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SOLA BAR Savory Salutary Meal Bar, Ginger, 1.2 oz., 12 Count by SOLA BAR

  • A flavorful crunchy treat
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, non-GMO and rich in healthy oils
  • Healthy snack with only 1 gram sugar


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There’s something so satisfying about the sharp peppery flavor of ginger root. If you love the intensity of hot peppers, ginger gives you a similar kick but with a hint of sweetness. Enjoy it by itself or experiment pairing it with mild dishes like salads and creamy soups or with a tall glass of juice or dry wine. Keep some handy when you’re ready for a break or a crunchy treat is calling to you. When you’re tempted to grab a muffin or cookie, reach for a ginger sola bar instead. Our mix of ginger, peanuts, and three different seeds plus a pinch of sea salt gives you a wholesome satisfying snack you can eat guilt-free. A versatile spice, ginger finds its way into much of our cuisine … raw, dried, powered, juiced, pickled, boiled and crystallized forms. We picked the most flavorful variety so you can experience the best of ginger’s most delicious qualities in our thoughtfully blended meal-bar.

Pink Stork Away Bar: Morning Sickness Abatement & Nutrition 3 Pack -Harvard MD Formulated -Ginger, 20g Protein and Vit B6 -Clinically Proven Nausea-Fighting Ingredients -No Drugs, Official Food by Pink Stork

  • FAST ACTING & LONG LASTING: It takes only 15-30 minutes for the bar...
  • HIGH PROTEIN, LOW SUGAR & DELICIOUS: An all-natural, healthy...
  • HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: The Pink Stork team wants you to have a...


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Product Description

Natural Relief from Morning Sickness! Morning sickness is a common problem occurring in pregnancy; in fact it affects 80% of pregnant women. However taking drugs causes side effects such as drowsiness and, in some cases, may lead to birth defects. Pink Stork Away Bar is a Harvard MD-faculty formulated all-natural nutrition bar designed to alleviate and treat nausea from morning sickness. It is packed with nausea-fighting ingredients: clinical research has shown that ginger, protein and vitamin B6 have been proven to help ease nausea. For many years, ginger and vitamin B6 have shown the ability to reduce pregnancy-induced nausea and diminish the symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum. Many women also find that their nausea is sharply reduced due to the consumption of protein. Indeed, protein helps balance blood sugar swings, a further cause of nausea in some women. Protein is also an important nutrient in building cells for the growing babies. Is it safe for pregnant women? Pink Stork Away Bar only uses real food ingredients that are safe for everyone including pregnant women. It is absolutely drug-free and contains no sweeteners and no refined sugar, thus making it ideal for expectant mothers. Away Bar is a healthy, delicious snack, which is high protein (20g), low sugar (7g) and only uses ingredients you can pronounce. No drugs, no side effects, just real food! Directions for use: Simply consume the whole bar in the morning to prevent nausea or upon first sign of queasiness for relief. - Effects take about 15-30 minutes and last up to 4 hours. Why choose our Pink Stork Away Bar? Naturally prevent and ease nausea - Made with natural nausea-fighting ingredients. Pink Stork Away Bar is a choice to feel better and a great natural remedy to get back to work during a rocky trimester. Try Today Risk Free with Our Happiness Guarantee! *Supply is limited. Please order today to ensure availability. Order Your Away Bar now to stay nausea-free!


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