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We've all had that moment when you dip your cookie into milk for too long, it breaks off, and you wonder why bad things happen to good people. Well, we found a way to make that negative into a positive. Since two delicious things can't taste bad together, we put our team to work. Our chief scientist of flavor gained 20 pounds during the R&D to ensure we got as close as we could to replicating that experience in a healthy way. This is how we came up with our Milk + Cookies flavor and its sure to flood you with childhood memories!


In true Purbolics spirit, we took what we loved and turned it into a tasty dessert-like Whey Protein powder that only has 130 calories per scoop. We pack 24g of protein in each scoop but we make sure its deliciously irresistible to all 28 servings per tub!


Our protein consists of Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate. It has added BCAAs, Papain & Protease, to help digestion and kickstart recovery. Consume post-workout to maximize muscle growth and improve strength. It can also be mixed into your baking products like pancake batter. Bulk up that breakfast! Moral of the story: Purbolics Protein provides a convenient source of tasty protein anytime during the day.

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A look inside Abbott Nutrition

Columbus plant makes products for all ages, including Ensure and Similac.

Fritz' FNCE experience

Every CNM that I have worked with over the past year has gone to at least one FNCE. Why would they take days off from their already busy jobs to go to what many outsiders might consider a vacation. After all, when we here about other conventions, the jokes and debauchery stories start rolling out. Well, this is not the case for FNCE. we network and start building relationships here. I see six basic "parts" to FNCE. The first and biggest part is the floor exhibits in the main hall. The second consists of breakout sessions where presentations are made on new concepts, research, practice ideas, etc. Basically your summer case study on steroids. The third area is a large portion of the main hall where all the poster presentations are displayed. This is when all the DPGs and job recruiters have their booths set up. Five and six are behind the scenes in private meetings. One is the AND planning committees deciding on the future direction of the RDN world (Nancy is part of this). The other consists primarily of each regions delegates, and they meet to discuss legislation and policy topics at both the state and federal level. The main exhibit hall is very fun. lot's of free stuff and all the major food and nutrition supplement companies. You'll see Abbott, Nestle (never close to one another), Campbell's, the pistachio grower's board, Kraft, peach advocates and you get the idea. You'll also see booths for companies like Arivale (the wellness coaching company in Seattle that we talked about), a plethora of gimmicky health devices and all the education and chronic disease areas like the ADA. The CNM can get info about new thickening agents for liquids, gluten free menu ideas (this is a big one), vegan products, better tasting supplements and the list goes on. Even though there were thousands of people there, I saw Nancy twice, met up... Allie Lindke will be graduating Kent this May, and she is applying for an internship in Georgia. I was filling out an online survey at the convention center, and the woman sitting next to me (doing same) noticed my name badge ID ing me as from Kent State. She asked if I knew an Allie (She had forgotten the last name). I said "Allie Lindke. I made sure that I had a perfect, no typos (I read it over about twenty times after I thought there were no mistakes and still found some), internship updated, career development center approved, resume. My cover letter followed the four paragraph style that we were shown, but I kept it more generic - I couldn't very well research the companies I was going to see. I started the letter out with dear hiring manager (this was the recommendation of the career development center). Many were pleasantly surprised that I was so well prepared. of all the times in your life, this is the time to exceed their expectations. If I were a CNM looking for new dietitians (as was the case with Lee Health from Florida), then FNCE would be a good place to set up a booth. If you have any questions about all this, please don't hesitate to contact me. Concerning the breakout sessions, serendipity abounded. On my first morning, for the first session, the topic was using cooking as an educational/intervention tool. It also gave me the hard to find references I needed to fill in the last part of my lit review. I also met some new friends in the Nutrition Entrepreneurs DPG. One of their leaders picked me right out of the wall to wall people in the DPG area, "You look like someone who is becoming an RD as a second career. " Second career RDs is a strong subgroup of NEDPG. There's some real strong experience and support in this group. I met some very important RDs. They also had the best break out session ever - using comedy as a counseling tool. One of their members is actually a stand up comedienne as well as a RD. This was not a static sit and listen session. We all participated in various exercises in comedy 101. One example was how to make a good joke out of real life experience. Start with something that you do in normal life, then add something true but totally unexpected. One man walked up to the mic to share this thought: "I'm a dietetic intern and I have a penis. " The hall of about 200, mostly women, gave him a standing ovation. Source: Kent State Interns

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RT @MBA_Jobs_USA_3: Brand #manager - Innovation, Adult Nutrition: Abbott Laboratories, USA (Ohio). #MBA #jobs #USA 01/31/17, @iamukasa
Brand #manager - Innovation, Adult Nutrition: Abbott Laboratories, USA (Ohio). #MBA #jobs #USA 01/31/17, @MBA_Jobs_USA_3
Barista Deli Cashier Abbott Nutrition Columbus Ross Jobs in Columbus, OH #Columbus #OH #jobs #jobsearch 01/28/17, @careersiftcol



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