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The low carb slow cooker cookbook is a great addition to anybody’s kitchen, inside are 50 delicious recipes under 500 calories, to boost energy levels and assist in weight loss. From yummy desserts to side dishes, from tasty sauces to lip-smacking main courses, these 50 recipes will provide you with plenty of options to choose from for the entire year. The slow cooker will provide you with mouthwatering, healthy, hearty and convenient foods ceaselessly. Be it holidays or just regular meals, a party or your weight loss regime, the amazing slow cooker recipes are just right for the entire family having diverse likes and preferences. So enjoy a recipe each day with your slow cooker and start a whole new life where you can enjoy both great health and taste. Unlike general perception a weight loss plan does not have to include predominantly tasteless and bland low calories foods. You can opt for delicious recipes that’ll satisfy your taste buds and appetite giving you the feeling of fullness without gaining weight. Weight loss isn’t about starving yourself, it’s about choosing low calorie foods and opting for healthier recipes. It’s about changing your behavior and living a much healthier lifestyle. Never take the starving route because one it doesn’t work and two you can end up muscle wasting, because when your body starves itself it breaks down protein in the muscles for energy first, not fat. Plus, in other cases people end up eating more when trying to starve themselves which contradicts the whole process. Love for food is something natural and you don’t have to snub your natural desires. There is no need to give up chocolate or other high calorie foods that you may love, all you need to do is limit your intake. Having a burger or pizza once in a while isn’t going to affect your weight loss goals, but if you make junk or fatty foods a part of your regular diet, you’re going to go off track. If you’re looking to lose or maintain weight then these 50 recipes will see you through the year, they’re exciting, delicious and they’ll keep you and your family satisfied. All you need for these cooking methods is a simple slow cooker. Dieting can be so boring with dull flavors, but each recipe is bursting with flavor to kill your sweet and savory tooth cravings, this for sure will keep you on track of your fat loss goals and healthy lifestyle maintenance.

Product Description

The #1 Low Carb Diet Cookbook


World Class Weight Loss

Welcome to the world's #1 low-carb weight loss diet. The ketogenic diet turns your body into a fat-burning furnace and helps create an optimal state of being.

Join millions of others across the globe by ditching fad diets and turning to a proven solution which does not sacrifice taste or enjoyment of eating.

90 Easy to Follow Ketogenic Recipes

Packed into this book are 90 delicious keto recipes that you will absolutely love. That's a whole month of breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • 30 Yummy Breakfast Recipes
  • 30 Luscious Lunches
  • 30 Delicious Dinners

Nutritional Information Included

Unlike other cookbooks, our recipes include an exact calorie count broken down into fat, carbs and protein to ensure you stay on track for your goals.

It's up to you if you want to use this or simply enjoy the meals, but it's nice to know it's there if needed.

The Science

Your body normally converts carbohydrates to glucose for energy. By limiting your intake and replacing it with fats, your body enters a state of ketosis.

Here your body produces ketones created by a breakdown of fats in the liver. Without carbohydrates as your primary source of energy your body will turn to the ketones.

This effectively cranks up the fat burning furnace and puts your body in the ultimate metabolic state.

Beyond Weight Control

Keto has its origins in treating healthcare conditions such as epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, auto-brewery syndrome and high blood pressure.

This diet will take you beyond typical weight control and into a new realm of total body health.

Finally, A Diet You Will Enjoy

Forcing yourself to eat bland, uninspired meals is not a long-term solution to obtaining a healthy body. You will be more likely to relapse or even abandon your diet altogether.

This ketogenic cookbook rekindles your love for food, meaning you will look forward to your every meal. When you enjoy what you are eating the results come easy!

Free Gift

For a limited time only we are giving away 'Top 10 Ketogenic Diet Mistakes' so you can avoid costly errors and accelerate fat loss.

Download now and read on your kindle, tablet, smartphone or computer.

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Low Carb Diet - DANGERS AND ADVANTAGES - Best Diet to lose Weight

Low Carb Diet - DANGERS AND ADVANTAGES - Best Diet to lose Weight: http://tinyurl. com/14dayrapidfatlosssystem Fitness models, physique athletes, and.

