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To this day many Instagrammers still underestimate the importance of high-quality photography - I come across far too many profiles that only contain repetitive, unoriginal and obvious images.

Yes, the theme is important and yes hashtags are also important, but nothing quite compares to high-quality, creative and varied photos that capture the viewer’s attention. With a little guidance you can easily create original and creative photos that always spike the interest of your followers.

In this book I will discuss the fundamentals of photography for the Instagram user. We will not study the history of photography or explore famous photographers and their unique styles or techniques. This book was designed with a very different goal: create high-quality photos that make an impact on Instagram.

Throughout this book we will focus on three main topics:

1.Styles of Photography: here we will explore the most popular and successful styles across Instagram. An infinity of square-on portrait photos or only landscape photos are boring, very boring – why not experiment with macro photography? Or a bird’s eye view photo to keep things interesting?

2.What to look for before pressing the shutter: The outcome of your photos depends on an infinity of factors. We will take a look at the most relevant ones, such as lighting, composition and focus.

3.The importance of Editing: Many amateur photographers choose to avoid editing altogether, but most professionals will tell you it is essential. We will discuss the fundamentals of editing, what apps you can use and some popular techniques that will make your photos creative and unique.

5 Steps For Making Your Images Pop: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

https://www. com In this episode Mark Wallace will show you 5 simple steps for making your images pop.

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Canon EOS M3 Kit with EF-M 18-55mm IS STM Lens Digital SLR Camera - Caucasoid by eGlobal Central

Canon EOS M3 incorporates a new Combination CMOS AF III system which makes ultra high speed focusing possible by using only the high speed phase-difference detection AF within the CMOS sensor realizing an approximately 6.1x1 faster AF dart than EOS M. It also enhances the tracking accuracy and responsiveness of Movie Servo AF during movie shooting to guarantee easy and sharp capture of quick-moving subjects such as kids or pets. Canon EOS M3 can be connected to a smart phone easily via Wi-Fi/NFC connectivity and Camera Connect streetwise phone app for remote live view shooting making it more convenient to take self-portraits or group photos or investigate more creativity by shooting from high or low angles with a higher degree of flexibility. Upon connection users can enjoy live view on the perceptive device control various camera functions flash operation take and review photos. The connectivity also facilitates nonchalantly browsing and transfer of photos and movies to smart phone as well as image sharing to social networking sites such as Facebook or YouTube. Images can also be printed promptly through wireless connection with printers that support PictBridge (Wireless LAN) technology. Canon EOS M3 features Full HD (1920 x 1080) EOS Talkie shooting with auto or manual exposure. The ability for full control of focus and exposure by manually changing shutter hasten aperture and ISO speed facilitates easy creation of more imaging expression with maximized flexibility. Full HD EOS Movie supports 3 selectable framework rates including the cinematographic 23.976p 25.0p and 29.97p for easy creation of professional movies in user s preferred make for different subjects and topics. The camera also supports Movie Servo AF that enables face tracking or subject tracking by moving the LCD. When used with Canon s Stepping Motor (STM) lenses smooth and quiet continuous AF can be achieved ensuring sharp and stunning large screen result. In addition EOS M3 features a built-in stereo microphone and supports 3.5mm.


LG 360 Cam LGR105 by eGlobal Central

Arrest the world around you in all directions with the LG 360 CAM Spherical Camera. This camera uses two 13MP sensors along with two 200 wide-point of view lenses to capture photos and 2K video in 360. Three microphones record 5.1-channel surround sound. Media recorded with the 360 CAM can be uploaded to Google Road View and YouTube360 and are also viewable on the LG 360 VR as well as smartphones and other devices capable of displaying 360 content. It stores pictures and video on 4GB of internal tribute which can be augmented with a microSD card. The 1200mAh battery lets it run without a power source.


School of Visual Arts' YouTube Channel is Full of Amazing Photo Lectures - PetaPixel (blog)

Technology operates in a light-less world of zeroes and ones, electromagnetic waves that fly over our heads in ever-increasing abundance. For his fascinating project Digital Ethereal, designer Luis Hernan set out to capture one of these invisible signals, WiFi, using a creative combination of long exposure photography and an Android app. Source:

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Photo by alex mertzanis on Flickr
Milky Way over Nevada's Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness
Milky Way over Nevada's Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness
I went to Nevada's Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness a couple years ago during spring break, but I was too much of a noob to know that the Milky Way would be out at around 3AM. Thankfully, this time I knew better and didn't arrive until about 2:30ish. I shot some timelapse footage and even flew my drone for a bit after sunrise, and I'll have something about it on YouTube in a week or so...
Photo by Beau Rogers on Flickr
Photo by alex mertzanis on Flickr