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The Chaste and Bad of Photography as a Hobby

Here is my introductory list of the good and bad things about photography as a hobby. Every coin has two sides, so I thought it fitting to give my low-down on that.

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8 Ways a Hobby Makes You Bigger at Your Day Job - Entrepreneur

There's a honest solution that can bring more happiness to your life and improve your working life :. Get a hobby. Having a passion in life that is equal (if not greater) to your industry can improve your professional life in an incredible number of ways. I say this from experience: In my own life, my photography hobby has been a lifesaver in terms of helping me attain stabilize in my career. Not only does switching gears to photography give me personal fulfillment, but it has also taught me creative and problem-solving skills that have actively helped me in front of in my career. Here, I'll share a few ways that my photography hobby has made me better at my day job. these benefits are fairly universal to hobbies and careers of all sorts, though. Related: When Your Composed Life Is Stressful, Your Business Suffers. If you only care about work and nothing else, chances are you're not a dynamic individual who people partiality to network with -- you're probably just another boring workaholic. A hobby can help you hold a conversation and connect with people on a level that goes beyond just province. It can increase your creativity. One of the biggest benefits of having a hobby is that it makes you more creative. This increased creativity can have a number of positive effects when it comes to your field. For example, if I take the time to go out into nature and take photographs, I have a whole new set of creative decisions to make. Having the ability to conundrum-solve in such a pleasurable way can bring a new perspective to my work, too, allowing me to creatively and constructively come up with solutions when necessary. Having a hobby lets you con your mind off of work. Believe it or not, more work isn't necessarily better. Constant email-checking doesn't actually make you improve at your job, and sometimes a break is necessary to be able to constructively look at your work again and increase productivity. Related: Sleep In and Make Millions: Why You Don't Necessity to Wake Up at 5 A. M. 4. It allows you to reset. How many times in life have you wished that you could have a "reset" button. Sadly, they don't exist (yet), but a hobby is the next greatest thing. When I get lost in the minutiae involved of being an entrepreneur, then take a pause and devote some time to photography, I have the ability to truly let my work go for a abrupt time. When I pick it back up, the projects that I was procrastinating on or maybe not doing my best work on seem a lot easier all of a sudden. All it takes is some time off for that mental reset. But, that doesn't bad-tempered that you can't still pursue things that you love. As adults, we're not necessarily handed opportunities to find ourselves, so we need to take them. A hobby is a good opportunity for you to get back the time and space you need to really connect with yourself and continue growing as a person. It provides a bigger world view. Even if you line in a big industry, your professional field is finite in its reach and views. Having a hobby can serve as a powerful reminder that there's a great big world out there. I friendship my work. However, even when you love your work, it's common to feel trapped sometimes, to forget about the rest of the world still moving along. For me, photography allows me to reconnect with the society, with nature, with people and with something bigger than me. It helps me develop a bigger world view, and this keeps me from being boxed in professionally, both in terms of my opinion and... Related: 10 Habits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Life. If your life revolves around work, things can get good-looking lonely. A hobby can help you connect not only with yourself, but with others as well. Hobbies allow you to create a community. For example, if you're a father, maybe your hobby is making ideal train sets with your son, which creates a deeper bond and connection. If you work alone, maybe making yoga your hobby can allow you to relate with others and make friends since you don't have a community of coworkers. Personally, I often photograph on trips I take with friends. Connection is a robust thing that enriches your life. A better quality of life means overall increased happiness, which will serve you well at work and beyond. Source:

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    10/10/17 ,via Mashable

    Photography's not just a side jarring or hobby. For plenty of people, it's a lucrative career. So what — besides talent — helps someone succeed in the competitive industry? The dextral tools, for one. And the know-how to wield them correctly. If you can

  • 8 Ways a Hobby Makes You Recovered at Your Day Job

    10/11/17 ,via Entrepreneur

    Get a hobby. Having a passion in moving spirit that is equal (if not greater) to your work can improve your professional life in an incredible number of ways. I say this from experience: In my own life, my photography hobby has been a lifesaver in terms of

