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48 Colors x 100 Strips per Break down, 4800 Paper Quilling Strips Supplies Set Kit, 3 mm (1/8 Inch) Wide, 297 mm (11,5 Inch) Sustained, 80 gsm, Solid Colors, DIY PaperCraft, ZE PS3 by GraftonPL

  • shade guide shows all the colors included in the set
  • they are NOT glued at the ends - it's a lot easier to take them out...
  • SET of 48 colors x 100 strips per pack - total of 4800 strips ;...


Product Description


- the set includes 4800 paper quilling strips
- there are 48 colors x 100 strips per pack
-shade guide shows all the colors included in the set
- a color swatch is also included in the set

- 1/8" wide (app. 3 mm )
- 11,5" long (app. 297 mm)
- 80 gsm ( just like office paper )

- the strips are packed individually in a cellophane bag (100 strips per pack)
- they are NOT glued at the ends - it's a lot easier to take them out and keep them tidy and hassle-free
- Orders dispatched from Rzeszow(Poland) unless fulfilled by Amazon in Canada ( please check Amazon Canada for availability).
Please be aware that the colors may differ slightly due to the monitor settings.

3D Pop Up Handmade Cards Originative Greeting Cards Papercraft (Ferris Wheel) by With Love

  • Notice:Please open Gently.May be snapped if pull too hard.
  • Size:14.9 x 15 cm(Folded)
  • Suitable for: invitations / birthday cards / Christmas cards /...


Product Description

We'll always feel something is missing when we send gifts without greeting cards,express your feeling by words,the greeting card will be the carrier of your words,if this carrier in three-dimensional, there will be more surprises.if you want to gift surprises,then try this Pop-Up 3D Greeting Cards The handmaded card is more than a greeting card,The one who opens it will be pleasantly surprised by this unique gift, will be touched in their mind .


80's Gaming Papercraft Stop Motion Video | Paperchase

For all the 80s gaming enthusiasts out there, this one is for you. Get your geek on. By Timothy Armstrong and he used this: bit.

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Go to the wall Me Up by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

Cut them out. Wrinkle them up. Have fun. A grown-up twist on a childhood classic?exquisitely designed paper fortune-tellers. Cootie catchers aren't just for kids anymore! These 100 MS fortune tellers provide a fresh take on a childhood favorite with answers/strategies for handling tough adult situations and answering respected life dilemmas like: Should you have another cocktail?What Jane Austen heroine are you?Your '80s movie alter ego I'm breaking up with you (with this cootie catcher)What would Mr. T do?The hipster alliance decorationImportant messages from cute puppiesEmergency excuse generatorEach fortune teller features a unique and colorful design created specifically for this aggregation, including contributions from such design luminaries as Noah Scalin (creator of the Skull-a-Day project), Stefan Bucher (creator of dailymonster.com), textile draughtsman Jessica Jones, and more. (There are even a few blank ones so readers can get out what's on their minds.)


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    04/25/16 ,via GeekDad (blog)

    I used to collect the occasional Ral Partha miniature back when I started playing D&D in the early 80s, but they were so expensive that my collection never grew beyond maybe a dozen or so. Today, players have dozens and dozens of manufacturers to 

  • A brave new world: the 1980s home computer boom

    From iPads to wafer-thin laptops, home computers (in one form or another) are today commonplace. But when did we first embrace this technology? Tom Lean, the author of Electronic Dreams: How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer, investigates…

  • FAANS: A Fannish Mystery; humorous 1983 science fiction fandom video

    12/16/16 ,via Boing Boing

    video made in 1983 based around general science fiction fandom culture at the time. This was the time I was most active in all aspects of fandom. I know/knew many of the people in this video. I was going to at least 3 and sometimes 6 cons a year in


  • Ding Dong Eight-Alarm Chili

    onions, chilies, chilies, cumin, oregano, garlic, beef, white onion, dried ancho chile, pinto beans, salt, green chilies, vegetable oil, water

  • Goulash With Spatzle

    beef, beef broth, caraway seed, flour, lemon zest, marjoram, vegetable oil, onions, paprika, salt, tomato paste


  • Paper Cut

    Rockport Publishers. 2014. ISBN: 9781627880541,1627880542. 192 pages.

