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PBL Photography Photo Video Studio 10 Away Universal Metal Pro Clamps Steve Kaeser photographic Lighting & Accessories by PBL

  • Perfect for securing your muslins to your background stands.
  • All steel, not plastic, will last for years
  • Opens to 2in, Tempered steel springs, Black non-glare finish,...


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These PBL clamps are perfect to hang your backgrounds onto your support system or clamp lights to stands. Heavy duty metal construction with rubber pads keeps things extra secure and damage-free. 4 1/4in long with 3in wide pads... Opens to 2in... Tempered steel springs... Strong gripping action... Made of metal...Will last for years... No studio should be without these photo clamps, you will wonder how you every got along without them... In stock ready to ship. Thanks for looking. Steve Kaeser

7 X 5ft /2.1 X 1.5 M Vinyl Christmas Behind the scenes Custom Photography Backdrops Photo Prop by FasterS

  • 2 easy to keep clean;3high resolution, strong articulation;4our...
  • it is seamless,in other words, there is no seam on it, and there is...
  • feature:-excellent color treatment and realistic detail. ideal for...


Product Description

feature:-excellent color treatment and realistic detail. ideal for studio, club, event or home photography or housing decoration, you can sticker it on wall as a wallpaper,it will let your room looks much nice and great. a beautiful, versatile backdrop and a work of art. -background is -this is a 7x5ftthatis 2.1x1.5m backdrop, it is 7ft width and 5ft vertical. it is seamless,in other words, there is no seam on it, and there is no pocket on it.-material is thin vinyl,its thickness will be almost the same as paper on magazine.and items are computer-printed for realism. printed on chemical fiber material for light weight and easy handling.-material characteristics:1it can fold,easy to carry;2 easy to keep clean;3high resolution, strong articulation;4our vinyl backdrops are waterproof, glare free and roll outflat.package and : items will be sent in folded. so there may be wrinkles on it when you open the should make wrinkles disappear by yourself. here are methods to solve it:1roll up the backdrop tightly, then put it away for 3-5 the wrinkles will disappear.2heat the reverse of it with a steam iron at a lower temperature, please keep a distanceit.then it will be smooth again.package included:1*christmas photography background

Vinyl Exact Background Instructional Video By Savage

Vinyl photo backdrops are known for their durability, highly-strung color and glare-free matte finish. These qualities make vinyl perfect for portrait, commercial and.

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Vinyl Backdrops. Vinyl backgrounds are sound and tough, providing a wrinkle-free, glare-free photography background. At Backdrop Express, our selection of Vinyl ...

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Deep-rooted in Deepdale
Deep-rooted in Deepdale
After much awakening from the incredible work of Stewart Smith, I decided to undertake my own exploration of Deepdale: a small, secluded tributary valley, just north of Brothers Examination, that branches off the main valley of Patterdale. Deepdale is a beautiful dale with an easy track leading into it, which abruptly stops at any time a immediately you cross the slabs that constitute a bridge over Coldcove Gill. From then, tantalising glimpses of a grassy path suggest a way forward towards the fend off of the valley, which can often get boggy, but it’s totally worth it for the revelation of a giant fist of rock known as Greenhow End. Suddenly rising 800m+ from the fore-part of Deepdale, to me it’s one of the best backdrops to a valley walk in the Lake District. I decided to descend from the “path” and scramble around Deepdale Beck for some gripping compositions as the clouds raced overhead. =) Deepdale Beck, Deepdale, Patterdale, Lake District, Cumbria, England. ISO100, f/8, 1⁄13sec at 16mm...
Photo by Ian Cylkowski on Flickr