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Marriage is an adventure unlike any other. At times, you and your spouse may feel so close, connected, and in love that you’re ready to take on the world together. But other times things grow distant, and you wonder where all the joy and excitement has gone. What is the secret to a happy, healthy, God-honoring marriage―one that will last through anything that comes your way?

Join Tony and Lauren Dungy in The Uncommon Marriage Adventure, a series of daily reflections for couples. With transparency, wisdom, and humor, the Dungys share what they’ve learned over 30 years of marriage about faith, teamwork, conflict, communication, and more. Through each day’s reading, you and your spouse will go deeper in loving, understanding, and learning to serve each other. Dare to embark on your own marriage adventure―and discover how to make your relationship truly uncommon.

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Do you have the leadership skills you need to solve problems, reach goals, and develop others?

The COACH Model® is a radically different approach to leading people. Rather than provide answers, leaders ask questions to draw out what God has already put into others. Learn how to create powerful conversations to assist others to solve their own problems, reach goals, and develop leadership skills in the process.

Whether you are working with employees, teenagers, or a colleague living in another city, you’ll find powerful tools and techniques you need to increase your leadership effectiveness.

The COACH Model for Christian Leaders is packed with stories and illustrations that bring the principles and practice to life. Based on first-hand experience and taught around the world, this book will transform your conversations into powerful learning and results.

The 5 Key Roles of a Christian Life Guide

Christopher McCluskey defines the key roles of the Christian Life Exercise.

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The Joy Replica by (dba Shopping)

Conduct consultant and Christian life coach Jeff Spadafora provides a blueprint for building a life of greater joy and delivers a plan for frustrated believers to evolve into joyful followers. An increasing number of adult American Christians are frustrated. Even as they read their Bibles, listen to sermons, and stall out with other Christians, they become painfully aware that something is missing: joy. As a result, many have given up on their faith being a source of joy, and instead they seek denotation, purpose, and joy through their work, relationships, hobbies, possessions, or even more destructive and hollow substitutes. In The Joy Model, Jeff Spadafora offers a advance way, showing readers that joy comes from balancing the practical and spiritual sides of our lives?from the? Doing? and the? Being? of the Christian life. On the spiritual side, he reveals tried and exactly disciplines that move readers from knowing about God to actually experiencing him. On the practical side, he shows how to transform relationships, attitudes, finances, and profession in ways that result in significant increases in joy. Weaving together his own spiritual journey, stories from his experience coaching others, and down-to-earth principles and practices, Spadafora helps readers regard the joy in a life that is more vibrant and real than any they have experienced before.


American haut monde often expects women to be all things to all people. - America Magazine

For Marissa Nichols, the turning tally came one night in 2011 when her husband went out to buy milk. , with her then 2-year-old daughter and infant son, she felt profoundly singular and in despair. They were feelings that had been growing since the birth of her second child and were compounded by the fact that the economic crash left her family in recalcitrant financial circumstances. Nichols had recently quit her job to care for her children at the same time that her husband was transitioning from working as a teacher to training to happen to a police officer, which meant nights and weekends at the police academy. The sole caretaker for much of the day, Nichols began to feel burned out and overwhelmed by routine tasks—trying to breastfeed her infant while also feeding a toddler or doing laundry at the coin-operated laundromat nearby. Her discouragement grew into animus, which grew into what she describes as a “delirious, desperate hatred. ” She found herself taking out her anger on her husband, and the two fought often. Nichols off texted her sister for support, but the days continued to engulf her. She longed for her family life to mirror “this glorious covenant between God and his church,” with children as “this prominent fruit of our love. Then, that night her husband left to buy milk, something in his departure triggered a reaction in Nichols. I feel so exclusively in this, she thought. She called the nonemergency number for the police and told them she was worried she would hurt herself. She was voluntarily placed in an overnight mental strength facility and soon was diagnosed with postpartum depression. A majority of women experience what is often called the “baby blues”—feelings of unhappiness and frustration—for about 10 days following childbirth, but these symptoms are typically short-lived. Symptoms that last longer than two weeks can be a hieroglyph of a perinatal mood disorder like postpartum depression and anxiety. Approximately one in seven women experience some form of postpartum discouragement , a medical condition that ranges widely in severity and is marked by persistent feelings of anger, shame, irritability, guilt and an incapability to bond with one’s child. The symptoms, often rooted in hormonal or chemical imbalances, can be triggered or compounded by circumstances, including socioeconomic rank, prior mental health history and birthing experiences like traumatic delivery, premature birth or... The equip can have a dramatic impact on the well-being of families, increase levels of stress in a marriage and have long-term implications for the health of a youngster. Given the complex confluence of factors that contribute to perinatal mood disorders, treatment typically must be multifaceted as well, often including medication, cure and support groups. Medication often is the first and fastest treatment for depression, but studies have also shown that religious beliefs and practices can be additional kind tools for coping. According to one study in 2016, women who attended religious services were less likely to experience depression. However, another 2016 studio, led by researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo, found that there is more that churches and faith communities can do to support mothers who have experienced postpartum impression, particularly... The study found that faith communities—especially those in which there are “people who are willing to help and pastors who are willing to listen”—have helped to alleviate postpartum despondency symptoms in these women. The researchers suggested greater collaboration between churches and formal service providers could increase the number of women avid to seek treatment. Despite the potential benefits of a faith community, Catholic women often cannot easily find All-embracing resources that can help them to handle the challenges of depression and motherhood. Pope Francis acknowledged this need for practical support for all mothers in his Jan. “Ignoring being highly lauded from a symbolic point of view—many poems, many beautiful things said poetically of her—the nourish is rarely. helped in daily life, rarely considered central to society in her role,” he said. “Yet the center of the life of the church is the mother of Jesus. During the depths of her discouragement, Nichols—now 35 and a mother of four children between the ages of 9 and 11/2. Source:

