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Now in its Fifth Edition, America and Its Peoples presents American history filled with the drama and conflict that holds the attention of all students.

Social history—with an emphasis on sports, leisure, and popular culture—is effectively integrated with more traditional coverage of military history, politics, and diplomacy. This edition highlights the rich ethnic diversity of the American people with vivid character sketches, colorful anecdotes, primary sources, new pedagogy, and a spirited narrative.

Mosaic Vol. 1: Sovereign of the World by Marvel Comics

  • Mosaic Vol 1 King of the World


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It's Marvel's newest hero, MOSAIC! Morris Sackett is a professional basketball player and celebrity loved by millions. But when he comes into contact with the transformative Terrigen Mists, Morris is imbued with the ability to jump from person-to-person like a ghost and can control the bodies and memories of those he inhabits. But these fantastic new abilities come at a grave cost... COLLECTING: MOSAIC 1-5

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The Historical Evidences of the Truth of the Scripture Records; Stated Anew, with Special Reference to the Doubts and Discoveries of Modern Times by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

The Historical Evidences of the Truth of the Scripture Records; Stated Anew, with Special Reference to the Doubts and Discoveries of Modern Times


Wednesday Open Thread: Black Superheroes

Background: In the early 1970s, John Stewart, an architect from Detroit MI, was selected by the Guardians to replace a comatose Guy Gardner as the backup Green Lantern for Hal Jordan. When Jordan resigned from the Corps for an extended period of time, Stewart served as the regular Lantern, coming into his own as he battled numerous Green Lantern villains and played a key role during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. During that time the Guardians of the Universe assigned Katma Tui to train Stewart, and the two developed romantic feelings for each other. They married, but Katma was soon murdered by longtime Green Lantern villain, Star Sapphire. Stewart was crushed by this, and his life began to unravel. John Stewart redeemed himself during the Mosaic crisis, when an insane Guardian abducted cities from all over the universe and placed them together on Oa. When the Guardian was defeated, the cities remained, as the other Guardians claimed to not... While they gathered the resources, John Stewart was assigned to oversee the jammed together communities. Using his intellect and unconventional thinking, he formed the warring communities into a cohesive society. He was aided by Rose Hardin, a farmer from West Virginia who was trapped on Oa, due to her town being abducted. Stewart once again found love with Rose, and the two of them came to feel more comfortable on their new world than they did back on Earth. Stewart eventually deduced that the Guardians had the energy to send the cities home whenever they wanted, and that they let them remain on Oa as an experiment in cosmic integration, and also as a test for John Stewart. Stewart passed the test, and discovered that he was a figure in Oan prophecy. That was why the Guardians directly chose him instead of allowing a Power Ring to do it, as is standard procedure. John Stewart rose to a new level of awareness and became the first mortal Guardian of the Universe. He was also rewarded with the resurrection of Katma Tui, which caused him to break up with Rose. 1st appearance: Action Comics #521, (July 1981). Real Name: Mari Jiwe McCabe. Skills and Abilities : Trained Psychiatrist, model, fashion designer and hand to hand combatant. Powers: Vixen has innate animal mimicry powers which are further enhanced by her necklace the “Tantu Totem”. A drawback to her power is that she is occasionally overwhelmed by the feral nature of the animals she mimics. Background: As a child Mari grew up in a rural village in the fictional African province of Zambesi where she always felt like an outsider. Her father was a reverend in the christian church who eventually came into possession of the Tantu Totem, a voodoo relic said to contain the power of the god Anansi. Tragedy struck when her mother was killed reportedly by poachers, though in reality by Aku Kwesi [ Vixen: Return of the Lion #1 ]. Her father was killed by her uncle who took possession of the totem. She managed to make her way to America where she became a successful super model and went on to study Psychiatry. Using her new-found wealth she could now travel the world. Upon returning to Africa she retrieved the totem from her uncle and became the superhero Vixen. As Vixen she battled poachers in India [Action Comics #521] and went on to join the Justice League of America [Justice League of America Annual #2]. While a member of the team her uncle re-entered her life and stole the totem back. Unfortunately for Mari her uncle died while in battle [ Justice League of America #234-235]. When the team faced Amazo they found themselves defeated and chained. Vixen with her powers and quick thinking managed to save the day [Justice League of America #242]. I think it’s naive to imagine that they’ll just give up. They will lose the Supreme Court if they lose this election and there really is a... They want to undo all of the New Deal precedents. The House that FDR Built is the house we all live in. Besides all the bullshyt and politics, there really is a HUGE ideological differei. They also figure if they let slavery, abortion, Jim Crow, child labor, apocalypse etc come back, things will be so unbearable we. Source: Pragmatic Obots Unite

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Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative art or interior ...

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CD collection
CD collection
It's a composite image (made of two original photos - I couldn't get far enough away for one!) of a whole bunch of my CDs. I didn't include singles, compilations, or - ahem - copied CDs, or even MP3s! (Seriously - the liner notes on the MP3s are useless...) Also I didn't include some of the albums because I wanted them all to fit in an even grid, as you can see! ...A funky prize to anyone who can spot them all... (and yes, there ARE a few I'm slightly ashamed of in there!) Also, how about doing this with your collections? I'd love to see em.
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Largest Towers
Largest Towers
Untrained as an architect, engineer, or builder, Simon Rodia created a complex of towers that rose over one hundred feet tall. Composed of structural steel rods and circular hoops connected by spokes, the towers incorporate a sparkling mosaic of found materials including pottery, seashells, and glass. Rodia's house, destroyed by fire in 1957, resided within the complex. Declared hazardous by the city of Los Angeles, the towers were threatened with demolition until an engineer's stress test proved them structurally sound. They have since been designated a cultural monument. References Adolf K Placzek. Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects. Vol. 1. London: The Free Press, 1982. ISBN 0-02-925000-5. NA40.M25.
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America and Its Peoples: A Mosaic in the Making, Vol. 2: From 1865 5th ...
America and Its Peoples: A Mosaic in the Making, Vol. 2: From 1865 5th ...
confirmed until today for 7 teams that are currently on Copa America ...
confirmed until today for 7 teams that are currently on Copa America ...