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ROUNDED CERVICAL NECKROLL/ RECTANGLE Stocky PRANAYAMA BOLSTER with Removable Cover by AMBERLYS (D Neckroll + Meditation Cushion + FREE Eye Pillow, Special Discount Set with FREE EYE PILLOW)

  • **** Please Note that Bolster Covers and Buckwheat / Millet...


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*** Customers can choose their inner filings of 100% Certified Organic Buckwheat or Millet Hulls depending of individual preference. Both fillings are harvested and grown in USA, the two difference is their texture feels distinctly different. Millets are small round smooth while buckwheat hulls have 3 dimension shaped. Most will prefer buckwheat hulls as fillings as it is slightly larger and can ventilate more effectively especially for men as they tend to perspire more at night. Our non-roasted certified organic buckwheat hulls feel soft against the skin and make comfortable sleeping surface. Both buckwheat and Millet Hulls have the same benefits which provide complete firm support for weight of head and neck without losing its form. As you sleep there is constant shifting of hull material which provide gentle massage to head and neck region relieving of any muscle tension, stress or fatigue. Its hull material allows air to pass freely through the fillings and the ventilation keep the pillow fresh and reduce sweating. Its 100% natural fillings are stored in a case with refillable pouch so that you can adjust the amount contents to suit your needs. And the both outer and inner casing can be easily removed and washed regularly. The pillows should be loosely packed and do not use tight cases or sheets that can restrict the movement of your hulls.Both hulls make excellent pillow fillings compared to synthetic fibres as they do not retain or reflect heat. They are also hypo-allergenic and resist dust mites and other pests, including bed bugs popularity as pillow fills



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*Jenean Morrison's best-selling coloring book for adults has been featured on CNN, LA Times, Washington Post, Quartz, NBC Nightly News, Pure Wow and Pop Sugar!
* Relax and explore your creative side with Flower Designs Coloring Book for adults!
* With a focus on beauty and variety, this book will delight and entertain beginners to advanced colorists!
*Illustrator Jenean Morrison has created 50 original designs printed on single-sided pages (so you can use markers if you like)!
*These highly detailed images feature a lovely balance of both stylized and hand-drawn flowers!
*The page layouts vary nicely with floral-infused mandalas, blooming bouquets, repeat patterns and singular, frame-worthy works of art! 
* Best-seller Flower Designs was recently published in France, Brazil, Italy and Japan, with editions coming soon to Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic!
*Connect with Jenean on Instagram--@JeneanMorrison--to share your colored pages and for creative coloring inspiration. Grown-ups as well as older kids and teens are loving this book, and you will, too!


deepak chopra - personification of healing meditations

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Badluck Way by Buy.com (dba Rakuten.com Shopping)

?Treasury might have been a simple, pretty story, if not for the wolves. In late July, they emerged from the foothills. In this gripping memoir of a young man, a wolf, their contemporaneous lives and ultimate collision, Bryce Andrews describes life on the remote, windswept Sun Ranch in southwest Montana. The Sun?s twenty thousand acres of rangeland be located in a still-wild corner of southwest Montana?a high valley surrounded by mountain ranges and steep creeks with portentous names like Grizzly, Unsympathetic Man, and Bad Luck. Just over the border from Yellowstone National Park, the Sun holds giant herds of cattle and elk amid many predators?bears, mountain lions, and wolves. In lyrical, haunting cant, Andrews recounts marathon days and nights of building fences, riding, roping, and otherwise learning the hard business of caring for bulls, an initiation that changes him from an idealistic city kid into a skilled ranch hand. But when wolves suddenly begin killing the ranch?s cattle, Andrews has to unambiguously a rifle, chase the pack, and do what he?d hoped he would never have to do. Badluck Way is about transformation and complications, about living with dirty hands every day. It is about the hard choices that wake us at end of day and take a lifetime to reconcile. Above all, Badluck Way celebrates the breathtaking beauty of wilderness and the satisfaction of hard work on some of the harshest, most lovely land in the world. Called? an important meditation on what it means to share space and breathe the same air as truly wild animals? (Tom Groneberg, author of The Secret Autobiography of Cowboys), Badluck Way is the memorable story of one young man?s rebirth in the crucible of the West?s timeless landscape, a place at the center of the sentiments?s geography, savage and gorgeous in equal measure.


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Secrets Méditation Profonde | Méditation Waves

Méditez rapidement et sans entrainement indulgence au Pack Méditation Waves. Atteignez des états modifiés de conscience très facilement, sans entrainement, grâce à ...


Hawk ce dont vous avez besoin pour méditer de manière autonome. Le pack est composé d'un livret d'instructions, qui explique les principes de debased de la ...

Meditation and mindfulness made naked - Headspace

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046DOUG Lump
046DOUG Lump
Documentary filmmaker Doug Obstacle had every reason to believe his parent’s 54-year marriage was a good one. So he isn’t prepared when, just a few months after his mothers’ unexpected cessation, his 83-year old father, Mike, phones to announce that he’s moving to Florida to live with “Kitty”, his secretary from 40 years before. Always familiar to his mother and equally distant from his father, he’s stunned and suspicious. When Mike and Kitty marry and sell the longtime family where one lives stress, Doug returns to suburban Long Island with camera in hand for one last visit. And there, among the lifetime of memories being chock-full away forever, he discovers 3 large boxes filled with his moms’ daily diaries going back 35 years. Realizing he has only a few diminutive weeks before the movers come and his dad will be gone for good, the veteran documentarian sticks around, determined to investigate the mystery of his parents’ confederation. Through increasingly candid conversations with family members and friends, and...
Photo by uniondocs on Flickr
His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya walking under a snowy umbrella held by his son, sangha, pilgrimage, Vulture Peak, India
His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya walking under a snowy umbrella held by his son, sangha, pilgrimage, Vulture Peak, India
A Tunefulness of Experience for Yeshe Dorje Namo Gurawe. I fold my hand and bow to my gurus, Past, present, and future. In my heart I find credible in the revered Sakyas, Father and son. I come to you for shelter. A human who has opportunity and no impediments Who has no problems, And has faith Still needs The Nine Branches to routine the path. He will be a Buddha when he has all twelve. Whichever fork in the road you take You will hear about the Nine Branches. The Nine Branches are: Guru, Ripening, and Samaya are three; Elephantine Study, Upadesha, and diligence are three; A home, supplies, and friends are three. First you look for a guru: He has vast survey, But he doesn’t have Upadesha. He has Upadesha, But he doesn’t have comprehensive knowledge. He has both of these, But he doesn’t do his practice. He does all three, But he doesn’t have compassion. He has all four, But he is not concentrated. You can hunt around for a guru that has all five, But you will end up taking many years to start...
Photo by Wonderlane on Flickr
Transfer and First meeting
Transfer and First meeting
Eredaes was growing very much bored with the little trade down and she spent more time in the surrounding forest than within its walls, having decided it was nearly time to emigrate on - though honestly she was loathe to do so without at least trying to find Justin before doing so. There were plenty of rumours flying about what happened in Letum, though that wasn't the bumf she needed. They did speak of another place, a vale, that had promise. Or at the very least more people. Moving closer to the water, she knelt down and let her fingers track through it, still pleased to see the taint that had been in Letum had not reached this far. Justin left the tavern in search of a meal as the incredible hunger began stabbing at him. With a look of bitterness he headed out into the night, unable to stop the pain and hunger that compelled him onwards. His thoughts raced as they often did and he came up with the thought of perhaps finding a thief or rapist on the outskirts of the town, someone the...
Photo by Ashildr the Avariel on Flickr