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Latest Patchwork: 12 Quilts to Take You Beyond the Basics by C&T PUBLISHING

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Expand your patchwork skills with these new designs and techniques from best-selling author Elizabeth Hartman. Are you ready for the next level of creative patchwork? Bring best-selling author Elizabeth Hartman's innovative style into your home with these brand new quilts! These projects are bold, bright, graphic, and designed to give modern quilters new challenges. You can learn new skills like curved seam piecing and create your best modern quilt yet. Make it fresh, make it fun, make it something you will use and cherish for years to come.

A Set /54Pcs Handmade DIY Trade Mixed Quilt Templates For Patchwork Quilter by Unknown

  • Specifications: Material:transparent acrylic Designs: 27 designs...


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Description: Note: Each mold surface has a layer of protective film; please remove the protective film before use. Great set: With detached design; it really include 54pcs tools; could decomposition. 54 different shape for your various of needs. Practical: Used to cut patchwork model; easily and quickly cut out your desired shape; highlight your individuality. Durable: Made of white acrylic; clear; stable and good for sewing; give your bag; blanket or other items adds beautiful and fashion element. Convenient: Compact size; lightweight and portable for your outdoor carry. Specifications: Material:transparent acrylic Designs: 27 designs Color:Clear Thickness: 0.2cm/ 0.08inches. The seam width: 0.5cm/ 0.2inches. Package Included: 54 x DIY Tools for Patchwork Quilter. Notes: Real color may slightly different from pictures due to computer screens, resolution, brightness, contrast etc. If you have any question, please contact us before leave negative feedback, we will try our best to serve you, thank you for your understanding! HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE SHOPPING!

Quilting - 101 - Beginner's Quilt Part 1

Here's an idea for an easy quilt, part 1 includes creating the squares, front, and back of the quilt.

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Unrest's Course by (dba Shopping)

Kelly Frost, a textiles conservator, is invited to the Massachusetts coastal burgh of Fairhaven to restore the centuries-old Mariner's Compass quilt. But there is one stipulation: she must live and work in Grey House, a former whaling captain's cosy, where the quilt is stored. There she meets Tom Pereira, the caretaker of Grey House, whose heart seems as hard as the rocky Massachusetts coastline. Over the elongated-lit months as Kelly works to restore the quilt, she is buoyed by occasional afternoon visits from Tom and other Fairhaven town members, and is worn out into their lives. And each night, as she reads stories in a daily journal penned by Mary Grey, she learns details about her newfound community members that forbear her see that their lives are as vivid and interwoven as the quilt pieces she is working to restore. But, when Kelly discovers a truth about Tom?s heritage hidden in the chronicle, she must decide if keeping the past to herself is the only way to ensure the hope of a future with Tom.


Borders & Finishing Touches

Borders & Finishing Touches DVD makes a wonderful benefaction and is great to have on hand as a hard copy, even if you have taken theonline class. A great quilt is a finished quilt! Complete yours in style with tips from order instructor and AQS Show Director, Bonnie K. Browning. Whether you are making a quilt to enter into a contest or one to keep warm on a frosty evening, finishing touches make all the difference! Master mitered borders and add piping as Bonnie leads you along the way. Shark?s teeth and prairie points add curiosity to quilts, and you?ll be surprised at how easy they are to make. Learn how to construct a mitered binding from a bias strip and how to make a two-sided binding. A theme is provided for a small wallhanging so you can practice right along with Bonnie as she shows you how to finish your quilts with flair!