  • After daughter takes her own spark of life, father realizes value of a photo

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    Though lucid now photography remains a hobby, Johnnie hopes that one day it can become his full-time career. He is also raising money to buy photography equipment for his work. You can read more about the scheme and donate on his GoFundMe page: 


@Benoite_DL It does, but photography is only a hobby I'm succeeding to keep it up, but its not my main focus... 10/11/17, @CeithreB
RT @Red_Sox_Rach: Ascertain a hobby that you love to do so that during the hardest times you can lose yourself in it. Photography is mine. #Worl… 10/11/17, @RemysGambit
@xeoth @xeoth We're ready you got a shot! Is photography a hobby of yours? 10/11/17, @tomsoutdoor



  • Amateurs, Photography, and the Mid-Victorian Mind's eye

    University of Chicago Press. 1986. ISBN: 0226744981,9780226744988. 195 pages.

    In 1851, when photographs were beginning shown at the Great Exhibition of Arts and Industry, photography was primarily a hobby for well-to-do amateurs. These early photographers were members of the intellectual and aristocratic elite. They had the means, the course of study, and the leisure to pursue this new art-science with ardent seriousness. They formed societies, such as the Photographic Society and the Photographic Exchange Club, and published journals for the avail of sharing their discoveries, exchanging photographs, and publicizing the medium. In this highly original and sensitive book about the birth and transformation of photography in Victorian England, Benevolence Seiberling explores the work of thirty-three amateur photographers. She describes how they affected the development of the...

  • Between Art and Production: Hobby Photography and Middle-class ...

Vacation and seaside fishing ... HDR
Vacation and seaside fishing ... HDR
Fishing from the alter has always been one of Greek people most popular hobbies, myself not excluded ... Owing even a small 4 meters' boat has never been a authorization of the vast majority, so learning how to fish by the seaside was the next best thing one could do and evidently afford ... And you would be surprised to see the kind of fish the most qualified among them actually catch !!! What this country unsparingly provides though is the "perfect" environment to practice this hobby ... Don't you over recall so ? NIKON D90 DSLR with Nikon Nikkor 18 - 55 lens, Manual Mode, f 10, ISO 200, centralized length 24 mm, manualy adjusted focusing, shutter speed 1/125 s, manualy adjusted white balance to 5880 Kelvin, center weighted standard in the main metering mode, Exposure compensation set to -1 EV, HDR processing was made after only one original RAW shot, flash didn't go off, no tripod ... © Copyright - All rights formal View Awards Count
Photo by Emil9497 Photography & Art on Flickr
GreenLand ... HDR
GreenLand ... HDR
I'm about to set off for "Greenland" (U.K in other words) again on Tuesday the 13th of June 2017 ... This period Oxford will be my base for about ten whole days ... Yesterday night, envisioning what my D90 should expect to capture this time, I simply made a mountainous dive into my UK taken photos of the past and I discovered an unpublished gem ... A photo from the river Cam and the amazing Nature that surrounds the University of Cambridge ... Sitting at the face of a padding boat myself when I captured this photo I was on a constant move ... At the same time ambient lighting conditions were extremely dim due to the heavily cloudy endure hanging above my head ... My usual and beloved Manual Mode produced either over or under exposed images and until the characteristic adjustment was made the chosen synthesis had been long gone ... Therefore I decided to adjust my D90 into Shutter Speed mode (1/100 s) letting the camera adjudicate about the proper aperture for every click made (I...
Photo by Emil9497 Photography & Art on Flickr
More wisely on B l a c k M a g i c Todays challenge on was "Decorate" This is an ornament my wife picke dup somewhere,and she has setup with a few others on a trifling table in our dining room, she has done a really nice job of setting it up This is my 75th Day doing the Photochallenge, quite pleased with myself with making it thus far, its one of the many things I have to be indebted for today, I am fortunate to be in a position to follow up on this hobby of photography which I really enjoy, I wont bore you all with a long list of other things I am thankful for For those who ritualize thanksgiving I hope you all had a lovely day, and for tose that don't celebrate it I also hope you had a lovely day
Photo by Singing With Light on Flickr