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  • American community often expects women to be all things to all people.

    05/05/17 ,via America Magazine

    “Consideration being highly lauded from a symbolic point of view—many poems, many beautiful things said poetically of her—the mother is rarelyhelped in commonplace life, rarely considered central to society in her role,” he said. “Yet the . And she said

  • Citizen Day of Prayer inspires sense of unity in Tehachapi

    05/04/17 ,via Tehachapi News

    Ex- Tehachapi High School Principal George Novinger introduced the guest speaker, former football coach Steve Denman, who reflected not only on his coaching pursuit, but his childhood and love for Tehachapi as well. "You want to teach the kids

  • 1-On-1 With Koby Isaac

    05/05/17 ,via Scout

    She brags about the coaching truncheon and how they look out for the kids there. She says Darrun getting a degree from there was the best thing. My dad has personally spoken with Coach Jay Wright and Darrun's mom has told us Exercise Wright really likes my 


  • Dash Up Your Life Stir Fry

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  • Colors of Life Salad

    balsamic vinegar, olives, chicken, black pepper, lettuce, nonstick cooking spray, olive oil, red pepper, salt, shallot


  • Christian Life Coaching Handbook

    Coach22 Bookstore Llc. 2009. ISBN: 0979416396,9780979416392. 288 pages.

    Cram life purpose discovery with this practical, in-depth look at the tools and techniques of Christian life coaching. This sequel to the acclaimed book "Leadership Coaching" is filled with try coaching dialogs, real-life examples, practical models, and over 60 formal destiny discovery exercises, all from a master coach trainer. By incorporating line ("an external commission from God for others")into the heart of the life coaching process, Tony has crafted a biblical approach to destiny that encompasses all of life--including torture and servanthood as well as passion and gifting---that moves destiny discovery from getting what I want in life toward creating a Kingdom legacy. Along the way, you'll learn tools for discovery one's innate Design, unearthing Passions, identifying...

  • Christian Coaching, Imperfect Edition

    Tyndale House. 2014. ISBN: 9781615215256,1615215255. 416 pages.

    With a biblically based technique, this groundbreaking textbook for life coaching presents a coaching model using how-to sections field-tested for more than eight years, custom forms coaches can use, and more.


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The Fume that totaled the Seminoles football game!
The Fume that totaled the Seminoles football game!
The day that the FSU Seminoles football span met its match and "died" big time! Here in Tallahassee, Florida, usa, Football is King, like of everywheres in the South. On the technique with Red Man, cigars and Bobby The game started about 8 PM, here I was standing near my tallahassee residence, I was, here, looking to the west, about 6 PM. Been a most pretty day, but I could see the thunderhead at the horizen, a fast moving front comes. They tell me that just before the game this squall hit, the 60,000+ fans got hit with 30 mph winds and a half-inch-plus of downpour then the wind blew for hours all during the game at 20 to 30 mph, turning colder by the minute till about half game yet the temperatute must have been all of 45 degrees, and drizzle and light rain for hours after the 8 PM start!! No one brought their raincoats or umbrellas, of course; the day being *so* meticulous and sunny and 80 degrees! "stand up and cheer", surely, the cheerleaders cried, as the rain...
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Butrinti archaeolgical locale
Butrinti archaeolgical locale
Albania - July 1991. From Wikipedia - Butrint was an time-worn Greek and later Roman city in Epirus. In modern times it is an archeological site in Sarandë District, Albania, some 14 kilometres south of Sarandë and lock up to the Greek border. It was known in antiquity as Βουθρωτόν Bouthroton or Βουθρώτιος (Bouthrotios) in Ancient Greek and Buthrotum in Latin. It is located on a hill overlooking the Vivari Furrow and part of the Butrint National Park. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Butrint has been the site of an Epirote city, a Roman colony and a bishopric. Bouthroton was initially a town within the ancient region of Epirus. It was one of the major centres of the Ancient Greek tribe of Chaonians, with close contacts to the Corinthian colony on Corfu. According to the Roman litt Virgil its legendary founder was the seer Helenus, a son of the king Priam of Troy, who had married Andromache and moved West after the downfall of Troy. The Greek historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus, as...
Photo by wallygrom on Flickr