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Adept Wood Knitting Spool for Paracord or Other Crafts by BoredParacord

  • Optimized for 550 Type III Paracord
  • Used similarly to a lucet or French knit
  • Fits easily in the palm of your hand


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Product Description

If you want to make a super high quality dog leash or horse tack,
this is a "must have." The spool jig is perfect for making a variety
of designs that will not only look great but will last forever.

The jig comes with pins and a hand crafted pouch to keep the jig safe.

5" Blunted End Cord Tucking Implement Paracord / Leather (Titanium) By Jig Pro Shop by Jig Pro Shop

  • Cord Tucking Tool
  • All orders shipped within 24 hours
  • great with knitting spools


Product Description

Titanium tool with a blunted tip on one end and a Cord Tucking Tool on the other works great with knitting spools or other projects when manipulating Type III 550# paracord and other similar sized cords. Approximately 5" in length

How to get away knit paracord

In this tutorial I show you how to wield power knit paracord or any rope for that matter. This is a technique useful for making lanyards, dog leashes and such.

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Murse v.1.5 Resonant contents. + Leatherman
Murse v.1.5 Resonant contents. + Leatherman
All that horse feathers lives in there, the leatherman lives clipped in my right pocket. See the notes for a breakdown of all of it.
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