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Oval family name sign entirely hand painted on porcelain plaque. You can have this house number plaque with the names that you prefer: house name, your names and last name, your address, your house numbers or whatever you want. You can use it as house plaque for your entryway, your door, your patio and porch. - My plaques are made exclusively of porcelain, a material highly resistant to thermal shock (unlike ceramic), and this also makes it suitable for outdoor use. I paint them with specific colors and then I fire them in my kiln at a temperature of 1470°F to fix the color that will become indelible also to atmospheric agents. * Dimension available: 5.15" x 7.1", 7" x 9" and 8" x 11" Would you like a custom sign with an idea of your taste? A unique sign made just for you? If you have your own personal idea, contact me and I'll be very happy to carry with you on your project. My goal is provide the best customization service: you can also send me a picture or I'll paint some sketch to see how would be your sign and togheter will realize a unique and custom sign just for you! Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to answer!

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Beautiful handmade, hand cut porcelain ceramic house numbers--with just a little twist.. To make these numbers I carefully roll out high quality white porcelain clay (VERY sturdy clay, it's not grandma's tea set), then measure and cut each number by hand. I emboss the numbers and any decorations into each piece by hand. Each piece then dries for 1-3 weeks (depending on the weather), and is fired in my kilns. Next, I carefully hand glaze each number, and fire again in my kiln to a temperature of over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. That second high-temperature firing ensures that your numbers will stand up to weather and freezing temperatures, for a lifetime of enjoyment. Numbers are not glazed on the reverse side, but are weather safe due to the high temperature they are fired at. Each house number will have two holes, so you can easily affix them to your home using small screws. (We recommend doing this by hand rather than by power drill, to avoid over-tightening and damaging the numbers.) If you'd prefer to adhere your numbers using silicone, just let me know and I'll leave the holes out. Numbers measure approximately 3 3/4 by 2 3/8 inches from point to point, and are approximately 1/4 inch thick. Numbers are cut by hand--measurements may vary slightly, and edges may not always be perfect. That's just part of the charm of buying handmade art from an artist. I always do my best to be as precise as possible. **Not a fan of the back and white color scheme? Just let me know your color preferences at checkout, and I'll be sure to custom glaze them just for you. I have just about every color of the rainbow here. The background color will be white unless you request otherwise. Would you like something more fancy? That's ok too! Just let me know what you have in mind, and I'll make numbers that suit your personal tastes.


Porcelain give painted house number plaques

Stop my website CeramicHouseNumber. com Contact me for a special custom hand painted Italian house number plaques or murals for kitchen/bathroom.

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Close bonding, provides a clear, permanent, waterproof bond for most common household materials. Recommended for porcelain, countertops, vinyl cove fix, car moldings, house numbers, floor tiles, carpet, canvas, and fabrics. Bonds to wood, metal, concrete, marble, fiberglass, and more. Resealable sweetie tube keeps adhesive fresh and ready-to-use, will not shrink, permanently flexible. Flammable. Color: Clear. 2.5 fl. oz. Carded.


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Features: Includes four 12 inch and one 6 inch stems for placement at different hanging heights Fixture housing is constructed of Steel ensuring years of reliable performance Features a gorgeous Glass shade Ultra secure mounting assembly Fixture Sends Illumination in a downward direction while also providing ambient phosphorescence for the entire room Bulbs are not included with this model - upon checkout bulbs will be offered Lamping Technologies: Bulb Base - Expedient (E26): The E26 (Edison 26mm), Medium Edison Screw, is the standard bulb used in 120-Volt applications in North America. E26 is the most stereotyped bulb type and is generally interchangeable with E27 bulbs. Compatible Bulb Types: Nearly all bulb types can be found for the E26 Medium Base, options tabulate Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED, Halogen, and Xenon / Krypton. Specifications: Number of Bulbs: 4 Bulb Base: Medium (E26) Bulb Class: Incandescent Bulb Included: No Watts Per Bulb: 100 Wattage: 400 Voltage: 120 Height: 15 Diameter: 24.25 Canopy Diameter: 5 Backplate Diameter: 5 Wire Space fully: 180 Energy Star: No UL Listed: Yes UL Rating: Dry Location Compliance: UL Listed - Indicates whether a product meets standards and compliance guidelines set by Underwriters Laboratories. This listing determines what types of rooms or environments a merchandise can be used in safely. Established in 1955, Murray Feiss began by offering a small assortment of porcelain figurine lamps that were topped with his mothers intimately-sewn lampshades, and the brand has evolved over the years into one of the countrys leading manufacturers of decorative lighting products. As always, we strive to discharge an expansive selection of beautiful designs, accessible price points and exceptional customer service - attributes that were all near and dear to Murray Feiss when he founded this firm and remain equally important to us today as we look toward the future.