Years of hard work turned Ann Milne's property into relaxing sanctuary - West Hawaii Today

PUULOA — Ann Milne invited me to her property five years ago to discuss revitalizing her tropical garden. Since then, the plants have matured, the waterfall, streams and ponds are flowing gracefully through the space and it looks great. Ann credits her two gardeners, Steve Breed and Grace Laird with making continual improvements and keeping it looking gorgeous. Though Ann says she has gardened all her life, she also insists that she never really gardened well. She grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, where the growing season is short but she was able to grow vegetables in the summer. Her husband, Bill, was an avid gardener who had an incredibly productive garden in Madison. It was through working with him that she caught the gardening bug. They spent some of their summers on a 10-acre forested Wisconsin resort they owned where they put in a garden of veggies and herbs. “When we got here in 1990, we were like kids in a candy store, creating a plant playpen filled with every tropical plant we could find,” Ann recalled. Though they moved to a new home in Puuloa 10 years later, Ann said that the Captain Cook property is an absolute jungle, today. The Puuloa house is on a smaller lot but has the added feature of a tropical garden that covers about a third of the property. The garden includes a waterfall and four streams, all with stone lined beds that run throughout the space into several small ponds and a larger fish pond. Though the garden was installed by the previous owners and had been somewhat neglected, Ann was determined to bring it back to its full glory. After her husband died, Ann needed a project and set about creating a beautiful spot at her paradise home. She and her gardeners spent many hours cleaning up the ponds and getting the streams flowing. Then she decided to cut back a lot of the original greenery and replace it with more colorful plants. She now has torch and shell gingers as well as sexy pink heliconias offering height while shrubs like the pagoda flower and a lovely red graftophyllum fill in the lower story. Walking iris, moss rose and the dramatic dracaena star of India also grace the garden. Bromeliads and agave line the streams and palms as well as mimosa trees offer some shade. The shaded upslope is planted in mondo grass with a colorful duranta golden dewdrop and poinsettia filling in a few sunny spots. Her healthy plants were growing well, but she sought out workshops and help from the UH Extension Service and other classes to learn ways to control them as well as their competitors and predators. At that time, Kona Outdoor Circle had a vibrant education program. Ann started attending their classes and gradually became more involved with the organization. She became a Master Gardener and served on the KOC Board as Beautification Chair. Through KOC she participated in many community beautification projects as well as their annual plant sale, Pua Plantasia. Ann sorely misses the education and beautification programs that Kona Outdoor Circle is no longer offering. Though Ann is still very passionate about gardening, she is also a woman with a diversity of related interests. She became a member of the Kona Orchid Society and loves attending the meetings and growing beautiful orchids. As a gourmet cook, Ann finds it important to use fresh herbs and has devoted one side of her house near the entrance to her kitchen to growing a variety of herbs. Thai cuisine is one of her favorites so she likes to have Thai basil and Thai ginger (galangal) close at hand. She also grows a variety of citrus trees on her property and makes lots of dishes with the fruit beyond freezing large quantities of juice. She freezes lemon slices and drops them into glasses or pitchers of water for a refreshing drink after a few hours in the garden. She often uses her lemons to make Greek lemon soup as well as Moroccan preserved lemons. Another somewhat related passion of Ann’s is quilting. She says her quilting ideas are definitely inspired by the beauty she finds in nature. As a self-identified “fabric-aholic” she is always trying to find fabric that mimics the vibrant colors she sees all around her. She shared one of her favorite quilts with me: a lovely tribute to the Gingko tree done in subtle toned block. Source:

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    PUULOA — Ann Milne invited me to her property five years ago to discuss revitalizing her tropical garden. We both knew it had the potential to be lovely, but 

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    Gourd art involves creating works of art using hard shell gourds as an art medium. Gourd surfaces may be Friends Meeting: Welcomes new members to come and sign up at any monthly meeting, held on the third Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m., share in

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    She said the opportunity to learn from each member's talent is a pleasure. “Learning different techniques and styles and just being together as a group is such a joy. Every woman in the guild has a very big heart of giving. It's hard to fully explain


  • A Cheese Lasagna to Build On

    cottage cheese, broccoli, spinach, garlic powder, lasagna noodle, monterey jack cheese, pasta sauce, red onions, salt


  • Learn to Machine Quilt with Pat Sloan

    Leisure Arts. 2007. ISBN: 9781601405104,1601405103. 79 pages.

    Machine quilting instructions for free-motion swirls, curves, and other shapes. 6 projects.

  • Quilting for Newbies: A Simplified Way to Learn ISBN: 9781300002307,1300002301.