    DIVPaper Cut is a unique perspective into one of the most exciting fields of contemporary illustration. With contributions from 30 of the top papercraft illustrators, showcasing their amazing works and delving into their craft, this book will awe and inspire you. Author Owen Gildersleeve explores why these artists love papercraft, how they use it and what makes their work unique. See their ideas, inspirations and process in 250 full color photos that includes a range of interesting textured colored paper stocks dotted throughout. See exclusive works from designers like Chrissie MacDonald, Hattie Newman, Peter Callesen, Kyle Bean Helen Friel, Rob Ryan, Jeff Nishinaka and more!/div

  • Raspberry Pi Hacks

    "O'Reilly Media, Inc.". 2013. ISBN: 9781449362317,1449362311. 394 pages.

    With more than 60 practical and creative hacks, this book helps you turn Raspberry Pi into the centerpiece of some cool electronics projects. Want to create a controller for a camera or a robot? Set up Linux distributions for media centers or PBX phone systems? That’s just the beginning of what you’ll find inside Raspberry Pi Hacks. If you’re looking to build either a software or hardware project with more computing power than Arduino alone can provide, Raspberry Pi is just the ticket. And the hacks in this book will give you lots of great ideas. Use configuration hacks to get more out of your Pi Build your own web server or remote print server Take the Pi outdoors to monitor your garden or control holiday lights Connect with SETI or construct an awesome Halloween costume Hack the Pi’s...

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  • Free DIY Paper Foldables For Adam Bomb, Mike Tyson, and Other '80s Characters

    01/27/17 ,via rediscoverthe80s.com

    Thanks to a recent article on Plastic and Plush, I was introduced to some really fun papercraft figures based on '80s characters and beyond. Bryan at Paper Foldables has created these paper toys professionally for several companies like Amazon, 2K Games ...

  • National Building Museum (and dinner)

    12/04/16 ,via www.meetup.com

    Some best-loved dollhouses from the past 300 years will be brought to life. Around the World in 80 Paper Models - drawing from a magnificent 4,500-piece collection recently donated to the Museum, the architectural paper models represent buildings ...

  • Scrapbook & Papercraft Expo

    The Scrapbook & Papercraft Expo is Australia’s largest dedicated papercraft event with more retailers, displays and classes under the one roof than any other. We are bringing the long-running and successful show back to Brisbane in 2017 and with so many ...


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Disclaimer: The material presented here is my original creation, any characters not created by myself are in no way official nor endorsed by their owners unless ...

Tektonten Papercraft

Here is a nifty collection of papercraft bobbleheads depicting characters from the BBC's 1981 television adaptation of Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Mini Papercraft

Zenitram es un personaje originalmente creado por Juan Sasturain escritor,periodista y director de la revista FIERRO para un pequeño relato en los 80's.

'80s Ghostbusters Ecto-1 AFTER
'80s Ghostbusters Ecto-1 AFTER
Found some really cool glow in dark photo paper and decided to try a couple paper models with it. Looks much better in person.
Photo by jcarwil on Flickr
'80s Ghostbusters Ecto-1 BEFORE
'80s Ghostbusters Ecto-1 BEFORE
Photo by jcarwil on Flickr
and more paper models subaru the 80s papercraft models cars coloring ...
and more paper models subaru the 80s papercraft models cars coloring ...
Muppets37: '80s Robot Cubee by TheFlyingDachshund on DeviantArt
Muppets37: '80s Robot Cubee by TheFlyingDachshund on DeviantArt
1970/80s Papercraft ~ Jumbo Roll of Christmas Wrapping Paper from ...
1970/80s Papercraft ~ Jumbo Roll of Christmas Wrapping Paper from ...