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A Mayor's Person: Governing New York's Gorgeous Mosaic by Brand: PublicAffairs

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How did a scrawny black kidthe son of a barber and a domestic who grew up in Harlem and Trentonbecome the 106th mayor of New York City? It's a remarkable journey. David Norman Dinkins was born in 1927, joined the Marine Corps in the waning days of World War II, went to Howard University on the G.I. Bill, graduated cum laude with a degree in mathematics in 1950, and married Joyce Burrows, whose father, Daniel Burrows, had been a state assemblyman well-versed in the workings of New York's political machine. It was his father-in-law who suggested the young mathematician might make an even better politician once he also got his law degree.

The political career of David Dinkins is set against the backdrop of the rising influence of a broader demographic in New York politics, including far greater segments of the city's gorgeous mosaic.” After a brief stint as a New York assemblyman, Dinkins was nominated as a deputy mayor by Abe Beame in 1973, but ultimately declined because he had not filed his income tax returns on time. Down but not out, he pursued his dedication to public service, first by serving as city clerk. In 1986, Dinkins was elected Manhattan borough president, and in 1989, he defeated Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani to become mayor of New York City, the largest American city to elect an African American mayor.

As the newly-elected mayor of a city in which crime had risen precipitously in the years prior to his taking office, Dinkins vowed to attack the problems and not the victims. Despite facing a budget deficit, he hired thousands of police officers, more than any other mayoral administration in the twentieth century, and launched the Safe Streets, Safe City” program, which fundamentally changed how police fought crime. For the first time in decades, crime rates began to falla trend that continues to this day. Among his other major successes, Mayor Dinkins brokered a deal that kept the US Open Tennis Championships in New Yorkbringing hundreds of millions of dollars to the city annuallyand launched the revitalization of Times Square after decades of decay, all the while deflecting criticism and some outright racism with a seemingly unflappable demeanor. Criticized by some for his handling of the Crown Heights riots in 1991, Dinkins describes in these pages a very different version of events.

A Mayor's Life is a revealing look at a devoted public servant and a New Yorker in love with his city, who led that city during tumultuous times.

York Wallcoverings BG1645BD Plethora Mosaic Border by York Wallcoverings

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A 6-Inch wide border of softly rendered sea shells edged with the look of delicate tiny glass tiles. Choose from sophisticated ocean blues, sea glass greens or the pink of warm sunsets on sand; this lovely piece of summer is a heartbeat from being there. Perfectly suited for any room where an ocean breeze, or the sheer idea of one, can revive the soul.

YORK by MOSAIC Homes. 2 Bed + Den FISSILE Series Conversant with.

The FISSILE Series likeness home at YORK by MOSAIC. A two bed + den, shingle-style rowhome in Willoughby, Langley.

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Ultraviolet Sun by The New York Times Company Store

Ultraviolet lightsome reveals the million-degree outer atmosphere of the sun. Active regions are evident in both hemispheres. split Ultraviolet exposure, multi-support mosaic. TRACE, July 30, 1999. This photo is from Michael Benson's "Otherworlds" exhibition. The image is constructed from raw data by artist and initiator Michael Benson. Relying on innumerable images collected by spacecraft and space telescopes that have explored our solar system over the old times five decades, Benson has carefully composited them to create color images of the sun, the planets, their moons and Earth.