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    Learn, Laugh, Live is our motto! “For some people it’s difficult to find activities ... These can be anything from cultural visits, quizzes, quilting, music class and crafts to indoor bowls, lessons in Mandarin or classics, philosophy, photography ...

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    Without a plan to organize and store them, you risk permanent loss of wedding photographs and family stories to a malfunctioning smart phone, hard drive ... sharing with family or making a quilt? Prepare to spend four or five months sorting.

  • How to Start a Quilt Guild

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    Members get to see interesting speakers and learn new techniques. New friends can be made and everyone gets a chance to show off their work. Starting a new quilt guild is a lot of hard work, but the enjoyment you receive from the fun you have at meetings ...


The Free Motion Quilting Project

Learn more about free motion quilting through hundreds of free videos posted to the Free Motion Quilting Project blog by Leah Day

Quilting Daily Blog - Quilting Daily

Quilting Daily is a friendly online community where you’ll meet other contemporary quilting and fiber art enthusiasts; learn new techniques and tips from world ...

Learn How to Hand Quilt | Sew Mama Sew | Outstanding ...

on May 20 | in Sewing + Quilting Tips, Sewing Tutorials + Patterns | by Beth | with 44 Comments

progress report -- top of the quilt
progress report -- top of the quilt
Okay - the top of the quilt is really close to being done. What's left: top stitching to the three cats (bottom strip, just added this morning) and then adding one (!) final (!) bird (!) to the top right corner patchwork piece. Things have been done and redone. Seems stitched, ripped out, and redone. Complete redo of the bottom panel. 50% rework of the patchwork strips. Realizing oh no, I completely did that part wrong I have to do it over. :) The quilt top stood ignored for over two weeks. I'd gotten to a stumping place. You know: just didn't know how to proceed. Thanks to the nice people at Betty's Fabrics in SLO who let me bring my quilt top in to measure and figure out the sides. They have huge tables, rulers, etc and let me spread out and figure things out. Also, special thanks to 7s who did the hard part (figuring out how to create the straight, parallel bits to the top, bottom and sides. (All of the horizonal strips were of different lengths and didn't line up anywhere)....
Photo by emdot on Flickr
"Bloom", an Art Quilt by My Friend Bruce Seeds
"Bloom", an Art Quilt by My Friend Bruce Seeds
Ever since Bruce started his art quilt business a few years ago, I've wanted one. Recently the stars lined up in a way for me to start making that happen, and I will be the owner of "Bloom" later this winter. It's hard to put into words how jazzed I am about this. The colors work well with my current things, and the visual narrative of the chaos of the center contained by the calm of the border really speaks to me. In my exchanges with Bruce I also learned that "Bloom" was his first piece; that just makes it even more special. Bruce's professional website:
Photo by JoeInSouthernCA on Flickr
"Vortex Dreams" / 59" x 44.5" / Agnes Wong
"Vortex Dreams" / 59" x 44.5" / Agnes Wong The major surprise for me was to realize how much control I like to have on the outcomes of the quilt design. In the beginning, it was so hard relinquish control and feel at ease with improvisational cutting and piecing. By the end, I felt that improvisational style produces a wonderful aesthetic but for me, I needed to build on a particular design element once the basic idea hit me. I discovered that I actually love the freedom of improv style and letting go of my ruler (though I admit that this was a very hard hurdle to overcome). Another discovery is that I enjoy repeating patterns in my quilt designs however the repeating design element doesn't need to be geometric. Once I decided on the placement of the layered curves, everything seemed to fall into place. The most satisfying part of this process was by delving into the unknown, I learned to trust my instincts especially without any preconceived...
Photo by daintytime on Flickr
Create Your Own Handmade Quilts In 5 Easy Steps
Create Your Own Handmade Quilts In 5 Easy Steps
Quilting For Beginners - Secrets of Quilting Like a Pro!
Quilting For Beginners - Secrets of Quilting Like a Pro!
Quilting Is My Therapy The Swirl Hook Video Tutorial - Quilting Is My ...
Quilting Is My Therapy The Swirl Hook Video Tutorial - Quilting Is My ...