What Miracles Did Mother Teresa Do


Mother Teresa's miracle

Those closest to Mother Teresa's sainthood ground talk about her heavenly aid.

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  • Mother Teresa's perception parallels with the Dhamma - Sri ...

    09/08/17 ,via Daily Mirror

    Mother Teresa's sight for sore eyes parallels with the Dhamma, Inspirational women belonging to religious communities and living according to vows, provide a more 

  • Did Mother Teresa truly perform miracles?

    09/02/16 ,via Telegraph.co.uk

    This weekend sees Mother Teresa's protracted-awaited canonisation in Rome. In 2003, Mick Brown travelled to West Bengal to investigate the miracle that set her on the path to sainthood. As if to lay bare the spirit of simplicity and self-denial in which she

  • Visiting Padre Pio's Relics Were Occasion of Sect, Prayer for the Archdiocese

    09/18/17 ,via Catholic New York

    They had really explained to their children what they were about to see, their mother said, as they shared some background on the saint, namely that “Padre Pio's a very important person, that he did a lot of miracles and that we're prospering to get to see


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Mother Teresa - Wikipedia

Mother Teresa at a pro-autobiography meeting in 1986 in Bonn, West Germany. Consecrated religious, nun; Born: Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (1910-08-26) 26 August 1910

Mother Teresa 's Prayers - Signs, Wonders, and Miracles

Prayers for God's advantage and grace through the intercession of Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa Of Calcutta Center

The Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center aims to stimulate and support authentic knowledge and devotion to Mother Teresa by the study of her work, spirituality and message.

What if ...
What if ...
"What If …" by Jackie French Koller Did you endlessly stop and think how the world would be if folks had turned out differently? For instance, what if Benjamin Franklin never tried to fly a kite, or Shakespeare under no circumstances tried to write? What if Einstein never used his brain or the Wright Brothers never tried to fly a plane? What if Lincoln on no account tried to free the slaves, or Susan B. Anthony was afraid to make waves? What if Alexander Graham Bell was content to just roar? What if Ford never tried to make a car, or Walt Disney never wished upon a star? What if Beethoven never tried to have fun? What if Mother Teresa turned away? What if Babe Ruth was afraid to swing a bat? What if Columbus accepted that the world was flat? What if Lucianno Pavarotti never tried to chorus? What if dreams were enough for Martin Luther King? What if Jim Thorpe never entered the race, or Baryshnikov let another dance in his place? What if Michelangelo soup he wasn’t good enough, or John Glenn...
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