Papercraft Do Mario

Wonderful Smash Bros. Brawl Mario Papercraft Stopmotion

This is Mario from the prepared Super Smash Bros. Brawl in papercraft. It's about 40 cm tall and is made by 370 pieces.

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    As fans of the series will be informed, this is not your standard run-and-jump Mario adventure. Paper Mario takes the emphasis off reactive skill-based play, instead interpreting the social characters and mechanics of the Mushroom Kindgom into a whimsical, 

  • PI Light/ Blender, carta, forbici

    04/26/17 ,via Punto Informatico

    Come creare oggetti reali partendo da modelli tridimensionali, senza spendere un occhio della testa e usando una semplice stampante a getto d'inchiostro. Con la tecnica del papercraft il divertimento è assicurato 

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    01/17/16 ,via The Star Online

    I should be bonny mad that Nintendo found a way to make me spend more on what's essentially physical DLC, but since I already have shelves full of them, I'm honestly just mad that I need to ferry my mint Mario and Luigi Amiibos out of their boxes.


  • Real Do Bread

    flour, margarine, salt, vegetable oil, water, sugar


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Explicitly from Mario Kart, it's the Super Mushroom. This golden goody gives slower racers the ...

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Wonderful Mario Papercraft. ... February 3, 2011. Chain Chomp 2. Today we have a Chain Chomp papercraft by Squeezycheesecake of the new Ultimate Papercraft blog.

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Papercraft Radiance Dropship
Papercraft Radiance Dropship
So, I've started doing a sparse papercraft on the side, a hobby I can do every now and then when video games and art get boring. I've only done the thing here and a Thwomp from Super Mario...which turned out terrible. This turned out outdo. But, I have to say this . I DO NOT like Halo. Before I get hate mail, let me just say that the game (which I DID play) did not live up the hype. It's a 6/10, tops. My brother, however, is definitely taken with the game, so I decided to make this for him as a cheapy gift. It's the dropship from the game, a little off colored, but it's the dropship. I can't take pictures benefit a crap, so I've only got a few views of the ship. This is the best one, IMO. Comments welcome. Thanks for viewing.
Photo by beonarri on Flickr
Hoy es el gran día.... Roco e In disguise se volverían a ver, los dos estaban temblando de miedo, porque tanto el uno como el otro tenían una gran duda "me seguirá queriendo como antes??". Unaccompanied transcurrió un segundo desde que se vieron hasta que se abrazaron, por lo que se despejaron las dudas..... Roco e Incognito se querían más que nunca. Desde ya puedo decir que este va a ser uno de los momentos más emotivos del proyecto, no el único pero si de los que más.... Esta foto va dedicada a todos los seguidores de Roco, que son muchísimos por lo que he podido comprobar en los comentarios y en especial a Mario Ximénez (Xatacafoto) que lo vi bastante preocupado por el tema. Música para la escena ..♫♫♫.. Friends will be friends (Star) ..♫♫♫.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English versión:...
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Wonderful Mario pop-up card, final version
Wonderful Mario pop-up card, final version
That's it, all done. I'm not distressing this thing anymore ! If you really want the pattern, shoot me a Flickr mail or go and help yourself on 4chan's /po/ board.
Photo by TomMaillioux on Flickr