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Solving the RhD Sort out

Nancy Cornwell, MEd, MLS (ASCP) SBB Blood Bank Connoisseur Rh typing of certain populations can be critical in determining the next steps of their treatment .

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  • In Defectors From the North, Doctors in South Korea Unearth Hope — and Data

    06/20/17 ,via Undark Magazine

    He points to his modern study showing that while North Koreans are much less obese than their South Korean counterparts, they have the same rate of metabolic syndrome, which occurs when a knot of risk factors — such as high blood pressure and

  • Sunburn – The morning study of what's hot in Florida politics – 6.15.17

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    The sewage header in Pinellas County and pollution incident at Mosaic last year demonstrated the importance of a 24-hour public notification want following pollution incidents,” said Scott in a statement. “Floridians deserve to know about these

  • What It's Like to Be Struck by Lightning

    05/25/17 ,via The Atlantic

    Upon entering the viscosity, the electricity can hitch a ride elsewhere, through the blood or the fluid surrounding the brain and the spinal cord. Once it reaches the bloodstream, Andrews says, the facilities to the heart is very quick. In Arizona, Jaime



  • Medical Laboratory Field Review

    F.A. Davis. 2012. ISBN: 9780803637962,0803637969. 576 pages.

    Use this inclusive resource to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to be prepared for classroom tests and certification and licensure examinations.

  • Immunohematology

    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 1993. ISBN: 0397549156,9780397549153. 412 pages.

    The aide-de-camp edition of this respected text provides a well-rounded introduction to immunohematology that includes superior explanations of procedures. Leisurely to read and user-friendly, the text successfully conveys the complex principles and practices of blood banking. Progressing from basic to complex concepts, coverage more than meets the requirements of the AABB. Current work experience references provide an accurate look at the field. New in this edition: 3 New Chapters -- Hemapheresis, Regulatory Overview, and Handle Control; 2 New Sections -- Quality Assurance/Regulatory Issues, and Serologic Techniques; Two-Color Format; 40 New Illustrations; 8-Servant, 4-Color Insert.


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Hearsay. U.S. student held prisoner by North Korea dies days after release; Philippines launches offensive in hope of recapturing Marawi by weekend anniversary

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Blood performs tons important functions within the body, including: Supply of oxygen to tissues (bound to hemoglobin, which is carried in red cells)