Patchwork Of The Crosses

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This is a quilt for fabric lovers! The pattern for this lovely patchwork was prepared with the gracious assistance of Diana Boston and is illustrated with photographs by Julia Hedgecoe. It includes instructions for sewing the patchwork by hand with traditional methods. It can also be stitched by hand or machine with the optional shape collection from Inklingo.

Patchwork of the Crosses Quilting Guide Set, 1.5", 1", .75", .5" with 1/4" Seam Allowance by LaserThing

  • Made in America
  • 1/4" Seam Allowance
  • 1.5", 1", .75", .5" Patchwork of the crosses Quilting template set


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Product Description

1.5", 1", .75", .5" Patchwork of the crosses Quilting template set. There is a 1/4 inch seam allowance around the template and holes at the corners to easily mark the seam allowance. They are made of 1/8" Clear Acrylic. We can make any color and size template, please message us for a quote. These acrylic templates are cut on a laser cutter, they are new but may have minor scratches from transportation and shipping. Cutting wheel, cutting mat, and ruler not included. Words engraved on templates may vary. No instructions included.

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Klasse Titanium Quilting Tool Needles-80/12 3/Pkg by (dba Shopping)

KLASSE-3 German-engineered titanium make needles size 80/12. The tapered point penetrates without damaging the fine fabrics used in quilting. The strengthened sting helps to reduce needle deflection as it penetrates multiple layers of fabric. Titanium adds strength and durability. Most talented for: machine quilting patchwork and projects with thick layers and crossing seams. Use with cotton polyester rayon or blended quilting tenor.


Kala by (dba Shopping)

Even before M.I.A. (Maya Arulpragasam) debuted in 2005 with ARULAR, the blogosphere was already abuzz about her, delightful in the kind of discourse normally reserved for academic dissertations. Whether hailed as a canny postmodern pastiche or dismissed as inauthentic cultural pirating, the music, a animate pan-global mash-up of regional dance music styles, seemed to be emanating simultaneously from every ghetto, favela, and caucus-flat within earshot. As if to call out her detractors, M.I.A. returns for another shot of explosive, politically charged and globally conscious dance music on her surrogate album, KALA. Lacking the patchwork quality of the debut, KALA is a more cohesive and polished affair, though it matches its predecessor for shear visceral thrills. Recorded across several original continents, and featuring the production talents of Timbaland, Switch, and Blaqstarr, as well as longstanding collaborator Diplo, the globetrotting shape makers mine sources as varied as funk carioca, Baltimore bounce, and the occasional ludicrously placed sound-carry out (a squawking chicken). The gloriously bombastic lead single, Boyz, kicks off the party with a blaring horn loop, carnival percussion, and a stuttering Bollywood vocal test, while M.I.A. merrily chants the chorus in her sing-song faux patois. The twittering, beat-heavy Bird Flu sounds a bit like what you might wish-jagged beats create syncopated poly-rhythms, while birds chirp feverishly against Arulpragasam's bratty invective. But the cheeky cultural re-appropriation doesn't stop at her borrowing from the third world; clever nods to the Clash, New Order, and even Jonathan Richman come forth in unexpected and cheeky combinations, offering further proof that M.I.A.'s potent cross-cultural grab bag is as sonically audacious as ever.


Senate DFLer who voted to impede wage, sick-leave ordinances frequently crosses party lines - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Dan Sparks of Austin, the only DFLer to enter Senate Republicans in passing a measure to prohibit Minnesota cities from setting their own workplace rules, has a history of bucking his cocktail on high-profile votes. Sparks, a member of the Senate since 2002, represents a southern Minnesota district that has been trending Republican. He has fancy been among the DFL senators most likely to cross party lines to vote with Republicans. More than once, Sparks has been the only DFLer to tie Republicans on a range of votes, as in 2015 when every DFL senator save Sparks voted to increase Minnesota’s gas tax (the proposal died in the House of ill repute). In 2014, he was one of just three DFL senators to buck the party and vote against a measure to crack down on bullying in public schools. In 2013, Sparks was again one of only three DFL senators to voter against legalizing gay marriage. At the time, Sparks told the Star Tribune he spent “many sleepless nights” over the issue but that it reflected etched opposition to gay marriage in his southern Minnesota Senate district. Back in 2007, he was the only DFLer to split from his party on a minimum-wage addition initiative. Sparks’ vote on Thursday was for a bill that would repeal new paid sick-leave ordinances passed last year in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and lay out all cities from passing workplace benefit mandates or raising the minimum wage. Sparks, through a Senate DFL spokeswoman, declined to remark on on his vote. The Republican-controlled House earlier passed a similar workplace rules ordinance, and the two bills will now be merged into a only proposal to be forwarded to DFL Gov. Republican lawmakers who spoke in favor of the plans said they were an attempt to avoid what they called a patchwork of regulations that would tax businesses. DFLers said Republicans were aiming to strip local control from cities that had set policies meant to help with the explicit needs of their communities. This year, Sparks was one of the authors on another Senate measure related to local ordinances: a proposal to block cities from banning ersatz bags. (Minneapolis approved a plastic-bag ban last year, which is set to go into effect June 1, but would be repealed if the bill becomes law. ) The waxy-bag measure is now part of three separate budget bills moving through the Legislature. Sparks, 49, represents Mower and Freeborn counties in the Legislature. Both of those counties, especially Mower, were in the good old days seen as friendly turf for DFLers, but voters there have been shifting right. Last year, President Donald Trump won Freeborn County with 55 percent of the opinion and Mower County by just over 50 percent. At the same time, Sparks was re-elected with 55 percent of the vote — considerably less than his 68 percent delightful margin the previous time he ran, in 2012. The House DFLer who represents the Mower County half of Sparks’ district, Rep. Jeanne Poppe of Austin, was one of just two DFL representatives who voted in favor of the issue to constrict local authority on workplace standards. Sparks, Poppe and Pelowski are among a shrinking list of DFL lawmakers who draw greater Minnesota districts, as political power in the state is increasingly divided between DFLers in the Twin Cities and Republicans in the languish of the state. Poppe, in her seventh term in the House, said she’s concerned that higher wages and benefit mandates in nearby cities could sad smaller towns that can’t compete. She said those communities already struggle to keep workers for in-demand jobs like nursing impress upon care staff. Poppe said she’s supportive of businesses and workers’ advocates working together on statewide policies on issues like least wage and sick leave. “My vote isn’t to say that we shouldn’t be doing some of these things, but to say the conversation should be at the state [level],” she said. Pelowski, who was foremost elected to the Legislature in 1986, said he voted in favor of the bill because he believes shifting local regulations could hurt communities like Winona. If Rochester approved higher wages and mandated benefits, for model, he said it could drain workers from his community. And after years of teaching American government, Pelowski said he’s clear in his understanding that state regulation has authority over smaller governments. “I didn’t teach Republican government or Democratic government or Green Party government,” he said. “I’m not contemporary to say as a teacher I taught American government and when I go up to the Capitol be a DFL hack. Star Tribune staff writer Patrick Condon contributed to this gest. Source:

