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There are a lot of books about how to be a great motivational speaker, but nothing like this book that showcases 88 international public speakers on a mission to create more success for more people every day. Great books work on many levels – and that is true of the Motivational Speakers book series. Learn more about enormously successful motivational speakers, such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Allan Pease, Amanda Gore and world champions like Robby Foldvari and Shelley Taylor-Smith. Motivational speaking is not just about financial success. A truly great Motivational speaker encourages you to reach your full psychological and economic potential. The keynote speakers in Motivational Speakers Australia range the spectrum from giving excellent business advice, inspiration for living well, and practical, actionable advice on performance for success.
Every one of today's motivational masters was once an unknown, struggling to develop their careers while engaging in challenging, time-consuming research and study of the motivational superstars that inspired them. Read this book, learn their secrets, and use these lessons to reach your fullest potential.
Are you a Motivational or Keynote Speaker, interested in learning from and being inspired by the best in the industry?

Do you run events and want to save time and energy and find great keynote or motivational speakers for your meetings, functions and team trainings?

As a full-service Speakers Agency Expert Speakers Success Network has put together this collection of talented speakers and trainers from Australia and around the world, for you to use as a handy reference and booking guide.

Motivational Speakers Australia represents many of the world’s top Keynote speakers, Motivational speakers, Health speakers and experts, Wealth and economics speakers, Business speakers and trainers, World-class athletes, Cultural Icons, Leadership, Communications, Relationships speakers and trainers, International World Champions, Innovation and Success speakers, Preeminent thought-leaders, Celebrities and Award Winners, and Best Selling Authors.
Many of them are featured in this book, enjoy their advice and stories and be inspired!

- Keynote speakers- Motivational speakers
- Health speakers and experts- Wealth and economics speakers
- Business speakers and trainers- World-class athletes
- Leadership, Communications,- Cultural Icons
Relationships Spekaers & trainers- International World Champions
- Innovation and Success speakers- Preeminent thought-leaders
- Celebrities and Award Winners- Best Selling Authors

Product Description

Finally__a Simple Podcasting Setup Book for Beginners is Available to
All Who Want Their Voice Heard to Benefit Others.

Podcasting is an evergreen hobby!

This Book gives a simple step-by-step guide that anyone can utilize
to start their very own podcast with the bare minimum equipment.
Become fearless and start your podcast today because someone may
benefit from your great ideas.

Here is a preview of Podcast: How to Make a Podcast

  • What is Podcasting?

  • Podcasting To Promote Your Startup Business

  • Planning Your Podcast

  • Unique Title, Affordable Cover Art & A Unique Podcast

  • Brainstorming Topics For Your Podcast Episodes

  • Inexpensive Ways To Record A Podcast

  • How To Post Your Podcast To The Podcast Directories?

  • How To Monetize Your Podcast?

Hurry, and download this book while it is $2.99 for a limited time!

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Glory Road by (dba Shopping)

40 years ago, don haskins went on the recruiting trail to find the best talent in the land, black or white. 7 blacks and 5 whites made up the legendary 1965-66 texas western miners. They were mocked and ridiculed for flaunting black players on the court. Yet in the face of huge odds, they reached the national championship


Glory Road DVD (Full Frame) by CD Universe

Full Frame - Starring: Jon Voight; Joshua L


How To Earn Money On The Road: Vol One

I intend to address how to earn money while traveling full time in a series of articles and videos. Initially I want to discuss how my husband Steve and I earn money while traveling. Steve and I own two companies that publish online, sell advertising, coach business owners on marketing and/or market for them. Steve has been interested in computers since he was a teenager in the 1980's. When the internet became a buzzword he began online publishing as a hobby. He was interested in genealogy and built a cemetery records directory in 1997. In 1999 he began selling advertising on that genealogy site and by 2003 he was making a six-figure income and left his day job. In 2004 he came across a magazine Revenue for online affiliate marketers featuring wealthy publishers who traveled full time. As for me, in 2005 I left a full-time job and took a 70% pay cut to work part-time as a publisher's assistant. My family and I tightened our belts dramatically so I could learn all there was to know about print publishing. By 2008 I was making a fair living writing, selling advertising and learning every aspect of print publishing. That same year I noticed many of my advertisers going to online advertising. Since I saw this was a growing industry, I contacted a local online news publisher to write for him and learn about blogging. In 2010 when the magazine I'd been working for had been sold I was looking for a job selling advertising. I met that online publisher in person for the first time to ask him for a job. Thus our business relationship began based on our mutual career goals. a 30-day ride from Menifee, CA to Fairbanks, AK. He was working toward living that life on the road. In 2011 Steve and I began our romantic relationship, married in 2012 and in March 2013 left for our 2 1/2 year life as working vagabonds. What works for us certainly won't work for everyone. Your first step to create a career that affords full time travel is to evaluate your skill sets, both in your career and hobbies. If you (and your spouse) are the adventurous types, willing to make sacrifices, willing to open your minds to a new way of life, you too can live and work on the road. You have to want the road so bad you can taste it, you dream about it, or perhaps are obsessed with it. We were deeply determined to make it happen and motivated one another throughout the process. It's not a life for everyone. If you're interested in one-on-one coaching, we can help. In future articles and videos I'll be discussing specific careers of vagabonds to give you ideas in insight for yourselves. I'll be interviewing these travelers who earn money as they live on the road to teach you how you can do it for yourself. Source: Rude Biker Chick

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    12/28/16 ,via Broadly

    Coach Suzy Phillips, from the Life Coach Directory, says it's all about surrounding yourself with people who will support you. "Choose your allies when you've got goals to achieve," she says. That means sharing your goal with people you respect—not

