigned work yet. I guess that kinda speaks to the sort of person and student my friends are. Anyway, Nicole does have a thesis to work on, though. As part of her being in Schreyer, she needs research experience, so she’s writing about it on her time at JPL. I then went to my EE 200 lecture. Now, as expected, I had Dr. Pusateri for this lecture. He is very good, and I don’t know that I would want anyone different for such a potentially difficult class. We first sat through a safety presentation given by an administrator from the EE Department, which was boring. Basically, the whole thing boiled down to don’t die in the lab, because if we do, OSHA will come to the University. It was a pretty dumb presentation, but kinda important I guess. It’s the kind of talk like “wear safety glasses when trimming leads after assembling a board” which I guess makes sense even though if I did that in a lab I would look like a novice dweeb. And I always wear safety glasses when working with some piece of equipment which spins (drill press, mill, router, weedwacker, dremel), but this was a bit excessive. But anyway, the overall takeaway from this wasn’t so much that we need to wear glasses in the labs, just don’t be injured as a consequence. Anyway, as I was saying, I was in EE 200 lecture. Well after the safety presentation thingy, Dr. Pusateri gave a course overview. It looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. He talked about how we will use CMOS 4000-series ICs because even though they’re old, they work. It made me happy, because look at that, I already have experience with these chips. Hmm… I mean, I already know the most common ones I’ve used. Anyway, we will need a myDAQ, which costs about $190-something. Anyway, it’ll be a fun class. After that, I went straight over to Willard for my EE 330 lecture. This lecture was interesting. The professor is an old Ukranian guy, but he seems very by-the-books and no-nonsense. He seems like the sort of professor who tells you exactly what he wants, and the material will follow closely with the textbook. He ran through the course material very quickly, and through the syllabus. It seems very interesting. This class is on electromagnetics. Some interesting stuff. I do need a textbook for it, though, for the homework. So after class, I went to find my textbook. I first went to the HUB, but I had an issue. There were two different textbooks listed for the class, but neither of them were what the professor had specified. So I instead make my way to the downtown Student Bookstore. Well, there I find it. It is about $150 used, which I think is the best deal. I then make my way to McLanahans. I know, we wanted to boycott them. But apparently, they’re the only place downtown to get racquetballs. So I went and got a can of balls. And, I then made my way back to my room. There, I derped on the internet a little bit. Eventually, when Mathew was done in his Econ lecture, I went and met him for lunch in Pollock Dining Commons. And, he seemed to like Dr. Boyle, as I knew he would. So, it was a nice lunch. After that, I went back to my room. I headed over to Refider Commons to pick it up. It was the long coaxial cable for my TV. Yay. (Skip to 50 seconds) Anyway, yeah. Source: The College Experience

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    habanero pepper, baby carrot, mustard powder, cumin, ketchup, onions, buttermilk, white wine vinegar, dijon mustard, chips, sirloin steak, beef, beef broth, bread crumbs, pasta, broccoli, chicken, cornmeal, eggs, olive oil, sirloin steak, garlic, cabbage, lettuce, chips, bell pepper, sandwich rolls, mozzarella cheese, potato, ground beef, chicken, yellow squash, lemon, mayonnaise, olive oil, cheese, peach, pecan, black pepper, pineapple, pitas, yogurt, pork chops, red pepper, salt, bread, bratwurst, butter, corn, worcestershire sauce, paprika, soy sauce, sugar, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, jalapeno, vegetable oil, white wine vinegar, brown sugar, cayenne, cloves, celery seed, seeds, garlic, onions, baking powder, hot sauce, kosher salt, vegetable, water, onions, water

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  • Retired Marine Colonel Pens Scathing Letter to NFL Commissioner: ‘Legends and Heroes Do NOT Wear Shoulder Pads’

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    A dropping of the tension and the over-activity of the intellect—you know, the ‘let go’ thing. And most psychedelics do that,” he said in a 2002 ... Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as people learn from the mistakes of others, and ...


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Bicycle Stories
Bicycle Stories
I love my bike. It's a '02 Specialized Hardrock Sport. I used to go mountain biking all over Portland back when I was still in high school: Powell Butte, Mt. Tabor, Rocky Butte... But now my bike just another vehicle on a tedious scholastic commute. *Sigh* To compensate for the blandness of my ride, I go crazy-fast. If you're ever walking around, minding your own business when some asshole on two wheels nearly kills you—that was me. Over the four and a half years that I've been going to this godforsaken university, I've come close to hitting several pedestrians, as well as few bikes, a couple of cars, and maybe a small animal. By close, I mean they perceived that I almost hit them. I was, in fact, in complete control the whole time. None of them were ever actually hit (except a really cute girl—I gently grazed her with my shoulder, to which she responded with an small yelp). Regardless of the grace and agility that, off the bike, escapes my somewhat lanky frame, I've accrued a...
Photo by Shaylor on Flickr
... -frosting-covered-in-blue-gel blobs are supposed to be racquetballs
... -frosting-covered-in-blue-gel blobs are supposed to be racquetballs
Non-Lexical Vocables | well la de da: another electronics blog
Non-Lexical Vocables | well la de da: another electronics blog