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How Nashville Became Music New Zealand urban area, U.S.A.: 50 Years of Music Row (Book and CD) by Hal Leonard

  • Size: 9" x 6"
  • Softcover with CD
  • Author: Michael Kosser



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(Book). How did a medium-sized Southern river town become arguably the most important music center in America? In How Nashville Became Music City, U.S.A. , we learn how a single studio in a tiny duplex house became Music Row, a ten-block area populated by hundreds of talented people whose job is to simply make music. The book features stories from publishers, songwriters and others who help tell the evolution of this fabled center of music. It's where Elvis ushered in the commercial rock 'n' roll explosion by recording "Heartbreak Hotel," Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, and Willie Nelson taught mainstream America to love soulful ballads, and Bob Dylan recorded three of his most important albums. The full-length CD includes 12 recordings made in the early studios of Music Row, giving listeners a rare chance to hear the demos made by some of Nashville's most talented artists. Songs include "Bye, Bye, Love," "Crazy," "King of the Road," "Walkin' After Midnight" and "He Stopped Loving Her Today."

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Latin Music U.S.A. - Latin Music U.S.A. DVD by CD Universe

Starring: Carlos Santana; Glor


Latin Music U.S.A. - Latin Music U.S.A. DVD by CD Universe

Starring: Carlos Santana; Glor


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U Drive Music Hall

Cut Benedict Arnold Will Eastman, Chris Kennedy Saturday Jun 24 10:30 pm This event is 18 and over More Info ***Free before 11 PM for 21+. Ages 18-20 by approach ticket only.***

Rolling Stone

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LaMusica - Your Music Target

: LaMusica is a disencumber digital video, radio, music and entertainment service with the hottest artist, celebrity and entertainment news all in fun bite-sized videos

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