Do Onions Have Nutritional Value

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Nutrition Facts - Onions

Not only do onions add flavor to your dishes, they are also rich in Nutrients In this video Registered Dietitian Christy Brissette from the ELLICSR Kitchen and the .

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    And always remember do not smoke or chew tobacco ... Bite-for-bite, low calorie-dense foods have fewer calories than high calorie-dense foods. Fatty meats, full-fat dairy products, creamy dressings and high-fat snack foods have high calorie density.


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'My Supermarket Nightmare'
'My Supermarket Nightmare'
I just hate the whole supermarket experience Across the country local shops have been wiped out by supermarkets. My mum had all her groceries delivered from the local shop back in the 1950s. The shop keeper knew exactly what kind of bacon she had; he knew her and her likes and dislikes. This was before the days of bloody supermarkets. Small shops used to be meeting places for shoppers who chatted to each other while they waited to be served. They were the hub of communities. You do not even need to speak in a supermarket. In fact sometimes you do not need to have any human contact at all because you can swipe your goods and pay by machine. Every week it is the same. It’s all on the list and you navigate that trolley, with its perennially bent left wheel, up and down familiar, crowded aisles. At the end of the whole miserable process you stand in a queue, unload and pack the goods yourself, pay the cashier, hump the stuff miles to the car park and drive home physically and...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
Victorian Butcher's Shop c.1900
Victorian Butcher's Shop c.1900
image above: Unlocated. Butcher's Hanging Meat Display.E.1900s. The photograph below shows the carcasses of a local Bristol butcher (name & location unknown). It was probably taken in early 1900 and shows the freshly butchered animals made ready for sale at Christmas. For many of the poorer families fresh meat was something they could only rarely afford so they would save up to treat themselves at Christmas. The Victorians valued good cooking and food. However, there were great differences between what the rich and poorer people ate. The rich ate a tremendous amount and wasted even more. This wastage was at a time when a large proportion of the population were living on bread, dripping, vegetables and tea. The diet of the very poor was terrible. The unemployed, and others with little money, survived on little more than potato parings, rotten vegetable refuse and scraps. For the destitute, hunger often forced them to seek a place in the workhouse where a diet of...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
Diet Detective: Do onions, cucumbers have nutritional value?
Diet Detective: Do onions, cucumbers have nutritional value?
Image by
Do onions and cucumbers have nutritional value?
Do onions and cucumbers have nutritional value?
What is the Nutritional Value of Onions? | LIVESTRONG.COM
What is the Nutritional Value of Onions? | LIVESTRONG.COM