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“Patients are tired of having doctors tell them what they can’t do and what they can’t eat. Susan Zogheib has written a patient-centered renal diet cookbook with diet plans and recipes patients will want to use, not just because they are kidney- and heart-healthy, but because they taste so good.”
—Dr. George R. Aronoff, MD, MS, FACP, Chief Medical Officer at Renal Ventures Management, LLC

With all the talk of dialysis, transplants, and treatments for comorbidities, living with chronic kidney disease can be overwhelming. When it comes to your diet, it takes more than a few substitutions to produce real change—and most people need help getting there.

Following her bestselling Renal Diet Cookbook, Susan Zogheib takes renal health repair to the next level in the Renal Diet Plan & Cookbook: The Optimal Nutrition Guide to Manage Kidney Disease. With practical guidance that goes beyond kidney disease management, Zogheib offers an empowering, results-oriented renal diet cookbook with diet plans and recipes that help your kidneys work more effectively, allowing you to avoid more invasive options like dialysis or transplants. This renal diet cookbook delivers simple, effective nutritional solutions to get started right away.

  • Easy-to-follow meal plans for low-sodium, low-protein, or low-fat customization
  • More than 125 delicious recipes to meet your nutritional needs based on which stage you’re currently facing
  • Helpful nutritional facts for tracking calories, protein, sugar, fat, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus

The Renal Diet Plan & Cookbook is your ultimate, all-in-one renal diet cookbook offering everything you need to take your kidney health into your own hands.

Product Description

Manage Your Kidney Disease With Delicious, Kidney Friendly Recipes!

Does a friend or family member suffer from this condition? Would you like to adopt the healthy lifestyle your kidney need? Do you have Renal Failure? If so, RENAL DIET COOKBOOK: Complete Guide to Having a Healthy Kidney- Medicinal Recipes for Healthy Kidney is the book you’ve been waiting for! Inside this essential guidebook, you’ll discover how kidney failure works – and the common causes of this ailment. If you’re ready to make the necessary changes and adjustments, this book is your faithful friend. It describes the foods you can consume (and which ones to avoid) and gives you the straight truth about managing this difficult disease. Making the decision to change your diet and lifestyle after a diagnosis of kidney disease is a huge step. By making the best choices, you can make a difference to how you feel along with the symptoms you experience. Here's a "sneak peek" of what you'll find inside: Kidney conditions and stages of kidney disease What foods should i limit Lifestelye tips for Kidney disease Top renal diet recipes you need so much Best renal diet recipes in beverages


Low Potassium Diet for Kidney Patients to Manage Potassium Levels

All the diet info you need if you're a kidney patient: http://nhfkp. com/potassium-levels-in-ckd/.

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How to choose the best yogurt on the market - Health24

There is currently some confusing and contradicting information about what type of dairy products we should consume (e. g. full cream low fat or fat free), with some experts actually advising to avoid dairy all together, and others suggesting the... There are several global guidelines recommending that dairy should form part of a healthy diet. The revised Food-Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDG) for South Africans recommend having milk, maas (traditional fermented milk) or yogurt every day. The FBDG specifically recommends fresh or powered milk, maas or unsweetened yogurt to prevent an increased intake of saturated fat, salt and sugar which are found in processed and sweetened dairy products. Read: A yogurt a day may keep diabetes away. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend following a healthy eating plan that includes all foods and beverages within an appropriate calorie limits. This includes fat-free or low-fat dairy (milk, yogurt and cheese) and/or fortified soy beverages. There are numerous benefits to including dairy in your diet. Dairy offers the essential amino acid, lysine, which can complement amino acids lacking in starches. Dairy contains bioactive proteins which modify certain enzymes responsible for lowering blood pressure. Dairy is a complete food offering all macronutrients: protein, carbohydrate and fat. Several valuable nutrients are found in dairy products such as vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B12, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. The FBDG recommends adults consume 400-500ml low fat milk per day which provides 480–610mg calcium and 608–760mg potassium which is 48–61% and 30–38% of the daily recommendations. The best yogurt to choose. As we have established that dairy should be included in your diet, and due to the popularity of yogurt as well as the vast variety available on the market, the guidelines below provide information on the healthiest type of yogurt to select. According to the R429 labelling regulations of South Africa, a product that has less than 170kJ/100g can be classified as low in energy. Out of the 29 yogurts assessed, not one met this recommendation. A yogurt with less than 220kJ/100g is recommended as part of a healthy eating plan and for weight loss. Read: Yogurt lowers risk of high blood pressure. Sugar is often the main concern when choosing yogurts. Unfortunately, assessing the sugar content of dairy products is not very easy. South African labelling regulations do not clearly indicate what are ‘added sugars’ and ‘natural/intrinsic sugars’. Milk naturally contains lactose which is a milk sugar. The labels on yogurts don't distinguish between lactose sugars and any other sugars like fruit pulp sugars or syrups which have been added. Read: Any added sugar is bad sugar. Most of the plain low-fat, fat-free, Greek and double-cream yogurts do not have added sugars. Plain low-fat and fat-free yogurts had the lowest sugar or lactose contents with no mention of sugar in the ingredients list. From our evaluation, it is clear that double-cream and Greek yogurts do not have a lower sugar content compared to plain low-fat or fat-free yogurts. The total fat and saturated fat contents of yogurts should be considered, as saturated fats have been linked to increase risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and strokes. Choose a yogurt that has less than 1. 5g/100g of saturated fat. All plain low-fat and fat-free yogurts assessed met these criteria, although the double-cream and Greek yogurts did not. Another perception some may have is that double-cream or Greek yogurts are best as they are the only ones that don’t have added salt. Yogurts are classified as being low in salt if they have less than 120mg/100g. All 29 yogurts assessed met the criteria and the plain low-fat and fat-free yogurts ranged from 30 to 96mg with the double cream options ranging from 57 to 78mg thus, indicating an insignificant difference between them. After taking all the above-mentioned factors into consideration, the following yogurts. Source: www.health24.com

