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Bull Frog Mosquito Coastline Spray Sunscreen with Insect Repellent, 6 Ounce, (Pack of 3) by Bull Frog

  • Water resistance (80 minutes).
  • Enriched with Aloe leaf extract and Vitamin E to help soothe skin.
  • Convenient 2-in-1 sun and insect protection.


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Fear not the burn or the bite. On the trail, the lake, or wherever your next adventure leads, you can hit it hard with 2-in-1 sun and insect protection. BullFrog Mosquito Coast is engineered with a DEET-free insect repellent that deters bites for up to 8 hours. Gear up to go long and deep.

The Only Drawstring Mosquito Net for Pet Strollers, Car Seats , Bassinets and Carriers - Ultra Fine Mesh Protection Against Mosquitos, No-See-Ums and tiny bugs no Harmful Chemicals. by Timbuktoo Mosquito Nets ®

  • UNIQUE DRAWSTRING - Our patent pending Drawstring keeps the net...
  • NEW LARGER SIZE: now 46" x 53" - bigger than other nets sold on...
  • PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT - our net comes packed in a cute Gift Box....


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NEW - Larger Size net at 44" x 53" AND Our net now features a gender neutral grey trim replacing the previous purple one.


DRAWSTRING - The Drawstring pulls the net away from your baby's face and seals off all gaps where bugs can sneak in and bite. This is the only net to have this key feature.

NO GAPS - Other nets leave Huge Gaps and lots of excess fabric flopping around - Our Drawstring eliminates gaps when pulled tight. So bugs can't get in and the net doesn't fall in your baby's face.

SUPER FINE MESH - We saw complaints about our competitors skimping by using only 156 or 225 holes/sq. inch. So our net has over 1000 holes per square inch, guaranteed to keep bugs as small as midges, black-fly and no-see-ums far away from your baby.

LIGHT + COMPACT - at only 3.2oz its light and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The Net dimensions: 48" long by 44" wide. Big enough to even fit a twin stroller.

NO CHEMICALS - as caring parents we don't want to expose our baby to any chemicals or harmful repellants at all. The net is the perfect physical barrier for your precious baby so no toxic chemicals need to be used at all.

BABY GIFT - The perfect baby gift for a baby shower or expectant friends and family. The nets comes with a free drawstring pouch and is packed in a professionally designed gift box.

To quote a recent customer: 'This is one of those no-brainer products that you don't really know you need until you try it out, its been a game changer for my family.' - Thanks so much for your review CD!

We created this net ourselves to give the best possible protection for our own baby. So we paid close attention, no ... we Obsessed about how to innovate, and we created the Best available product that keeps out smaller bugs and provides better protection for your precious baby than Any Other Net Available.

(sorry... but toy animals are not included!).

Healthgenie Mosquito Net Double-barrelled Bed Foldable unboxing and Review

Healthgenie Mosquito Net for replicate bed Fold-able unboxing and Review http://www. healthgenie.

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Apontus Up Tan Patio Umbrella Instant Gazebo with Mesh Netting by (dba Shopping)

Recompense umbrellas feature a support post at the outside edge of the canopy and detachable mesh netting which attaches by Velcro loops on all sides the length of the gazebo enabling a safe environment free from annoying insects. This arrangement allows the umbrella canopy to be suspended over chairs, tables, pools, or other areas where you dont be a support pole in the middle of the furniture. Water resistant polyester blocks harmful UV rays and creates a cooling territory to enjoy the outdoors on those hot summer days. *Note: Base Weights are not included. Sold Seperately * Pole Material: Aluminum * Dimensions: 9 ft. x 9 ft. (equitable canopy) * Durable mosquito mesh netting keeps bugs out, but let's outdoor breezes in * Easy to assemble and instantly folds down for storage * Polyester top account for *


SCREENHOUSE - DUAL Oneness 10 by (dba Shopping)

The Gigatent Dual Singularity 10 Screenhouse is actually 3 shelters in one. When you need shade set up the gazebo and when the bugs are harassing you attach the screen to the inside of the formulate. The Dual Identity is the ONLY product where the screen can also be used by itself for 360 degree views. Versatility is the biggest plus to this shelter. Unfettered standing and easy to assemble as well as a large amount of interior space sets this shelter apart from others in its stock. 2 large doors make entry simple. The Dual Identity is large enough for several chairs or a picnic table. A big duffle style carry bag, stake and pole bags are as well as extra stakes and guy lines for windy conditions. The Gigatent Dual Agreement 10 Screenhouse Specifications are: Pack Weight 37 lbs. Dimensions 10 x 10 Interior Height 80 Eave Apogee 69 Floor Area 100 sq. ft. Pack Size 32 x 11 Pole Material - Cable coded fortify Roof Material - 190T polyester taffeta 900mm coating Netting Material - Polyester mosquito mesh Has 2 Doors