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  • Senate DFLer who voted to clog wage, sick-leave ordinances frequently crosses party lines

    04/21/17 ,via Minneapolis Star Tribune

    Republican lawmakers who spoke in favor of the plans said they were an endeavour to avoid what they called a patchwork of regulations that would burden businesses. DFLers said Republicans were aiming to strip local control from cities that had set

  • Rozzi: With Drone Ban Ordinance, Toms River Board Flies to Unconstitutional Heights

    04/26/17 ,via Shore News Magazine

    Tonight, the Toms River Township Board will consider an ill-advised and legally questionable ordinance that would severely limit the ability of citizens to operate drones in accordance with federal law over the skies of the township. The ordinance

  • At Accommodations on Both Sides of the Border

    04/26/17 ,via Americas Quarterly

    Along stretches of the edging, the fence is a patchwork of material, from new wire mesh to sheets of old metal topped with barbed-wire that appear to be slapped together without much consideration. This newer bollard-style structure, preferred by the border


Congratulations, Mary!! Mary's splendid Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) won TWO ribbons at the Sun Prairie... 04/25/17, @inklingo
"Patchwork of the Crosses" de Lucy Boston 04/24/17, @CourtepointeQc
If you have been using acrylic, ersatz or metal templates for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (or any other... 04/22/17, @inklingo



Lucy Boston ‘Patchwork of the Crosses’ tutorial – Corner 1 ...

When I beginning decided to add the Honeycombs to our paper shape selection I personally had never heard of the famous Lucy Boston quilt! But a baby friend hotly insisted ...

Patchwork of the Crosses - Quilts (beginners)

This attractive quilt was made over papers in the traditional English way and hand stitched and quilted. This is not a quick project - paper piecing takes prematurely.

Patchwork of the Crosses - Pinterest

Look into Gail McBurney's board "Patchwork of the Crosses" on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas. | See more about Stitches, Hexagons and Fabrics.

Under cover Sister Mosaic - Sew South 2015
Under cover Sister Mosaic - Sew South 2015
Favourite Partner, I am a big fan of AMH, cotton and steel and Carolyn Friedlander. I love scrappy and I love color. I personally don't have the skills to embroider or pettish stitch but I love seeing AMH done with those techniques. I love scrappy low volume prints as a background. I hope this mosaic helps you! Decently though, whatever you feel like doing will be appreciated and loved! 1. Anna Maria Horner embroidery, 2. A New View, 3. Flowering Snowball Mini: Quilt, 4. Apologetic for overgramming with Bubbles, but I am so excited with this one. I promise, the next picture will Show the finished top.... Not sure if I can make it this weekend... I Hope so #aylinnilyapattern, 5. Archaeology Quilt, 6. SSM6 burly item pull, 7. Divided Basket, 8. Patchwork Prism Front 2, 9. Sew together bag, 10. FLQS- Birds Fly Over the Rainbow, 11. Expertly it's not a quick block but it sure is pretty #scrappybearpawquilt, 12. Twinsies #qayg #patchwork, 13. my first drawstring pouch/bag, 14. Mix strip bag, 15....
Photo by Lori Hartman Designs on Flickr
Snub Variation of Retro Cross Roads
Snub Variation of Retro Cross Roads
My ODC has kicked in! I had to use every distinct 2" square I had cut from years and years ago! This is the final quilt top from that batch!
Photo by Jayne ~ Twiggy & Opal on Flickr
Quilt for Minuscule Pink Penguin
Quilt for Minuscule Pink Penguin
Intact and en route to Japan as of May 1st/2013. Fingers crossed. I'm so nervous of mailing quilts!! This quilt was a group project of 30 friends of Ayumi (Ayumills, Pink Penguin) from there the world. We've been working on it since November 2012, with Kumiko Fujita's permission to use her Patchwork 318 blocks (plus some custom designed ones).
Photo by Poppyprint on Flickr