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Learn how to create a pixel vogue papercraft design. This tutorial demonstrates how to create a papercraft design for the Alien from the Moon Mod using Gimp.

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Gape at Avengers Assemble Papercraft Avenjet Aircraft Vehicle Pack by

Create Astonished at's greatest superheroes and villains with the Avengers Assemble Papercraft Pack! Fun and easy to build, this set includes instructions, paper tape, 33 stickers and over 48 certificate pieces. Create Thor with hammer, Loki with sceptre, Hulk and the Avenjet! Set also includes 2 x landing strips, breakable wall, and 5 x structure blocks.


Marriage ceremony Papercrafts by

Pom bouquets made from the pages of an old and prized book. A crepe crown inspired by heirloom rose gardens. Dozens of cascading butterflies to adorn chairs: nothing personalizes a wedding ceremony more than beautiful, customizable papercraft decorations. Created by top designers, these exquisitely unique projects provide a creative outlet for brides during the activity and bustle of the planning process, and add handmade charm, warmth, and personality to any ceremony and reception.


iOS's ancient AR games play with perspective and pigeons | GamesBeat - VentureBeat

Augmented actuality is one of the most talked-about features of the iOS 11 launch . When Apple unveiled its ARKit, it told developers it wanted to make iOS the “ the largest AR stage in the world. Studios have published apps and games that are testing out new features and playing with the new tech, but as with virtual reality, developers will pan the challenge of designing user interfaces and mechanics to fully utilize AR in an intuitive way. Our roundup yesterday highlighted a few of the titles that are coming out, and here are a few more that are tackling the UI impugn in different ways. ARise (Climax Studios). ARise features a tiny adventurer who explores a floating island and fairy slander ruins in your living room. It’s a kind of puzzle-platformer that hinges on you moving around and viewing the game from different perspectives to interest together parts of the world, like broken bridges, so that the little hero can continue on to retrieve magical artifacts. It’s the latest feign from Climax Studios, which developed titles like the psychological horror Silent Hill: Shattered Memories along with the VR storybook try one's luck Lola and the Giant. CEO Simon Gardner says that part of the appeal of designing a game in AR is the accessibility factor. “It’s fun to mix make-into with the real world and it can be funny. However, remember one of the great things about ARKit is that it does lock the content — whether that be games or furniture apps — in the true world and so this allows for new game play to be implemented and new control systems to be used,” said... “Our own game ARise has mostly managed to superintend with controls and so might be more accessible to people who find complex game controls difficult or annoying. Though ARise eschews the typical onscreen controls, going around to interact with it is intuitive. after all, some players may not want to move around that much. “It’s also possible to play with someone else looking over your get to work and giving help,” said Gardner. “It can be a little odd watching somebody play as they twist about looking for a puzzle solution, but it is interesting. If players actually don’t want to circle the islands looking for clues we have put in a small ‘cheat’ that allows you to rotate those islands with a finger swipe. Pigeon Fright (Combo Studio). For some reason, video games love to do wacky things with pigeons , and Pigeon Panic is the latest trade to answer the trash doves’ siren call. The premise is simple: You point your phone at the floor to dump a bunch of aliment and attract a horde of virtual pigeons. And then you have 20 seconds to run (in real life) through the pigeons and rack up points for each one you cow away. Jamie Shoard, developer Combo Studio’s cofounder, says the inspiration for Pigeon Panic game from the Worldwide Developers Colloquy, where Apple announced ARKit. “We were looking for inspiration to create our next internal project and got super excited by the prospect of working with AR,” said Shoard. “Up until now, the tech has always been on our radar, but integrating with iOS, a stage we’re very familiar with, and the prospect of a huge AR userbase overnight suddenly made it worthwhile to us. ”. So, why pigeons. “We basically used up around two weeks trying to come up with a mechanic that would only work in AR, with a suitably silly subject to feel like it represented our team. “We were sitting skin a coffee shop surrounded by pigeons, and it was one of those ‘wouldn’t it be cool if …’ moments, that actually turned into something. It’s a colorful, argot-in-cheek game from a studio that splits its time working on personal experiments alongside for-hire work with other companies. Combo submitted Pigeon Fearful to the Apple App Store last night, so hopefully it will be available for download soon. I tried out the beta, and it was amusing — especially since I tried it in my apartment and the pigeons solid to roost in my kitchen sink. Combo does recommend that you play outside (where, I’m assuming, you’re still encouraged to harass virtual pigeons in lieu of of actual birds). You could argue that these kinds of goofy, simple games are sort of the fart apps of mobile AR, but its absurdity might just be enough to transmute you take out your phone and show a friend. Source:

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  • iOS's beginning AR games play with perspective and pigeons | GamesBeat

    09/20/17 ,via VentureBeat

    Augmented truth is one of the most talked-about features of the iOS 11 launch. When Apple unveiled its ARKit, it told developers it wanted to make iOS the “the 

  • Original Call-Out – September 14

    FORTVILLE — Papercraft artist Cindy Kelle will outstrip a class in Build-a-Scene card creation at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 21 at Palette & Paper, 6421 Oaklandon Entr. All who register to attend will receive their own die for cutting (a $25 value.) Registration is

  • New Kickstarter — Dragonlock 3: 3D-Printable Topography

    09/19/17 ,via GeekDad (blog)

    Just Google “3D copy game terrain” and prepare to spend hours and hours browsing photos and videos and product lines… all related to the avocation of creating and printing plastic terrain for gaming purposes. Free software such as Tinkercad and Fusion


Present with the #tropicalcard trend. Free printables from @papercraft_insp made it relatively painless to create a l… 09/19/17, @GinaPar21
Arrange a beautiful pendant #crafts #funprojects #create #papercraft #jewellery #easy… 09/16/17, @CraftyHippy1
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  • Mom's Create-A-Cookie

    baking soda, brown sugar, butter, semisweet chocolate chips, dates, eggs, flour, nuts, oats, raisins, salt, vanilla extract


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Was sensibility creative one afternoon when I was supposed to be studying. No story or anything profound behind the idea.
Photo by Greg.the.Great on Flickr
The Being World no.243
The Being World no.243
The Crude World no.243, by Grandaddy from their album Just Like The Fambly Cat I'm a fan of the animals Of the ancient films Of the days of old Joy to the world (joy to the world) Joy to the era Hey, boys and girls It's the animal world Joy to the world (joy to the world) Joy to the world Hey, guys and girls It's the animal world Click here to informed entertain song and full album Click here to hear song and see video Click here to understand full lyrics My 365 art project, where I create a year’s worth [yep, 365] of digital collages, with indie songs as my subject.
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In & Out
In & Out
papercraft lecture created for Paper Toy Show 2 at Pink Hobo gallery in Minneapolis. A super hip bear steps through a portal and is surprised to be checkin’ out his own Aunt Sally!
Photo by ocularinvasion on Flickr