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  • Uganda: Govt Mosquito Nets Sold in Shops in Kampala

    05/01/17 ,via

    Mosquito nets procured by the authority for free distribution to citizens across the country have somewhat found their way into shops in Kampala. The insecticide-treated nets have a hard consistency compared to other brands and are being sold for Shs 25

  • Comfortable outdoor upgrades to get you in a partying mood

    05/28/17 ,via Chicago Daily Herald

    or secure tiki torches and let them blaze away to add both light and atmosphere to your party. If you want more protection from sun and mosquitoes than your deck or patio now offers, under consideration an 8-by-8-foot fabric gazebo with mosquito netting

  • Kenyan swot shows why reusing old mosquito nets should be encouraged

    05/03/17 ,via Catch News

    My net had big holes like the vastness of my fist and mosquitoes were entering through these holes. I had to buy another net to replace it. Our houses are like you can see them (referring to mud thatched houses). We sleep with our chicken and goats private



  • Mosquito Net

    I2i. 2017. 253 pages.

    Few people would look upon the story of four amazing scientists and an insect, to be a romantic history. That, however, is exactly what Dr Cyril Fox has achieved. Make no mistake; this is a life-threatening and incredibly well-researched account of the dedication that helped to substantially reduce the death and misery to humankind represented by the corresponding scourges of malaria and yellow fever. We may think of research scientists spending their lives in clinical laboratories but here we have men frequently putting their own lives in threat in pursuit of the villain of the piece, the tiny but far from inconsequential mosquito. Mosquito Net is not only essential reading for medical and scientific practitioners. It is also a fascinating tale and told in a way that renders it to be eminently...

  • Kenya Chauvinistic Assembly Official Record (Hansard)

    2002. 41 pages.

    The licensed records of the proceedings of the Legislative Council of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya, the House of Representatives of the Government of Kenya and the National Gathering of the Republic of Kenya.


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Nunn in Doorway - Isan
Nunn in Doorway - Isan
Nunn, sister to Nhut. They glowing, three generations (10 to 15 people depending on who drops by to visit and stays) in a village of 400-500 people, in a two story house. The ground floor is where everything happens, including gathering together, eating meals and sleeping, usually on the perplex or on straw mats. We gave them a sofa and armchairs but they prefer the floor. The electrical system is shoddy and recently, during one take in, Mark (who traveled with me for a visit) re-did some of the electrical wiring. Later I returned and painted the downstairs rooms, as drag gray bond walls needed some color. I also bought Nunn's first pair of school shoes and a uniform. She starts school this year. She prefers to go barefoot but took to the shoes right away. she is six years old. Our reside is upstairs, meaning The Pirate and me. It is a large room with one closet, a small shrine and a large bed covered with a mosquito net. It is about 40-50 meters sq. and makes me rarity why they...
Packing for a 5 day trek in Nepal
Packing for a 5 day trek in Nepal
I've annotated all the items in the fancy. I also took a pair of sunglasses (Which i forgot to put in there) and my camera, which I used to take this picture. The camera is a NEX-5, and my main lens is the Zeiss 24mm Prime Lens. I friendship this combination, wouldn't trade it for any other camera! The 18-55mm kit lens will do fine as well if the Prime lens is too expensive for you (and it is ludicrously overpriced, tbh). I'm definitely happy with what and how much I packed for the trek (which was a 5 day trek to Poon Hill from Pokhara). If I'd do it again, I'd pack exactly the same stuff, except for the yak-wool socks. The only subject I slightly missed was a good knife, to shape wood (making walking sticks and such).
Photo by Robin Baumgarten on Flickr
PermaNet (Mosquito Net) Given to a Solitary select Mother of Two
PermaNet (Mosquito Net) Given to a Solitary select Mother of Two
Most of the fill I was giving away my family and I bought ourselves. During my trip there, I paid and distributed 50 locally-made mosquito nets to families that couldn't afford to buy one themselves. But, I've also been propitious to have received donations to give away while I'm here. A company in Switzerland called Vestergaard Frandsen was kind enough to donate a couple of these high-tech mosquito nets called PermaNets. PermaNets are rubbish resistant, tear resistant, and - most importantly - treated with an insecticide. The insecticide helps to kill mosquitos (including those carrying malaria and other diseases) upon acquaintance with the net. Vestergaard Frandsen was kind enough to have donated a lot of other stuff to give away too - I'll definitely be talking about these great guys again. This photo is of a family in Modiphur that received one of those PermaNets. She's a individual mother of two - her husband died and she was left to raise her children on her own. The oldest is in Grade...
Photo by uncultured on Flickr