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Set of 2 Blades for John Deere 42" Decks on LA102, 115, 125, 135 & X 300 M154061

Maxpower 561806 2-Rapier Set for 42-Inch Cut John Deere, Replaces GX20249 and GY20567 by Maxpower

  • Fits 42" Cut John Deere/Sabre, Scott's Brands
  • Proudly Made in USA
  • Replaces OEM No.GX20249, GY20567



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Product Description

Set of 2 Blades for 42" Cut, L100 & L110 Series John Deere, Sabre, Scott's Brands. Replaces OEM No. GX20249, GY20567.

How To Replace The Blades on A John Deere LA Lawn Mower Tractor

A detailed how to video showing how to remove and replace the cutting blades on a John Deere LA size lawn mower.

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Lawn Mower Jackknife for John Deere GX21380 GY20679 GY20684 54 Cut by (dba Shopping)

Stens 330 704 Stens 330 704 Mid Lift Blade FITS John Deere GY20684 GX21380 GY20679 (Replaces OEM: John Deere GX21380, John Deere GY20684, John Deere GY20679, Craftsman SPM684375001, John Deere GY20686) (Fits Models: John Deere D170, G110, 190C and LA150; requires 3 for 54 deck) (Specs: Center Puncture: 7 pt. star, Packaging Type: Branded label, Thickness: .187, Width: 2 3/4, Length: 18 5/8, Particularly designed: to replace 7 pt. star center hole)


Cheerful Lift Mower Blade For John Deere LX GT GX M127500 M127673 M145476 48 Cut by (dba Shopping)

Stens 330 369 Stens 330 369 Hi Crib Blade FITS John Deere M145476 M127500 M127673 (Replaces OEM: John Deere M127500, John Deere M145476, John Deere M127673) (Fits Models: John Deere LX, GT and GX series; requires 3 for 48 deck) (Specs: Scope: 2 1/2, Thickness: .203, Center Hole: 13/16, Length: 17, Packaging Type: Branded label)


Robots are coming to cut a lawn near you, if Dallas startup Robin has its way - Dallas News

The front lawn has become a neighborhood attraction ever since Crandall, a Dallas entrepreneur, installed a robotic lawnmower. It whirs around his yard each day, cutting blades of grass and then returning to its docking station. When Crandall steps outside each morning, the lawn is freshly cut. Crandall and his business partner, Bart Lomont, see the futuristic-looking landscaping robot as a key part of their company’s future. They co-founded Robin , a lawn care startup that initially sought to streamline the tedious task of finding someone to cut the grass. Now, they're rolling out robotic lawnmowers for homeowners willing to pay a higher price for that fresh-cut look. The robotic lawnmowers look similar to a Roomba, but run on a wire that's snaked in the grass and either under or through the cracks of sidewalks and driveway. The mower follows the wire around the lawn and can find its way back to the docking station to recharge its battery. So far, the company has installed 36 robotic lawnmowers, which run on their own and use electric power rather than gas. Starting this month, Robin plans to install 50 robotic lawnmowers per month, said Crandall, the startup's CEO. Robin began in 2015 at Dialexa Labs, the incubator for employee ideas at Dallas technology product design studio Dialexa. The startup brings mom-and-pop landscaping companies into the digital age by offering online payment for customers and coordinating efficient routes and steady schedules for lawn crews. Customers can schedule regular lawn care and tack on extra services like pulling weeds, trimming trees or stringing up Christmas lights. Robin takes care of about 6,000 lawns in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Miami, Tampa and Atlanta, Crandall said. Regular lawn care costs an average of $33, but depends on the size of the yard, Crandall said. As Robin expanded to more Dallas neighborhoods and to other cities, Crandall searched for a landscaping idea that could capture people's imaginations. He read a news story about Roomba maker iRobot's plans to design a robotic mower. When he and Lomont began to research, however, they learned the robots had already caught on in Europe. "We started off thinking we could be the first and pioneer this," Crandall said. "We realized these things already exist -- we just have to bring them to the U. S. ". The robots helped Robin win the business of Shaun and Kristie Arnold of Frisco. Shaun Arnold, a self-described techie, said he was intrigued after hearing about the mowers from a friend. The robotic mowing service costs the same amount as his former landscaping crew. He said the robotic mower is nearly silent and less disruptive than the landscaping crew, which sometimes showed up on afternoons when he relaxed by the pool. He said the mower attracts an audience of kids and adults who visit a playground next-door. "People just stop what they’re doing when they’re walking by and watch it for awhile," he said. "Everyone is in awe of it. ". Robotic mowers are popular in Western Europe, especially in Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Italy. Sales of robotic mowers in Western Europe surged by 183 percent between 2010 and 2015, according to report by market research firm Euromonitor International. Companies including American tractor-maker John Deere, Japanese automaker Honda and German home appliance maker Bosch have come out with their own version of robotic mowers -- with some models only available in Europe. By 2020, the report predicted that sales of robotic mowers in Western Europe will rise to $505 million. But in the U. S. , the robots haven't caught on. Sales of robotic mowers in Western Europe were $360 million in 2015, according to the Euromonitor report. All of those factors can make a $1,000 or $2,000 landscaping gadget a tough sell, said Giselle Sendra, manager of digital marketing in the U. S. for Israeli company Robomow. Sendra said robotic mowing companies are still educating American customers and answering questions. She said Robomow's U. S. sales are equal to less than five percent of European sales. She said Robomow will soon debut a $599 mower that may appeal to more budget-conscious customers. Crandall said some of Americans' hesitancy may be out of habit. People are used to their lawn care routine, whether they mow themselves or hire a. Source:

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  • Robots are coming to cut a lawn near you, if Dallas startup Robin has its way

    03/27/17 ,via Dallas News

    The front lawn has become a neighborhood attraction ever since Crandall, a Dallas entrepreneur, installed a robotic lawnmower. It whirs around his yard each day, cutting blades of grass and then returning to its docking station. When Crandall steps

  • KIWA Marketplace For March 22nd

    03/22/17 ,via

    John Deere D105 lawn tractor only 37hrs like new condition fresh oil & filter sharpened blades ready to mow. Also comes with a bagger, 42in deck asking $1400 obo for everything – 712-470-2583. John Deere 709 rotary 7′ wide mower – 712-540-7479.

  • Equipment Connection: Maintenance, renovation can get most from pasture ground

    03/25/17 ,via Iowa Farmer Today

    One of our local Soil and Water Conservation District offices has a John Deere 1,590 15-ft. no-till drill they rent out for $10 per acre. That might not be as convenient as buying one and having it on-hand. But, based on how Cutting rough pasture


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  • John Sally's Guacamole

    california, cilantro, lime juice, corn, jalapeno, chipotle sauce, olive oil, red onions


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Lawn Mower & Lawn Tractor Financing; ... / Replacement Parts: Blades. ... Designed to stay sharper, longer. John Deere mower blades are calm, cool, cutting machines.

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