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ketogenic cookbook salutary low carb high fat paleo meals to heal your bo by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

As New 8 1/2" X 11" 384 Pages Indexed. As new engage in gift quality. Illustrated with color on most pages. The Ketogenic Cookbook is the ultimate resource for the growing number of people who are interested in eating a low-carb, non-reactionary-protein, high-fat diet to lose weight, improve their health, and heal their bodies from the inside out. This first-of-its-kind collection of more than 150 trusted food based recipes that will satisfy the taste buds of anyone desiring to be in a state of nutritional ketosis or simply wanting to eat healthier. Jimmy Moore, unsurpassed low-carb diet blogger, podcaster, and bestselling author of Keto Clarity, joins forces with fellow ketogenic nutritionist, blogger, and writer Maria Emmerich to bring you incredibly delicious recipes that are appropriate for people who need to eat a ketogenic diet therapeutically for a myriad fitness conditions, including: Weight Loss, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiovascular Disease, Epilepsy, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disability, and a whole lot more. In The Ketogenic Cookbook, you will also find practical advice for pursuing a state of ketosis, a unique collection of foods to aide you get into ketosis, meal plans designed for specific health purposes, guidance from leading experts on ketosis, and more.


Cinnamon Carb Blocker (30-day Gear up) by Healthy Directions LLC

Grand Carb Meal? This natural supplement helps block those extra carbs safely and effectively. As you try to lose or maintain your weight and stay on a technique to good health, you face the obstacles of heavy family meals and seasonal favorites laden with excess carbohydrates. Of practice, not all carbohydrates are your enemy. Your cells use them for energy to fuel your body. Unfortunately, when your carb intake is greater than what your body can burn, the unused carbs get stored as fat. That's why sticking with a low-carb diet, along with methodical exercise, is always my strongest advice. And now, I have great news. If you indulge in the occasional high-carb meal, you can counter the effects with a safe and stuff solutionmy Cinnamon Carb Blocker. I can't tell you, in good conscience, that it's perfectly okay to consume a high carb meal. I can, however, provide you with the virtuous guidance and tools to maneuver through the toughest temptations that threaten your waistline and your health. Cinnamon Carb Blocker provides the delving dose of a nutrient called Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract, which has been shown in studies to block varying amounts of carbs you eat from entering your bloodstream when you eat up a high carb meal. Phase 2 is the most widely researched carbohydrate blocker available. Over 10 studies have looked at the effects of Condition 2 on the absorption of carbohydratesall with impressive results. Now, when you know you're likely to sit down for a high carb meal, you can simply take the recommended measure of 3 capsules to reduce the absorption of a good portion of carbs from entering your system. It also supports healthy blood sugar levels.


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    Several studies of low-fat diets that are still high in carbs and sugar have also shown that they are no better than high-fat diets for weight loss.

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    But gaining five pounds of water weight in a day? That’s easy ... While Ellner recommends that anyone on a high-protein, low-carb diet should take a fiber supplement to keep things moving, an even better option is to only reduce refined carbohydrates ...


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2014 - Costa Rica - Doka Estate - Not ripe for Picking - yet
2014 - Costa Rica - Doka Estate - Not ripe for Picking - yet
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Killer Toast Or What Has Carbs Got To Do With Everything?
Killer Toast Or What Has Carbs Got To Do With Everything?
Labeled as only 15 grams of carbohydrate, toast is 60% carbs as opposed to 40% when it's bread which takes longer to digest. Toast spiked my blood sugar to 132 mg/dl which is more than ice cream at 105 mg/dl, but not as much as cooked steel cut oatmeal which tops all my readings at 155 mg/dl. (Normal is 85.) Why is this bad? Here is the science as I have gleaned from my reading of "Good Calories, Bad Calories". I had to read parts of the book several times to keep from glossing over the technical details, but once I read slowly enough to visualize what each component of the metabolic system did, it became easier to understand. So to begin, most food breaks down in the blood stream and becomes sugar. Sugar is already sugar so jumps right in there. Carbohydrates, especially refined, cooked carbs also turn to sugar very fast. Too much sugar in the blood registers as high blood sugar. High blood sugars are toxic to the body, wreaking havoc on kidneys and other organs. The...
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This is a low-carb breakfast?!
This is a low-carb breakfast?!
Lower Carb anyway - great for on-going weight loss or maintenance! I don't understand how people feel deprived on a low-carb diet. Allof this loveliness, including coffee, was under 13 carbs. Low-Carb cheddar biscuits from Carbquick smeared with sugar-free jelly, smoked Gouda, Summer Sausage and berries. Delish!
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