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GQ Editors Pay out Their Job Interview Horror Stories - GQ Magazine

The leading time I moved to New York I was 22-years-old and looking for a photo related job on Craigslist. So I found myself one Friday night on my way to an apartment near Embankment Street to give night club photography a try. For the one night trial period, my job was to photograph attractive people at clubs for a party website. When I arrived though, I was greeted at an barren apartment by a shirtless man. Throughout the evening, he took me to a number of night clubs and critiqued my choice of photo subjects. I picked too innumerable ugly people, he said. He also told me that I should grow my hair out because men wanted women with long hair, that I shouldn't contradict him, and that he'd presume from an article which described what happens to women's vaginas when they have sex with well-endowed men. The next day I called him to say I didn't want the job. He replied by saying that I wasn't a considerate fit. Amazon famously has a thing built into their interview process called a “bar raiser,” which means one of the eight or nine people in your day-long series of interviews is there to bust your balls. They’re from an skin team with no vested interest in getting the position filled, so the idea is that they’re objective and can gauge how good of a culture fit you are. Everyone knows this prevailing into an Amazon interview by this point, but I had no idea when I applied shortly after I graduated from college. I was applying for a merchandising position in the Books partition. I actually had two bar raisers from the Music team—one official bar raiser and a bar-raiser-in-training—who alternated over the course of 45 minutes being right dicks to me. God, they were such jerks. They would ask questions and then interrupt me while I was answering. One of the questions was a brain teaser: How would you figure out how many windows were in Seattle. I can’t remember how I answered, presumably because the point of the question isn’t really how you answer. It’s just that you don’t crack. One time in college, I was applying for a job at a prestigious consulting firm. Their interviews were "chest interviews," which is basically where they tell you a problem the business is having, and you talk through how you'd try to examine and fix it. Well, I'd had another interview the day before and I got my times messed... I reason the thing was at 3:30. I hustled down there, arrived sweaty, and completely blew the interview. Like, stumbled through the reaction like somebody who had never heard of the format before and had only a shaky grasp of the English language. These days I pay more attention to my Google Chronology. — Marian Bull, Digital Food and Travel Editor. I had been working in the traditional advertising media industry for just over one-and-a-half years and was looking to suppose a jump into digital media. After countless recruiter phone interviews that seemingly went nowhere, I landed an in-person talk with at a small digital shop. After so many interviews, you gain a strong understanding of the interview format—typical questions about your qualifications, experience, etc. However, if you're pushed any further on how you can actually impact the role or are given a think-on-your-feet type question, but don't have the wherewithal to answer, you'll be walking out of that vet and directly to your room, because... I could not answer basic questions about the industry nor was I able to talk my way around them with cool buzzwords. I was grilled to Trump-steak parallel temperature, completely over-cooked and served with a side of "you're a clown, an inexperienced one too. " It felt like one of the numerous times my parents would ask a sesquipedalian "why did you do xyz. I walked out of that office with my head down and felt like I'd never get an interview again, let alone a job in digital media. After gaining the resultant experience through an internal transfer, I eventually landed as GQ's digital analyst. All in all, it worked out in the end and I couldn't be happier, but I will carry that affair for a long time, because it’s one of my crowning failures, which is much more memorable than any mediocre victory. A guy asked me out the summer after my freshman year of college. Midway utterly lunch, I decided it was not a date anymore and told him I needed to apply for waitressing jobs and that he could come if he wanted to. I walked into a nice restaurant in the Village, and, while he stood fa the. Source: www.gq.com

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    So I found myself one Friday eventide on my way to an apartment near Wall Street to give night club photography a try. For the one night One of the questions was a brain teaser: How would you figure out how many windows were in Seattle? I can't . I

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    February 22, 2017 at 2:20 pm. Seattle Times reader Gloria Z. Nagler's dismal photo of icy droplets on a twig on a cold morning in the suburbs. Photographer's description: “Freezing mornings are good for something! Spotted this on the way to my

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    Skinner, the initiator and senior pilot of Vivid Aerial Ascent photography, claimed he never meant to collide his two pound, 18-by-18 inch drone into a downtown Seattle erection that day, rendering the $1,200 aircraft inoperable and causing it strike a


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    baking powder, baking soda, butter, buttermilk, cornmeal, creamed corn, eggs, flour, corn, green chilies, yogurt, salt, sugar


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  • Islands Arsenal

    1999. 184 pages.


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Seattle based Z Photographie helps adjoining companies promote their brand through strategic visual marketing with a focus on product and lifestyle photography.

Z Photographie - Magnolia - Seattle, WA - Yelp

8 reviews of Z Photographie "I went to Lauren looking for governor shots, and I could not have more pleased with the experience. She communicated extremely well. She made ...

Greg Z Photography | Seattle

Wandering roughly Seattle and Tacoma recently, I was drawn to the inspiring iconic views, and intriguing interplay of art and architecture. Taken from a variety of ...

I Can Grow All the News I Need on the Weather Report
I Can Grow All the News I Need on the Weather Report
I propose b assess the location that I enjoyed shooting most on my trip to Seattle last week was the Seattle Central Library. This library is a testament to contemporary architecture and draft. I could spend weeks shooting just this one building -- it is my most favorite building I've ever photographed. The building is 11 stories exalted with dramatic interior ceilings and color splashed throughout to complement the design. Bold red staircases, glowing yellow escalators, an the deep of green chairs, everywhere you go in this library you find more and more eye candy. Reflections, shadows, glass, lighting that transforms with the day. This building seems made to be photographed -- seems designed for photographers. And most adroitly of all, not once in a very aggressive four hour or so shooting session there was I ever questioned about my photography in this very open and very prominent space. Rem Koolhas was the architect who designed the space. A taxi cab driver that I met in Seattle told me that it...
Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr
Scout Says These Photos Are My Most Gripping
Scout Says These Photos Are My Most Gripping
1. Drupal Girls Rebound Ass!, 2. Luminence Solstice Celebration, 3. rAndoM AliAs, 4. Paco Pedro y Juanita Santa Maria De Los Demonies, 5. Daddy D'z BBQ - Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 6. prosperous down, 7. Suspension, 8. Ricky, 9. Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia, 10. Pete Doherty, 11. Pickup, 12. Banksy Preference @ Big Ben, 13. Flock Party, 14. Untitled, 15. Sarah Pullman, 16. br3nt, 17. BlogWalk Seattle 2005 - Under the Cross over Downtown, 18. bruise, 19. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 20. Sierra, 21. road trip, 22. Boris, Dries, and Kieran of Drupal Stardom, 23. Meet the Flockers, 24. Vancouver Streets, 25. for-fire-use, 26. sect, 27. manufactured-safe keeping, 28. Serenity Palmer, 29. wonderland, 30. Amanada Manking, 31. Lee The Feva LeFever, 32. Flick through. Search. Subscribe. Longhorn Loves RSS, 33. Weapons of Mass Geekery, 34. rAndoM TexTures, 35. juan, 36. 434-vancouver, 37. depressed-steel, 38. Grace Park (Boomer) on Battlestar Galactica, 39. Amanda Manking, 40. Help Me!, 41. danielle-duex, 42....
Photo by Kris Krug on Flickr