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    There are several global guidelines recommending that dairy should form part of a healthy diet. The revised Food-Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDG) for South Africans recommend having milk, maas (traditional fermented milk) or yogurt every day. The FBDG 

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    One Cup Serving (Original Flavour): 100 calories, 4g fat, 0.5g saturated fat, 6g protein, 2-8g sugar, 30 percent DV calcium, and 30 percent DV vitamin D. Soy milk also offers vitamin A, iron, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12, potassium, and magnesium



  • Low Potassium Diet Cookbook

    Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. 2015. ISBN: 1522786015,9781522786016. 198 pages.

    85 Low Potassium & Healthy Homemade Recipes for People with High Potassium Levels in Blood (Hyperkalemia) This book has been specifically designed and written for people who have been diagnosed with high potassium levels in the blood (Hyperkalemia) or other similar medical conditions where they need to limit their intake of potassium. Let's take a closer look on what this book has to offer: The Low Potassium Diet Cookbook: The cookbook has 85 Low potassium and healthy homemade recipes which are designed especially for people with high potassium levels in the blood or other similar medical conditions. The recipes in the book have been designed using very simple ingredients that people use in their kitchen every day or can find in the grocery stores very easily. These recipes are further...

  • Renal Diet Cookbook

    Rockridge Press. 2015. ISBN: 1623156610,9781623156619. 258 pages.

    More Than a Kidney Cookbook: Your 28-Day Action Plan to Kick-Start a Kidney-Healthy Diet "Susan has done a masterful job in educating patients about their disease, explaining why watching your diet is important, and offering meal plans and recipes that encourage compliance and fun. - John Wigneswaran, MD, VP Clinical Affairs DaVita Healthcare Partners While a kidney disease diagnosis can be overwhelming, you're not alone. Nearly 26 million adults are affected by chronic kidney disease. But there is hope. Your diet. In the Renal Diet Cookbook, renal dietician Susan Zogheib, MHS, RD, LDN provides a 28-day plan to establish long-term dietary changes to slow the progression of kidney disease. She knows it can be confusing to figure out which foods to eat and which to avoid. In her...

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National Kidney Foundation - Potassium and Your CKD Diet

A to Z Health Guide. Potassium and Your ... A large amount of a low potassium food can turn into a high ... Read more about Potassium and Your CKD Diet.

Low Potassium Diet (A Detailed Guide) - UpToDate

Мы хотели бы показать здесь описание, но сайт, который вы просматриваете, этого не позволяет.

Low Potassium diet for kidneys 4 - Kidney Disease Diet Guide

As an added FREE BONUS, I will be adding in a special report on “Low Potassium Kidney Diet Guide” together with my book, the Kidney Diet Secrets.

Kidney HELPER Phosphorus Guide | Good to Know | Pinterest
Kidney HELPER Phosphorus Guide | Good to Know | Pinterest
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Medi-Diets™ Products | DIET CONSULT PRO
Medi-Diets™ Products | DIET CONSULT PRO
Explore Low Phosphorus Low, Low Potassium Foods, and more!
Explore Low Phosphorus Low, Low Potassium Foods, and more!

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