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*** Editor's Choice 2017 *** Winner, Best New Paleo Book *** (April 4, 2017)

Curious about the so-called Paleo Diet but not willing to give up the foods and lifestyle you love? Good news. You don't need to live like a caveman or cavewoman to reap the incredible benefits of the Paleo diet and lifestyle: thanks to years of cutting-edge personal research across thousands of regular people just like you, "Paleo" has finally evolved into a new approach that's easier, simpler, and far more enjoyable! No more giving up the foods you love, forget counting calories or stressing about whether a food is Paleo or not. The 80/20 Paleo changes everything -- and let's you burn the fat while indulging in the foods you love, for life! Go 80/20 Paleo tonight and you'll never look back.

- Learn cutting-edge, scientifically-based tricks and hacks that give you 90% of the benefits of the Paleo Diet without any of the pain, radical lifestyle changes nor hassle.

- Find out which foods give you the most benefit, and why. Hint: it's not what you think!

- Why conventional wisdom around how to burn fat is so wrong, and how to jumpstart your fat loss NOW.

- Practical advice, information you can use, evidence-based science and incredible recipes that will blow your mind!

- And much, much more.

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*** Editor's Pick (April 2014, Nutrition Week Editor's Choice): "Expert nutritionist & worldwide evolutionary medicine speaker Rachel Good delivers a standout, well-researched guide for regular people who want to experience the many benefits of the Paleo diet but who don't want to go overboard -- nor spend a lot of time or money. Perhaps the best practical book in a sea of subjective or poorly-written Paleo-related books out there, The 4-Hour Paleo also contains numerous easy-to-make recipes that you'll actually want to make, and eat. Comprehensive, evidence-based yet fun and easy to read. Four stars!" - Ed

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You want to try the Paleo diet, but you think it’s a little too extreme, takes too much time, costs too much money, has too many hard-to-find ingredients or requires too much cooking.

The 4-Hour Paleo is a Paleo diet that makes the health benefits of Paleo eating accessible to anyone, regardless of your schedule, your sweet tooth or your budget. With this book, you can do everything you need, from planning to shopping to cooking, in less than four hours per week.

In The 4-Hour Paleo, you’ll get the straight deal on why there are certain guidelines in the Paleo diet, which ones you can work around without losing any health benefits and how to incorporate Paleo eating seamlessly into your life without feeling deprived.

You’ll learn how to shop for the Paleo diet, how to cook delicious Paleo meals in very little time (and even use bulk cooking and slow cooking to make the most of your time in the kitchen) and where to shop for everything you need.

The 4-Hour Paleo includes a shopping guide, foods lists, an exercise guide, excellent resources and forty mouthwatering recipes for everything from clam chowder to mango sorbet.

Don’t let time or money keep you from one of the healthiest lifestyle changes you can make. The 4-Hour Paleo makes Paleo eating fun, fast, simple and straightforward -- and with this book, you can do it TODAY!


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  • The Trustworthy Paleo Diet Cookbook

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2015. ISBN: 9780544303270,054430327X. 352 pages.

    The crop up again of the true Paleo diet with 250 enticing recipes that prove following The Paleo Diet is as delicious, inventive, and inspiring as it is healthy It’s official—the real Paleo Diet is back. Loved for its cleanness, health benefits, and because it really works, the diet has been widely imitated since its release. Yet no one knows this plan better than Loren Cordain, its framer. As an expert in evolutionary medicine, Cordain realized we had moved away from the foods we were designed to eat—lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables—while new-fashioned staples such as sugar, salt, and carbohydrates were creating a host of 21st-century health issues, including obesity and heart affliction. By eating the right food, people are healthier. But can eating Paleo be tasty? In this all-new cookbook...

  • 10-Day Millstone Loss Asian Diet: How to Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days

    Rank Books. 2016. ISBN: 9789810987718,9810987714. 96 pages.

    Eating does not set up you fat, it is what you eat that makes you fat. Losing weight does not mean starvation. If you know how to eat the right food, you can turn your body into a natural fat-burning system. The book, 10-Day Weight Loss Asian Diet will show you how you can lose 10 pounds or more in just 10 days without any exercise. The is a proven diet envisage that will let you eat three full meals and at least two snacks a day—and you're still going to lose weight. The author has lost 5kg or almost 11 pounds in just 10 days and went on to waste 11 pounds more in the next 14 days by following this diet plan. The author has documented every meal he has eaten with full recipes and images and now you can mirror this simple diet plan easily. The book also reveals the secret behind turning your...


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