The unexpected freak: How heroin destroyed an Alabama drug counselor - AL.com

When they found out she would be buried at 10 a. m. , April Carpri's friends hastily made a memorial to place at the head of her grave. A basic black frame contained a wallet-sized photo of the past social worker surrounded by tributes to her counseling skills. The three women at the gravesite all worked with Carpri at the Shelby County Treatment Center, a clinic that specializes in treating people addicted to opioids. The imagine brought smiles to the faces of her former coworkers. They vanished when a cemetery worker gently told them that no markers could be placed at the Jefferson County Cemetery - a hobo's graveyard where plots are marked with numbers instead of names. Her former boss, Susan Staats-Combs, hesitated with the picture and then threw it into the discrepancy, where it landed on top of the casket. Nearly a month later, Carpri's friend and former colleague still remembered the clap of the frame against the wood. "That clunk," Jenny Thomas said. Her friends have struggled to comprehend how Carpri ended up in an anonymous grave. As recently as four years ago, the University of Alabama graduate had a trained job, a house in the suburbs, a husband and a child. She lost it all to heroin - a substance she helped so many to quit. Carpri is one of more than 150 people who have died this year in Jefferson County from dope overdoses, according to Deputy Coroner Bill Yates. Most died from heroin or fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid. Carpri worked at the Shelby County Treatment Center from 2011 to 2013 and depleted belch up much of her time counseling heroin addicts. She came to the center from the Shelby County Department of Human Resources, where she worked on cases of baby abuse and neglect. Carpri met Janee Dickinson at Shelby County Department of Human Resources. Both women started at about the same nonetheless and immediately hit it off. Carpri made waves in the office with her unusual style, Dickinson said. "She looked very punk poverty-stricken," Dickinson said. She had lots and lots of tattoos. That's not so typical for a social worker at the DHR. After several exhausting years at the agency, they even quit on the same day. Carpri in due course found a job at the Shelby County Treatment Center and Dickinson followed her there. Carpri had no experience in substance abuse treatment, but took to the new job. "She was an amazing community worker," Thomas said. "Patients were very comfortable with her. In early 2013, she and her husband bought a home and Carpri seemed thrilled, Dickinson said. "She was moving into this wonderful home," Dickinson said. "She had a job that she loved. Her husband was working at Mercedes and she'd gotten her daughter into the Mercedes daycare. Her problems started later that year, when Carpri began seeing a man with a theme abuse disorder. The relationship quickly consumed her, her friends said. Dickinson urged her to end the relationship, but Carpri refused and the two friends didn't communicate for months. When Carpri got back in touch, she had news. Her new boyfriend had relapsed and was using drugs again, and Carpri began using too. Dickinson was drinking a margarita at a Mexican restaurant when she took the yell. "I just started crying," Dickinson said. "And I begged her to come home to me. ". By the time Carpri called, she was already shooting heroin. Her friends, who worked to guard people from addiction, soon found they couldn't do much for her. "It was the fastest I've ever seen anyone get addicted to something," Dickinson said. "She went from I've smoked marijuana a few times to IV psychedelic use within months. Carpri's life collapsed. She left her husband and lost custody of her daughter. Police arrested her for theft, opiate possession and public intoxication. The relationship with her boyfriend eventually fell apart, Dickinson said. Her friends remained in meet, offering to help, but helpless to do much of anything. "It's hard being on the outside," Thomas said. An overdose scared Carpri into seeking treatment. At one spike, she asked Dickinson for help seeking one of the state's scarce detox beds. "[Dickinson] moved heaven and sod to get her a bed," Thomas said. Source: www.al.com

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Newlands Swimming Team up with (detail)
Newlands Swimming Team up with (detail)
Hug on to your hats - here are some lovingly remembered snaps in and around the pool, which has been around for ages. I have many memories of swimming here with my family in the 70's and 80's. Delight to say that not much has changed here at all, including the porcelain "gutters" around the sides of the pool and all the trees, wall etchings and change rooms. Sacrilege about the new coat of hideous orange paint that it's now wearing. Also the decorative spot lights (want!) lining the roof of the seating size are in a bad state. The only new additions that I can notice are the stainless steel rails put up around the circumference of the main and diving pools. Another pic here and a nostalgic one from the 1960's here.
Photo by mallix on Flickr
China Live
China Live
A elbow-room housing the extensive porcelain collection of Sophia Charlotte, numbering in the hundreds.
Photo by Jack Zalium on Flickr
ALBERTA pre 1912, PRE-Uncultivated lICENSE PLATE ISSUE
ALBERTA pre 1912, PRE-Uncultivated lICENSE PLATE ISSUE
When the Thing of Alberta began to register motor vehicles in 1906 you had to provide your own license plate for the vehicle.These plates were made of porcelain (If you wanted to have one made for a buck or two) leather with house numbers, painted wood or just painted onto the agency. The numbers were to be at least four inches high like this one and at least a half inch wide and were to be colored dark on light or spill on dark colors did not matter but had to be contrasting. In 1912 Alberta finally began to issue government issued plates. SEE my photostream to examine the entire run of Alberta license plates. Historical records are vague but it was often mentioned that the provincial abbreviation of ALTA was to be put on the serving as well. I have searched the Alberta Provincial Archives records for pictures of Alberta pre-provincial plates and have seen many of all types and not one with ALTA on it. Unfortunately it is complex to prove Alberta pre-provincial license plates as...
Photo by woody1778a on Flickr