  • How To Find Your Life Coach

    09/13/16 ,via Huffington Post

    Life coaches are awesome. In case you don't know what a life coach is, it is a resourceful professional who can help you reach your goals and make long awaited changes in your life. They can motivate you, strategize your life plans, and hold you

  • Noomii Announces the Launch of, Peer Consultation Groups For Therapists

    08/08/16 ,via PR Web (press release), the web's largest directory of life and business coaches, is pleased to announce the launch of Theravue Inc, an online application built to help therapists. After serving the life and career coaching industry for nearly a decade,


The Leading Edge of Life International NLP Personal Coaching in Life Coaching - 01/15/17, @TODirect
How Men find balance in business + life w/ Simon Smart @sismart01 #warrior #entrepreneur #coaching #podcast 01/13/17, @BossFreeSociety
This link is to my coaching profile entry on the Life Coach Directory 01/10/17, @Cliccouves


  • Spice Up Your Life Stir Fry

    carrot, chestnuts, coconut milk, cumin, brown sugar, cilantro, ginger, garlic, coriander, turmeric, chili sauce, lime juice, lime, mushroom, pine nuts, red pepper, red chilies, salt, vegetable oil, shallot, soy sauce, sugar snap pea, peanuts, yellow bell pepper, zucchini

  • Colors of Life Salad

    balsamic vinegar, olives, chicken, black pepper, lettuce, nonstick cooking spray, olive oil, red pepper, salt, shallot


  • Business Coaching for Managers and Organizations

    Human Resource Development. 2017. ISBN: 9781599961989,1599961989. 163 pages.

    You're ready to select, hire and work with a professional coach. But there are so many types of coaches. And thousands of people provide coaching services. How do you navigate your way through the jungle? Start with Business Coaching for Managers and Organizations. Whether you're a manager or HR professional, this guide will help you find – and work with – the right business coach to benefit both individual managers and your organization as a whole.

  • Coaching and Mentoring

    SAGE. 2012. ISBN: 9781848601635,1848601638. 336 pages.

    Coaching is often discussed as if it is a new 'profession' without adequate attention to how it has evolved, what underpins its practice or its training methods. Situating coaching in a wider social and historical context, Coaching and Mentoring that contemporary ‘coaching theory’ is more a collection of models and approaches mostly transferred from psychotherapy theory. Coaching claims to liberate creativity but can also entrap us by individualizing social experience. This vital new book brings a fresh and critical perspective on coaching and mentoring, challenging its normative assumptions and narratives, and proposing an ethical and emancipatory approach that takes it beyond instrumentalism and individualism.

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  • Rhea Gordon Personal Life Coach

    01/13/17 ,via Clayton News Daily

    How do I get my business listed? Our directory features more than 18 million business listings from across the entire US. However, if we're missing your business, just click the button below to request that it be added.

  • Sustained Excellence: 1967 NBA All Star Game – Close but no cigar!

    01/11/17 ,via

    “Sustained Excellence” is a periodic series looking back at the 50th anniversary of Bill Russell’s coaching debut season ... that Willie Smith ever called another NBA game again. (This directory of NBA officials indicates that his career did indeed ...

  • 8 fascinating benefits of understanding conversational hypnosis

    Consider the life coach or hypnotherapist that can skilfully persuade their ... and achieve success through the process of coaching and training. Hypnotherapy Directory is not responsible for the articles published by members. The views expressed are ...


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Lista dei nuovi domini di primo livello (List of Internet top-level domains)
Lista dei nuovi domini di primo livello (List of Internet top-level domains)
Photo by medithIT on Flickr
Isaac (Ikey) Solomon (1787?-1850)
Isaac (Ikey) Solomon (1787?-1850)
There was never any discussion, yet alone research into my mother's Solomon blood line in England. The subject was always immediately dropped. My older brother and I had guessed that they may have been hiding an Aboriginal lineage since Solomon was a common surname in the nearby Ojibway population situated close to Meaford, ON. My first cousin suggested that it's likely that they may not have wanted to be connected with infamous Ike Solomon. They would never recover socially if that connection were to be confirmed. Since my parents' passing, I undertook fraternal Y-Chromosome DNA testing which revealed no Aboriginal ancestors. To my surprise my ancestors originated in south east Africa. They migrated north through the Middle East, on through Europe, ending up in England, after which we can trace their route by documentation, arriving on the eastern coast of the U.S. and ultimately settling in Upper Canada. The University in Texas which did my DNA testing reported that I have...
Photo by antefixus21 on Flickr
The Bush Tavern, Corn Street, Bristol
The Bush Tavern, Corn Street, Bristol
The first type of sign for a place of alcoholic refreshment was a bush outside the door, leading to the name of the Bush. There is a Bush at Totterdown which is a modern building replacing a much older one, demolished in the late 20th century; perhaps this may have some connection with the fact that it is near the end of Bushy Park. There was a famous Bush Tavern in Corn Street The word Tavern derives from the Roman word for an inn 'taberna'. In 1775 it was presided over by Mr John Weeks and the directory of that year notes 'Birmingham diligence and a Bath coach go from this inn, post chaises to let'. He served turtles every day and advertised greatly in the newspaper. Later known as the Bush Hotel it was replaced by the South Wales and West of England Bank which was erected in 1858. In 1544 among the innholders were George Grey, Thomas Rancock, Edmund Rogers and John Wyllyams, who was noted as being at Lawford's Gate. By the...
Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
... Coaching, New Job or Career Change Advice - Life Coach Directory
... Coaching, New Job or Career Change Advice - Life Coach Directory
... life-coaching-coaching-directory-business-coaching-executive-coaching
... life-coaching-coaching-directory-business-coaching-executive-coaching