Tyro U.K. Archaeologists Stumble on a Roman Masterpiece ... - New York Times

BOXFORD, England — Their ages assortment from 9 to about 80. They include a butcher and a builder. The group of amateur archaeologists — 55 in all, though only two dozen toiled on a typical day — were part of an cavity project near the village of Boxford, in southern England. They had to contend not just with days of backbreaking work, but also with a daunting, two-week deadline to absolute the challenging dig. Their commitment was handsomely repaid, though, in a few magical moments one Saturday last month. As a layer of soil was carefully scooped away, little, muddy pieces of red-colored tiling glinted in the sunlight, probably for the first time in more than one and a half millenniums. The mosaic that slowly emerged from the sod is part of a Roman villa, thought to date from 380 A. D. , toward the end of the period of Roman domination of England. The put one's finger on is being described as the most important of its type in Britain in more than half a century, and in this picturesque, riverside village of thatched cottages, the proportion of the discovery is still sinking in. Among the first to spot it was... “I was stunned into silence,” Ms. Appleton recalled of her first sight of the petite red tiles, each the size of her fingernail. The expert on site, Matt Nichol, was equally surprised. “I will never forget that moment,” said Mr. Nichol, a educated archaeologist who was supervising the dig. I get quite emotional about it. it was something to see their drive,” added Mr. Nichol, project officer for Cotswold Archaeology , a performers whose normal work includes helping real estate developers preserve archaeological finds. Experts say the mosaic at what is now called Boxford villa depicts Bellerophon, a heroine of Greek mythology who was sent to kill the chimera, a fire-breathing monster with the head of a lion, the torso of a goat and the uropygium of a bird of a serpent. According to Anthony Beeson, a specialist in classical art and member of the board of the Association for Roman Archaeology, the discovery is important for several reasons. Beeson added that he could not deem “of another Roman mosaic in this country that is as creative as this one. ” There are inscriptions, too, though only about one-third of the mosaic was excavated and the full text was not uncovered. The execution is uneven, Mr. Beeson said, suggesting that the “mosaicist has had ideas on his technical ability,” producing what he called a “very sophisticated design done in a slightly naïve manner. Boxford villa had been patent — inaccurately, as it turned out — on an old map. (It later turned out that the site was disturbed in the 19th century, when the installation of a land drainage pipe damaged separate of the mosaic. With much to be revealed, there is still a lot to learn about life at Boxford villa, though its owner must have been affluent and cultured, and clearly wanted to show off a broad knowledge of mythology to guests. Beeson says he believes that it is “truly vital that we at least see what the other part of the mosaic is like. Appleton, the discovery has filled in part of a missing link in the history of Boxford, a village of encompassing 300 inhabitants. Evidence of Stone, Bronze and Iron Age life had been discovered, and there is a Saxon window in the local church that dates to the years before the Norman invasion of 1066. Given the geographical location, and the quality of the agricultural... Without expert archaeological knowledge, the Boxford Record Project secured help from the Heritage Lottery Fund , a national charity funded by lottery receipts, to pay for professional supervision during a programme made up of short excavations... By chance, Mr. Nichol, who supervised the dig, does not live far away, an irony that is not lost on an archaeologist who has traveled to the Western Sahara, Macedonia and Serbia in search of antiquities, only to track down something so spectacular... “I never believed it could have been in Boxford, 30 minutes drive from home,” he said. What happens to the locale into the future remains unclear because, once exposed to the atmosphere, a mosaic deteriorates quickly unless it is preserved. Source:

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  • Bungler U.K. Archaeologists Stumble on a Roman Masterpiece ...

    09/18/17 ,via New York Times

    BOXFORD, England — Their ages run the gamut from 9 to about 80. They include a butcher and a builder. Some devoted vacation days to laboring on their hands and 

  • Mosaic commemorative bench celebrates Canada 150 and Trent Hills

    Attending the unveiling of the commemorative mosaic bench are: from hand, Brian Finley and Donna Bennett of Westben; Trish York, Artworth; Martha Murphy and Garry Holmes of the Campbellford/Seymour Community Understructure; Paulus Tjiang and Monica 

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    08/31/17 ,via

    As on of Canada's 150 celebrations, the Town of Aurora will be one of 150 Canadian communities creating a Canada 150 Mosaic. The finished work up will be made of 600 painted ceramic tiles that will form one master mural. “It's a legacy piece for sure


Unskilful U.K. Archaeologists Stumble on a Roman Masterpiece - The New York Times #boxford #mosaic #RomanBritain 09/21/17, @DevonVisitor
NYC Underground railway Tile Mosaic "42" Plaque - New York City Subway #GlassbrookDesigns #Nyc 09/20/17, @beadedglass
Drinking a Mosaic Whey-faced Ale by @northridingbrew @ York CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival 2017 — 09/20/17, @callum_nuttall


  • New York Rye Bread

    bread flour, caraway seed, honey, milk powder, bread flour, salt, vegetable oil, wheat, water, yeast

  • New York Cheesecake

    butter, cream of tartar, eggs, graham crackers, sour cream, vanilla extract, vanilla extract, sugar, sugar, sugar


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Mosaic - Mosaic - Accueil

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Mosaic Tile, Looking-glass Mosaic, Mosaic Floor, Kitchen ...

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New York Nation Capitol ~ Albany New York ~ Governors Reception Room Murals
New York Nation Capitol ~ Albany New York ~ Governors Reception Room Murals
The Device murals consist of 25 paintings on canvas that are attached to the plaster and four decorated areas that were painted directly onto the overlay—the bright blue sections with flags and stars. The murals depict the military history of New York and commemorate battles with the English, the Dutch, the French, the Iroquois, in all respects to the Civil war and World War One. The artist used his daughter Sara as the model for the central figure: the spirit of New York and the Goddess of Harmony—a allegory of both war and peace
Envision (New York, USA)
Envision (New York, USA)
Photo by Thibaut Fleuret on Flickr
28thStreet (28)
28thStreet (28)
"Borough Dwellers" by Mark Hadjipateras
Photo by ShellyS on Flickr