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Martial Arts has shaped the lives of Kyosa Nim Mikita and Master Courage and their mission is passing that knowledge onto their students.

Midnight Mania: Kicking ass … not kissing (Dana’s) ass

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  • 'Scream Queens' Recap 2×07: Talk to the Hand

    11/30/16 ,via Observer

    Brock's hand grows increasingly aware that it can take more control away from its owner should Brock be stressed or sleep–deprived. So the hand does Speaking of weak hearts, Cassidy's super–long karate scene is not for the faint of heart. Seriously.

  • This Is Us' Eight Moments From Mandy Moore's Show to Make You Ugly Cry: Randall on Drugs?!

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    In a great speech, Randall's new karate teacher, Ray, explained, “The world isn't always a kind place, especially to men like us. … We are . He should never even have taken the call because no one wants to take a call from someone who just dumped them.

  • Middleton Get Moving Night

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    During , Friday, Nov. 18, adults and children got to try their hand at various activities, including zumba, yoga, karate, taekwando, dancing, and gym games. A health fair in the cafeteria provided valuable information from


  • Take-Out Fried Rice

    carrot, celery, rice, eggs, peas, garlic, ham, onions, vegetable oil, soy sauce

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  • The Israeli martial art of Krav Maga helps practitioners take charge of their own safety

    11/30/16 ,via Buffalo News

    So the real question should be, "If something like this ever happened to me ... but the one that sticks into my mind is of a female student that started with me in our Kid’s Karate program, got her black belt, and then went into our Krav Maga program.

  • Dieruff High grad John Kerecz: from hip replacement to hiking mountains

    11/28/16 ,via The Morning Call

    "I have to admit that I waited longer than I should have," says Kerecz ... He had spent his life being active, practicing karate, running, hiking, doing yoga, taking exotic trips. He found himself subconsciously steering away from doing everyday activities ...

  • Local youth learn from martial arts master in Ucluelet

    11/29/16 ,via BC Local News

    “Anything you start, you should start with the end goal in mind,” said the ... honour and integrity. It’s not just a karate suit.” Prof. Jacob will return to the West Coast in the spring to conduct another round of belt grading and a special ...


"Should Karate Be Olympic?" [Infographic] - KARATE by Jesse

In three days, Karate could come closer to the Olympics. Eight sports (baseball/softball, climbing, roller sport, squash, wakeboard, wrestling and wushu ...

Why I Stopped Practicing My Karate Style. (Maybe YOU ...

Teaching a “style free” seminar for everyone. A style is a codified set of teachings, aimed at systematically teaching you Karate. That’s it. It’s ...

Karate - Wikipedia

Karate began as a common fighting system known as te (Okinawan: ti) among the Pechin class of the Ryukyuans. After trade relationships were established with the Ming ...

Whenever I get to take shots of Arun practicing martial arts, this is the move he goes for. Arun's sensei is a man of many talents. Man who has reached pretty advanced levels in this school of Karate and has won world level tournaments. Spends six months in Japan every year training with top karate masters.. Remarkably he is trained in many forms of martial arts including Indian ones like kalari and silambam. He says Arun has talent but does not practice enough. All masters say that but it is usually true. Though I must say sensei is the only person in the world Arun listens to without questions no matter what he says. He is initiating Arun into weapon training in Kobudo style. See the next photo. But the thing I appreciate the most is that he has drilled into Arun that karate is not about fighting and he should never get tempted to fight outside practice. So far Arun has been able to do that. Though he is a very intense and private young man, he even lets bullies have their...
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What am I? Western Propaganda
What am I? Western Propaganda
This picture book, ”What am I" (Brenifer, 2007) written by Western authors translated into Japanese, says that while mirrors are useful for showing you how you appear to other people, the difference between humans and animals is that they can think in words, and that they can speak. Humans are "animals with reason. reason", or the ability to speak to have a dialogue with oneself, is supposed to provide us with an internal mirror, whereas all literal mirrors are external. Japanese children are being taught this in their morality classes. My son has a textbook called "note of the heart" which he is encouraged to name. Both books encourage Japanese infants to think of themselves, as their defining "hidden" characteristic as that which is refereed to by their self narrative. How could narrative, which takes places in that most social of media, language provide anything but a view of self from the point of view of society? The earliest proponents of...
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Delayed Sword
Delayed Sword
Week 141 Assignment 1 for Take A Class With Dave and Dave. Got FPS? ~ Put together a series of images that demonstrate your camera's continuous-shooting ability. You'll be submitting one image to the pool, but it should contain a series of individual photos. If your camera doesn't let you take photos in rapid succession, do you best to fake it. Of course, as always, the goal here is to produce something interesting...not just a bunch of boring photos appended next to each other. :) I had hoped these would come out better, but between available time (it was a busy week with the holidays), and flash problems, this was the best I could get. There were a few frames between a few of these where the flash didn't fire so I had to narrow it down a bit. Anyway, last Friday, Savanah tested for her purple belt. She is now quite happy about the fact that she no longer has the same belt color as I do. Forget that she is a junior purple. In her mind, she is purple and I'm still a lowly...
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think I want to take up Karate. What do you Trixies think, should I ...
think I want to take up Karate. What do you Trixies think, should I ...
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My Karate Kicks: What should I do with my trophies?
My Karate Kicks: What should I do with my trophies?
Reasons Kids Should Take Karate | How to Have it All
Reasons Kids Should Take Karate | How to Have it All