Can Netting On Tents Be Repaired

Tent Mend - How To Repair Tent Mesh

Tent Patch up can help you save money that you'd otherwise be spending to buy a new one. Watch to see how to repair a hole in tent mesh with tent repair tape.

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The Butterfly (Rescuer) Transform: Monarch-Lovers Aim To Repopulate the Species and Those Against It - Orange Coast Magazine (blog)

Chrysalises act in concert from a stick in Eva Rodriguez’s kitchen, tied there with bows of dental floss: two dozen inch-long, jade‑colored real casings that look like pendants with golden beading at the top, a flash of bling. Nearby, monarch butterflies cling to a Christmas cactus, while another sits on a sheet, unfurling its thin black proboscis into a mound of chopped-up watermelon. “You’re acting cuckoo, you’re just getting cuckoo,” she croons to a fluttering representative in her hand. Just a few miles south of Rodriguez’s Seal Beach home, Leslie Gilson is in “her” park in Huntington Beach, watching lord butterflies flit amid the eucalyptus trees and take an occasional nectar break at flower-laden shrubs. When their heir grow fat, Gilson takes them home, these yellow, black, and white striped caterpillars, feeds them daily meals of leaves, and protects them from predators in trap laundry baskets from Ikea. But Monika Moore has both women beat when it comes to rearing butterflies. She has created quite the master habitat in the raised beds of her Fullerton backyard: She planted milkweed, the monarch’s host plant, and covered the plants tent-like with zippered netting stretching over tubular frames. The butterflies are proper in this environment, from egg stage until the moment they’re ready to fly, and Moore doesn’t have to hand-feed them. She releases about 1,000 butterflies into the mutinous from her garden each year. The newbie, the civic activist, the veteran: These are three of Orange County’s monarch rescuers, passionate hobbyists idea on saving an embattled species, one butterfly at a time. It would seem an innocuous enough obsession, but they have run into opposition from scientists who say that monarch fever might be doing more to harm the butterflies than assistance them. Upon learning how the species’ numbers dropped by a perilous 80 percent in two decades, people buy a couple of milkweed plants for the yard, hoping to employees. Milkweed, which comes in many forms, is the only plant on which the monarch will lay its eggs, the only leaves that the spectacularly marked caterpillars will eat. Once the caterpillars denude the ingrain and need more food to make it to chrysalis stage, their keepers rush out to buy extra milkweed. They add flowering plants, and the nectar attracts more butterflies. Then, approximately inevitably, comes the painful stage of caterpillars disappearing—mostly done in by wasps, spiders, and similar predators. Obsession predominantly kicks in when people realize they must provide protection to the monarchs so they’ll survive, which means placing them in protected housing or bringing them indoors. This requires feeding them regularly until the caterpillars suspended from an overhead spot, curling into a J shape, and veiling themselves in that little tube of jade green, with the line of brightly shining gold dots round the top. This movement is nationwide, with several Facebook groups devoted to tips for monarch-rearing. The largest, The Beautiful Monarch, has 11,500 members. Aficionados cognizant of how to repair damaged wings—even transplant them. (The patient is chilled first in the refrigerator, which serves as a butterfly sedative. The retired accommodating resources manager began courting monarchs only a year ago, after hearing about them from a friend. She became so successful at breeding them that she’s running a combine of butterfly assembly line on her patio and in her kitchen. She’s feeling her way along, more grandmother to her growing brood than monarch expert. In devoting most of her yard’s one sparing flower bed to plants for the creatures, she hit the monarch jackpot. By mid-February, Rodriguez had released more than 350 butterflies. Her number of milkweed plants has inefficiently quadrupled, and they now dominate the raised bed. In one jar, aging caterpillars hang in suspended J formations, about to enter the chrysalise stage. In others, the spry-green chrysalises are already hanging from the mesh, attached by the monarch’s own strong, silk-like material. Rodriguez’s regularly schedule of butterfly care takes all morning and into the early afternoon. in the ones with caterpillars, she supplies the daily milkweed leaves for them to eat and lines the behind of the container with paper towels that are changed regularly. After the chrysalises form, Rodriguez ties dental floss. Source:

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  • The Butterfly (Rescuer) Put on: Monarch-Lovers Aim To Repopulate the Species and Those Against It

    She has created altogether the monarch habitat in the raised beds of her Fullerton backyard: She planted milkweed, the monarch's host plant, and covered the plants tent-like with zippered netting stretching over tubular frames. The butterflies are okay in

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    Inner tent interminably was good. The inner has two mesh pockets and the inner door has mosquito netting and can be rolled back at the bottom into toggle retainers. The Eureka tent comes with servicing patches and pole repair tube. The packed tent is about 

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  • 1001 Climbing Tips

    Vertebrate Publishing. 2016. ISBN: 9781910240571,1910240575. 300 pages.

    Shortlisted: 2016 Banff Mountain Publication Competition ‘1001 Climbing Tips had me laughing out loud in places, which I never thought possible for this genre of book. A tremendous resource that should be an intrinsic addition to every climber’s loo-library’ – Ian Parnell, Climb magazine Imagine an alien came down to World, stuck a probe into a climber’s brain – one who’d been climbing for over thirty years – and then transmogrified the contents into a big book of climbing tips. Fabulously, 1001 Climbing Tips by Andy Kirkpatrick is just such a book. This is no regular instruction manual – it’s much more useful than that. This is a massive collection of all those infinitesimal tips that make a real difference when at the crag, in the mountains, or when you’re planning your next big trip. It’s for anyone who...

  • Don't Cease to remember the Duct Tape

    The Mountaineers Books. 2017. ISBN: 0898869552,9780898869552. 109 pages.

    Offers warning on what to include in a hiking or travel repair kits and duct tape do's and don'ts. This book includes sections on caring for technical wool garments and repairing softshell fabrics, individual-wall tents, hydration systems, and more.


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The Kit
The Kit
Proposed items for the journey. Mouseover the image for details. As of today, I still don't have the saddlebags most of this needs to go into so some items may need to be culled. Items not shown: 70 oz. Camelback bladder will go in the back of my serious-vis vest, the rest of the gear I'll be wearing, a book, a bottle of Gatorade, and toiletries. Some of you will note the lack of tools. This is because I don't know how to fix anything on this bike anyway. It's in reality not the bike I wanted to take this trip on.
Photo by masukomi on Flickr