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Would you like to help the environment and at the same time create fun art objects for your home? Each project in this book uses items that we would normally throw away. There are so many different ways to extend the usefulness of paper, plastic, cans, glass, clothing, and other objects destined for the bin. The possibilities are endless. These projects are all fun to make and create artwork using paper mache and household junk. You will find plenty of ideas and inspiration in these pages.

Incidentally House Kids' Crafternoon Papercraft: 25 Projects for a Crafty Afternoon by Random House

  • Hardcover; spiral- bound
  • Editor: Kathreen Ricketson
  • Book contains 128 pages


Product Description

A delightful beginner craft book for kids with twenty-five projects which can be completed with minimum fuss and maximum fun in an afternoon. With the help of the Crafternoon series of crafting books, children need only their imaginations, a few simple materials, and an afternoon to make incredible projects. And while they’re having fun, they’re also learning important skills like how to understand and follow instructions, how to plan the project, and how to problem solve. The Crafternoon books explain all of the tools, materials, and basic techniques needed to complete a project. They also contain handy templates in a sturdy card envelope and safety information necessary to avoid mishaps. Each of the projects, from Papercraft’s Up, Up and Away Kites and Beading’s Beachy Wind Chime, to Felting’s Friendly Finger Puppets and Sewing’s Monster Reading Pillow give an indication of difficulty (suitable for beginners or confident beginners) and the time the project is likely to take. The Crafternoon books are bright, colorful, and easy to use and enjoy. The range of projects, accompanied by step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photographs of the finished objects, is diverse enough to keep even the most reluctant young crafter amused for hours!

carl's flying house| up house papercraft

rumah carl dan ellie di shoot up.

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  • Big Enlist of Papercraft Projects

    Courier Corporation. 2017. ISBN: 0486417492,9780486417493. 176 pages.

    Basic directions for hobbyists of all ages for creating nearly 200 items out of paper. Create kites, model planes, boats that in reality sail, dolls and dolls' houses, as well as such useful articles as aprons, hats, and costumes and masks for children. Includes reduce intervene-by-step diagrams and photos of finished projects.

  • Papercraft for Children

    Struik. ISBN: 1770074015,9781770074019.


UP House with Balloons | Disney Kindred

Up, up, and away! Safeguard Carl and Russell float off on their adventure with your very own 3D balloon-propelled house.

Mini Up House Papercraft

A mini construction of carl’s house from the movie UP. UP is a movie produced by Pixar’s first film to be presented in Disney Digital 3-D. I’m not a fan of american ...

Papercraft Up House

Papercraft templates and models: Papercraft Up House. U Papercraft, Company one resource for papercraft.

Papercraft Carl's House from the cinema "Up"
Papercraft Carl's House from the cinema "Up"
Photo by Robert Scott Photography on Flickr
Wonderful Hero Robot
Wonderful Hero Robot
If the house's been close-mouthed for fifteen minutes, you can bet the kids have been up to something. This one's made by Ainoa
Photo by cesarastudillo on Flickr
Messy Leeway
Messy Leeway
My messy live contest entry. I've since built a new computer, but it's pretty much the same evolving mess.
Photo by PuyoDead on Flickr